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  1. Had a lucky t54 lwt game. 9300 spotting
  2. nieve_1

    Do you want more out of your game-play?

    I have had the good fortune to toon up with LT a few times over the last couple of weeks. It amazes me how he can do so well while giving me great feedback during the game. If you want to take your gameplay up a notch I highly recommend it. If he can put up with my noobishness he can work with anyone.
  3. Yup top gun, and I was top tier as well in that game
  4. This is a great topic, I look forward to reading more thoughts/ideas from other dads. DHO is the first and only clan I have been involved with. Over the last year I have spent a lot of time on TS. Here is what I have noticed. 1. It is the same 10-15ish guys on 2. Same guys toon together most of the time (I am guilty of this as well) 3. Organized play clan wars, advances have been non existent for some time now. I am not familiar with other clans so I do not know how they work things but I do have a question for all DHOers "Why are you in a clan if you do not participate at some level?" " I would be super interested to hear some answers to this. For me it is hanging out with like minded people blowing stuff up as well as learning how to get better from different players.
  5. nieve_1

    Ranked, where u at?

    I found it quite easy to get to 9 and then things really changed. It was almost like a whole different style of play. Mistakes were really punished. I did see some players with overall poor stats in the higher chev range. I am mystified as to how they got there? It must be more then luck and spamming games. That being said I am now grinding for Type 5....
  6. nieve_1

    Ranked, where u at?

    Made it to 9 last night, definitely punching above my weight class......
  7. nieve_1

    Hilarious Pref Premium

    By far the best one yet.....PhD in stupid will now become part of my vocabulary.
  8. nieve_1

    Arctic Region - Take Your LT South

    I like this move as well, but if arty is on it you can get severely punished. Or at least i do
  9. nieve_1

    A Very DHO Thanksgiving

    count me in as well, sounds fun
  10. nieve_1

    Two months off need a update

    Thanks for the update, sounds about normal. I can confirm nothing has changed on my end. Got my bum kicked last night....
  11. Just got back from two months with no tanking. It only took a week for the shakes to go away and then I managed. If anyone has time a brief overview of what has changed in the last 60 days would be super helpful. Thanks
  12. nieve_1

    WN8/WR Spread: "Chai Sniper" vs "Winner"

    This is one of the more interesting topics I have read in a while and the posts have been super helpful. Thanks for the input guys this Padawan has much to learn.