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  1. sometimes when I play.. this is how it feels when you play WoT (no sound sorry).
  2. T20 USA MT 7 56 41.07% 793 99.55 1.95 0.71 74% 631 35343 3rd Class 1052 I can't win with this thing and its rate of fire is way too slow for my liking.
  3. so... carry on with the painful grind of my T20?
  4. still working on the type 4 since the buff's... only 100K away :p
  5. please not yet I'm finally getting close to the type 4... must at least enjoy before it sux :p
  6. I forgot to log in when I was in the store... haha silly me.
  7. Where do you find that deal, I quickly checked the store and saw nothing like this offer.
  8. the way I read it is as you rank up during the "season" you can upgrade your tier X but bonds are awarded at end of season (how many I'm not sure). I think you have to consistently be in the top of all your games to earn a bunch of bonds... thats how I understand it. Overall it seems like a way to get people to play more top tiers and possibly more premium tanks/accounts to afford playing this grind.... *shurgs* I'm new so I don't know these things.
  9. so playing ranked battles for 28+ days nets you maybe 1 upgrade (if your really good).... I find the over reaction to the sky is falling a little extreme. It's going to take like 6-12 months to fully deck out a tank and crew for seal clubbing... or am I reading into how the rewards work incorrectly? This gives me a year to enjoy pubs without seal clubbers? This will suck more for SH and CW's and lots of rigging.
  10. Thanks everyone, I've been healing pretty well, taking the arm out of the sling for a couple hours here and there. Got some tanks in much earlier than I thought :) Hope to be doing physio soon.
  11. I had points? lol didn't even realise thanks!
  12. messed up shoulder from hockey, in a sling wont be logging games for a bit. Will be back :)
  13. give it time... it seems what is unpopular gets over-buffed then nerfed later on :)
  14. 334 games in the T29 - 1019 Wn8 (one of my better heavies over 100 games and over tier 5) 49 games in the T32 - 1072 Wn8 (I do have to use more gold) I've played enough of the T29 to get how to play a T32, they are the exact same just the T32 is better at everything (in terms of play style). The T29 is terrible when its bottom tier, just like the T32 they both have the same issues and strengths pending on where MM slots them. The only difference is you likely have a better player pool with the T32, but honestly I enjoy the T32 a lot more since is just handles better. I don't plan o
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