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  1. I have been with my fiancé for 4 years and I have a 5 year old daughter (from previous marriage). My daughter has known my fiancé since she was a baby and really has only memories with me and her not me and her mom. She's never liked when I would kiss her mom even as a very small baby and she has always wanted my attention over everyone else which was easy. As a toddler she would change so fast whenever I'd go get her from her grandma or the sitter and act like it was so bad but I knew she was smiling and playing just moments before. My fiancé and I have had some really bad times when she pulls her stunts at our place. She breaks stuff and starts yelling I can't understand her and to boot, she is hateful and mean and tells my fianc that she wishes she would die! Her sitter says that she doesn't understand why she would be doing that because she always talks about both of us. My fiancé cries all the time because my daughter is so great with her when they are alone and turns her switch when I enter the picture. She acts nice when she's alone with me too and I try to stick with that as long as I can or as long as she will let me. She doesn't start doing crazy stuff unless she is with us both or wants attention I guess. It's driving us crazy and I wonder if this relationship is worth my daughter's happiness. My fiancé is getting put in overload and can't seem to handle much more of my daughter going tantrum so I usually take my daughter and leave the house but fiancé doesn't like that either, nothing makes her happy do what does she expect me to do? I don't know what she expects me to do but if I have to choose then I choose my kid and maybe start looking at relationships later when my daughter is older. She obviously needs me and doesn't like my fiancé and never had. It's not my daughters fault that I chose to be in a relationship and she shouldnt have to be around someone she doesn't like or a person that is always frustrated with my daughter. How do I get my fianc to understand that we will probably not work out unless my daughter can get onboard too? Aren't our kids the top priority? I don't want to see my fiancé hurting all the time because I love her and I don't want to be with anyone else but if my daughter doesn't make her happy then why the hell would she want to stay with me anyway?
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