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  1. Anyone got a liberte? Curious to see of you guys think it's worth the buy. On the flip side, it took a bit for Me to get accustomed to the t26e5 but I love it. I also loved the t32
  2. Berg, you forgot berg! If I recall, he was the one moving all the chess pieces :)
  3. awesome! thanks fellas for the great help!
  4. Basically just trying to find the most commonly observed "enjoyable" line, of the 3 available
  5. I just unlocked the t3485 towards the MEd line to obj 140. Should I stop there and push the 54 lwt line? Seems alot of people like that tank
  6. I'm working this line as well. Just got to tier 6 medium. I'll hop in with ya berg also
  7. Met zeven in game last night as a red. It didn't end well for the green team lol
  8. Don't know if you do, but I had great time playing with ya jugs! Cheers man Wasted
  9. Here's a link I found. I usually check here for suggestions on equipment every time I unlock a new tank http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/13736-t49-american-tier-8-lt-discussion/
  10. Wasted

    no topic

    ^^^^ once seen, CANNOT be unseen!
  11. Wasted

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    Wow, so that's what heaven looks like
  12. Some of us speak fluently in drunkenese. You'll have no worries here! Welcome!
  13. "now dis guy, dis guy here, hes NO stoopid!, watch what he does! BAM!! hahahaha! right in the a$$!!" that seems to be my memory..lol
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