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  1. Probably they are looking at getting more real money for their free to play game. At least that's what it looks like from here, given that I havn't been on much lately it's more informed by other games that have done similar things to increase the micro transactions
  2. Also - winning is Russian meds.... I have noticed now that my play is very restricted that when I do play, I seem to do better as Im more focussed. My recent stats have been a very pleasant surprise (around 60% wr on the tanks I've been focussed on) Im playing less on the whole, not grinding endless games on the same tanks back to back to back and appear to be doing better. My .05 (Canadians have no copper coins anymore|)
  3. I will apply to DHO as soon as Im actively able to play more than once every three months or so. I think this consolidation into O/X is a great idea & means that platooning etc will be easier if you have your active players concentrated in 2 rather than 5 or 6 clans.
  4. Thank you Mykk, good luck in X. Good luck Ayleward, that's a big pair of boots you've put on.
  5. This community is fantastic, although I mainly tank (fairly badly) part of what keeps me coming back on the rare occasions that I get time to is the support, friends and banter I made while doing silly things in pixel tanks. Good luck and thank you for trying to rescue this
  6. Bring back Dragon Ridge
  7. Im headed towards the 140/62A gametime decision once I have them both researched
  8. Thank you Kilo was accepted for me
  9. So is this going to be a regular thing? I can probably make it for the second or third Advance with my JPZe100 or Jagzilla as I've heard it called
  10. I will try to be on as soon as I can Oct 6th - some fridays I dont make it on until 5/6am Sat (EST) but if I know there is something specific going on I can bring Jagzilla to the party.
  11. Max xp 1813 - Ferdinand - actually dont remember this game Max Kills - 8 - MS - 1 - province from sniper hill with camo net & binocs... fish, meet barrel Max Damage - 6101 - JPZ E100 - actually a recent game so I do remember this - only got 2 kills because a lor 40t was sitting next to me waiting to finish off everything I shot
  12. I will probably try grind some russian meds - moving towards the obj 140 slowly - might try to get some of the tank rewards missions out of the way as I go, always nice getting free stuff, although Im still trying to afford to fill the 5 slots I got from the last tank rewards points grind. Might also try to get some games in on the wtf IV and my other tier 9's. Probably also have the JPZ E100 out for a few spins to see if I can get the tier 10 reward stuff done for today.
  13. Nice, I came close but decided (probably wisely) that I needed sleep more than an ok tier 10 prem. I think I would have been abt 3mil in credits and 100k or so xp off without a serious grind session during the week (ie play WoT instead of sleeping before work) It does mean I have a new tier 9 I enjoy and am better than halfway to having it elited.
  14. I've reached about 140k of 290k to go, not sure I can be bothered to grind hard enough to get there before Weds.
  15. Must feel good to be done - I should have the tier 9 in the next day or so, then onward to 290k of tier 9 grinding.
  16. Thats only tier 8 - 10..... you've done it already
  17. Only 418k xp to go to the top of the tree for me - I might even make it in time at this rate.
  18. I have been scared to play arty since the patch - I have not touched any of the 3 I currently have in garage. I may need to get brave & try one, although I'm sure I will be disappointed. Pre Patch I really enjoyed the fv 304 & lower tier german arty - I found higher tier (7/8) german arty reloads got frustrating as I might get 3 shots in a game some games. Had just started getting into French arty for the mobility when the patch happened.
  19. I understand completely why you're doing this. I may need to do it for a week so I can catch up on all my chores round the house that have been put off to play "one more game". Good luck with the writing, hopefully you get it done soon and get back to us.
  20. Thanks for running this. Unfortunately I only managed my epic today - nothing like a week late right.
  21. Im on vacation this week so will hopefully get some cw time in instead of being in the middle of getting ready for work.
  22. Light derps? vk2801 with 10.5? Also reserving my spot. Now I just have to figure out how to post them.
  23. Im available even if only as a cold body to make up numbers from time to time. (avoiding wife aggro)
  24. Not really grinding anything in particular, moving up the Jap heavy line because they look like fun. Getting crews better on most tanks, working my way up a few lines, starting brit lights/meds/heavies moved up brit arty a bit, working on russian line tds meds and heavies. A little of everything.
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