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  1. I rarely get a citadel even in operations!
  2. This was a non-premium match on the weekly scenario. I don't think I've gotten 21 citadels this year and on this match the RNG decided my turn was due. I think I'll stop while I'm ahead. --bockie
  3. bockie

    New CV Video

    Linky... News Video My thoughts. As shown I am excited to see the changes. I did enjoy CV. I think there will need to be adjustments. It does seem a little OP right now based on the video. Poor DD's. I hope they can find a way to balance DD's (maybe 360 coverage vs 180 coverage?) with this change. --Bockie
  4. bockie

    Activity requirement?

    I'm all for activity requirements. That said I've also gone dormant to get kicked out of DHO main once! That being said, I assume there is still a DHO2.
  5. bockie

    Disney Cruises

    We are talking about taking one in 2020. Kids would be 10,8,5.
  6. bockie

    The Hams Among Us

    I've had my tech license since '03. KC8WTC. My brother and nephew just passed their tech license test and are awaiting call signs. I dug out my hand held dual bander and plugged it in for the first time since the remnants of Hurricane Ike hit us and left us without power for 5 days.
  7. bockie

    Great Job to 1st Fleet, first CW experience!

    Nice. I haven't been on lately. Dad duties > WoWS.
  8. bockie


    It was a quick download. 2GB I want to say. I've been having fun with it playing PvE. I'll probably try a PvP this weekend.
  9. bockie


    http://store.steampowered.com/app/433530/Heliborne/ Has anyone seen this? Anyone playing? I'm so tempted to buy... PvE Gameplay looks engaging. PvP looks interesting as well.
  10. bockie

    Gran turismo sport

    Glad to hear. I'll be waiting for my preorder to arrive next week!
  11. bockie

    Gran turismo sport

    I pre-ordered from Amazon last night. I haven't bought a console or pc game in a long time. I am justifying it since I should be able to play it with my two oldest kids. Shipping Oct 17, 2017.
  12. bockie

    0.6.12 clan battles. 7v7 tier x

    I've got Gearing and Shimikaze. I need to buy the tier 9 US and USSR cruisers. On tier 8 Lexington (seems weak). Tier 7 Colorado (not a BB fan). 1 BB, 4 cruiser, 2 DD. I can see lots of smoke and lots of stealth modules.
  13. I'm almost close to the 375k xp for the Nelson. (370k). Should I jump on it or be patient for the Missouri (or something else down the road). I play this game as a free game. I'm pissed I couldn't use WoT gold in here. I save my free xp vs spending it on modules / etc. --bockie
  14. When playing CV, what is the key control to force your planes to disengage from a dogfight at the cost of a plane? Thanks -Bockie
  15. bockie

    Navyfield going to Steam

    I tried Navyfield (2)? out for a bit. Just couldn't get into the feel of it.