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  1. Nismo2016

    Whiskey Recommendations

    All good ones mentioned so far. I'll add James E Pepper 1776 Rye (makes a great Manhattan) and Basil Haydens as great introductory Boudrbon as its on the lighter and sweeter side. Trying to think of all the bourbon I have bought/had over the last few years. Hudson Rye, Dad's Hat, Tin Cup, Bulliet (Reg and Rye), Eagle Rare, Jefferson, Makers 46, Redemption Rye, Old Forrester, Knob Creek Rye. All are among my rotation when I Do by whiskey. I try not to very often because it never last long.. Side note: I was surprised to learn a few years back that a lot of the popular Spirits are made through these giant contracting Distilleries who just make the base spirit, then its trucked to the company for gaining. IIRC Bulliet
  2. Nismo2016

    Update 1.5 - All the Info

    Its for the New SoCal line. Low profile tanks with Air ride that can bounce up and down....
  3. Nismo2016

    WoT Premium Account

    QB make some solid points in his Vid today on the Topic. Some things with the potential change are good Like the x3, and maybe some of the missions, But I have to agree with QB that The map exclusion and earning of more bonds BECAUSE you have the Premium account give Paying players an advantage of the F2P Players. Does this not push the ball closer to the pay to win side of the fence? - Rich get richer - poor get poorer. On a closing side note - the chick in the video is pretty easy on the eyes.
  4. Nismo2016

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Fired so many rounds that all I had left were 2 HE shells when I pulled a Muppet move and stopped to shoot the arty. Made a whopping 74 credits!
  5. Just a note because I got burned on it - Stage 3 is Top 10 In DAMAGE not XP 12 times. It posted different on the EU site and by EU streamers Started stage 5 this morning. First 3 stages took me about 35 +/-. Stage 4 took about 40 matches even. I was just playing through the x2s on most stuff so prob took longer that I needed to. Plus I was finding T8s get too flighty and inconstant for me. I'm finding T6 is the best to roll with this. Much more than I anticipated. Winning, while not a requirement, helps a lot with the XP requirements On a side not my stats have gone up a bit.
  6. Wes's Strategy for Completing the Marathon a.k.a. Screw Winning, I Just Want a Tank Strategy came to me while bored and highly over caffeinated at work. Stage 1, : Do about HP in DMG, then yolo and die, exit battle, New tank, repeat; Time: 10-12 minutes Stage 2: Kemp Bush and Chai Snipe - Don't Die you need that XP; Time: 2 hour +/- Stage 3: Do at least 75% of HP in DMG, Yolo and Die, new tank, Repeat; Time: 30 minutes Stage 4: Same as Stage 2; Time: 3 hours Stage 5: Do 500 HP in Damage, yolo, die, new tank, repeat; Time: 45 min. Stage 6: Same as 2 and 4; Time: 4-5 hours Stage 7: Same as 3; Time: 1.5-2 hrs Stage 8: Same as 5; Time: 2 hours Stage 9: Same as 2, 4 and 6; Time: All damn day Stage 10: Open wallet and shell out $7.50 for the tank. QB has it all wrong!
  7. Basically what you are saying is that all Xs have, in a way, have out grown the current maps. Two fixes that may help - nerf VR across the board to makes maps feel bigger or regulate all X battles to Grand Battle maps. Option 2 is plausible, but its WG so... We know neither will probably happen.
  8. Nismo2016

    What Tank Can't You Win In?

    T20 was getting better before I sold it. Just took getting used to. I actually have done pretty well in the Pershing. But those damn Italian tanks. The t7 is a pill especially since it is partially stock. It's TOG slow.
  9. Nismo2016

    What Tank Can't You Win In?

    Time to travel into the upside-down! Right now: KV-4 39% WZ-132 42.9% (still not all modules unlocked) WK 30.02D 44.3% WZ-131 44.6% Was a slow start - got better towards the end. T20 - 45.2% P43 bis and ter (6 and 7) 46%
  10. Nismo2016

    Your OP tank of choice.

    AMX 40, T-34S, Kv-220-2, Thunderbolt AMX 13 F3 (85% w/r atm) Tier 6 and 7 lights - Especially the LTG and T71 CMCD At Tier 8 - Caernarvon, and Cent Mk 1
  11. From I can fathom It could and it couldn't. Yes you lose potential HP and that bit of XP bonus for damaging high tiers, but at the same time have a better chance at doing more damage facing tanks you could pen. It could be a wash
  12. If what Stewie says holds true, this could be a welcome breath of fresh air.
  13. From what I've seen 'round the web. this was tested on the Asia server (for what that is worth) and it went surprisingly well. Here's hoping for the best. I welcome more of the 4-11, 6-9, 7-8 5-10 MM. If this has a positive effect on the Prem MM tanks I will be playing the hell out of the KV-220-2 (hey I got crews to grow).
  14. Nismo2016


    Going to have to dabble to see what the fuss is about. But my tanks ain't gonna gain XP by themselves.
  15. Nismo2016

    Love Death and Robots - Netflix

    well now you can watch tonight...lol