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  1. Poppa_2014

    DHO-X Stronghold Thread for Holsy's Sanity

    Saw Sand River Clan Tourney coming up soon, 14 vs 14 tier X, we gonna field a team?
  2. Poppa_2014

    Swedish TD or HT Line?

    Yes he crushed me in my E5 never lit till I was almost dead and then could not pen him was using the AP shell but still 60 meters away that damn thing is crazy camo. fast reload and hard to pen its like the new vacumes that clean your house by themselves..lol
  3. Poppa_2014


    I noticed my kids from age one to two lead with there heads, when I'am hit even accidently I make a HUGE deal of it saying OWWW, being sad, thats not nice that hurts, I have avoided this with my 6th kid paying very close attention to him when he is tired its in the crib with bottle and a movie he is done till next day. Also he may be squirming to get away from you let him have some space, sometimes for me the kid just has to let it out, I also when my kids start crying and being crazy I cry with them and over do it,, lol it release stress for me too as it can be very trying. Also if they do a bad behavior I will refuse to acknowledge them until they understand I will not tolerate behavior and Poppa will not hold you or play with you until you stop. AND BE FIRM they are extremely smart they are testing there boundries how far can they go? Lol I realized this second time around the more I listen and love the easier it is, you can also listen with your eyes as toddlers usually cannot verbally communicate. so in closing your tall kids short when he is crazed let him be until its calmer also can carry him like in a cradle in case your putting him to bed or changing a diaper. LOL a little belly button tickle also can diffuse many situations. Hope this sincerely Helps, Partime Worker, Full Time Poppa.
  4. Poppa_2014

    Turkeys for the upcoming Turkey days

    I actually leave the bacon on till its finished then every one munches on the bacon while I make the gravy and carve the turkey, the bacon is so crisp easy to eat a kids favorite!!!! I stuff my bird with fresh celery, onion, sausage and wonderbread stuffing its a 3rd generational recipe, On my Grandmothers recipe it does say Wonderbread..lol, God rest her soul!!! I season the ole bird with Adoboe, made by Goya foods out of Secaucus, NJ. I will be blessed this year having 5 out of 6 of my children, God willing, with us this year it will be special.
  5. Poppa_2014

    Ribs Ribs Ribs

    They key is only 1/3 full with water and the vinegar a 1/3 of cup or more, the vinegar actually breaks down the meat and tenderizes it, its great quick way to make great Country Style ribs, NOW a smoker is the best way to go but dont have one.
  6. Poppa_2014

    Clan activity levels

    LOL, Thanks, I will grab a cup of joe, Kids wont stay in bed, one handedly killing tanks though...lol
  7. Poppa_2014

    Clan activity levels

    Is there a Attendance thread? to mark individual Attendance so I can start logging in it? I'm new, thanks.
  8. Poppa_2014

    Ribs Ribs Ribs

    What I do is buy the "Country Style" which are big and fatty mostly boneless, Then I take a pot 1/3 full of water and 1/3 cup vinegar preferably apple cider and bring to a boil and simmer for up to an hour. Switching ribs around every 15 minutes as some will be submerged and some won't. Then when firm and pretty much cooked thru I drain and put on the grill, its great you can simmer ahead of time and grill later, get them nicely marked and sizzli then its sweet Baby Rays Vadallia Onion BBQ Sauce very liberly on both sides grilling till sauce is nice and gooey, Then Enjoy. You can also make your own BBQ sauce: Kethcup Brown Sugar Wuestershire( Spellin..LOL) Mustard Vinegar spices (whatever you want) These ribs I find are very very tender my Adult kids love them my very young kids, well thats another story for another day!!
  9. Poppa_2014


    Hey I grew up in Downington, PA, graduated Downingtown, HS class of 88'
  10. Poppa_2014

    Map Discussion: Week XXIII, Overlord

    I actually was in a tier 8 Cw on this map we deployed 7,8,9 line some heavies, few scouts and 50/100 back ups, we engaged them passively and they actually brought a medium and (3) 50/100's down the beach and going up the inclines for a perfect flanking manuever, because I thought beach was stupid too...LOL, in pubbies yes, CW's can be some possibilities against weaker Clans.The better clans would see it and do a hard push on the smaller force then deal with the flankers.
  11. Poppa_2014


    I extended my Mom's paver patio a few years back, actually 10, and it looks fine still holding up. key is sand, gradual slope away from the house and treated wood edge to hold in place, they powerwash pretty easily and would buy extra in case of any damage or replacement down the road. Pay particular attention to where furniture is going so it sits flat and does not wobble. For me its what you like but I think most are pretty good,
  12. Poppa_2014

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hello I'm registered on the Website and believe my "Cool Down" ends tonight. Would be very interested in Tier8 and Tier 10 CW's, Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys appreciate the info, Yes really like this web site, already added a few recipes and shared my experience's being a Dad having my oldest grow up and being a brand new Dad again, still debating if it was a good idea or not..LOL. Also have TS already have you address but telling me invalid passcode. Thanks
  14. Poppa_2014

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    LOL yea retired with no money, knee injury. Momma has a good job. Thanks for the info, I would be more interested in tier 8 and tier 10 CW's for sure and whatever tier stronks.
  15. Is there a place to fill out an app for your Clan(s) in WOT? I'm not the best with computers and don't see any links, any help would be useful, Tanks!!! I looked on the WOT website and said not accepting applications right now...LOL maybe thats my answer??