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  1. Nismo2016


    Man that's a tough break. Little background as I can relate - in the premise of a partner seeking something outside of the relationship. I was in my late teens/early 20s when my dad sought fulfillment outside of our family. My mom let it drag on too long. The emotional strain on her, my sister and I ran deep as my dad pretty much "checked-out". It's been 14 years since I last spoke to my father. I cut him off totally and seems he's fine with that since he has me no attempts to reach out. But all these years later I'm perfectly fine. I found that fight to keep a relationship wasn't worth fighting. My Father in Law and Wife's Uncle have replaced that figure in m life 5-fold. So here is my "tough love" advice to you based solely on what you transcribed above. Don't take it the wrong way - nothing but a dad on dad perspective First - your "friend" -No friend should be open to a relationship with another's friends wife, no matter what. It just not healthy. I would give your friend an ultimatum - Knock it off or we are done, Period. I also think you and your wife need to seek out professional counseling, both as an individual and possibly marriage. What you are describing, plus you says she has past "trauma" warrants it. If that's not an options or she is not willing to fix things I would be getting papers ready. You have to determine if the effort is worth it and both people want to change. If it's only you and she still wants this non-sense, then it may be best to part ways. You have to decide for yourself if this the life you want for yourself and the kids. You may love your wife still and want here to be happy, but you need to realize there are other people who will be affected by an unhealthy relationship. If she is happy somewhere else, then let her go, just don't let her selfishness drag you and the kids down.
  2. Been a while for one of these. To bad it was a draw.
  3. Nismo2016

    BS Ban

    Had a few peeps drive in front of me get pinned by my shot, but luckily I haven't been blue since the early days. But I agree its an imperfect system. Now Last night had a game basically thrown by 2 muppets (one an uber tomato). Granted this was tier 2 or 3 iirc. Down to a 4 v 2. My 2 Muppets were capping. I was defending base. the 4th was meandering the middle of abby. Managed to delay 1 red in the cap to give us a huge headstart. I die, but left the red capper a one shot. The meandering when back to cap, eventually dies. The 2 muppets still in the red cap. Red arty pokes his head out and one of the muppets shoots the other trying to shoot the red arty. Cap resets, he turns blue, BUT THEN they leave cap to chase the arty...we lose by capping. All they had to do was stay. we had enough time to still pull off the cap.
  4. Nismo2016

    What Are the Odds?

    I want to up vote this 1000 times!!!
  5. Nismo2016

    HP Battery Issues

    My best guess would be "ebay battery" + the # being off. You might be able to get a 3rd party battery program off the internet. Not much else I can think off. If it works, it works, my old laptop just ran off the AC 24/7. I was tired of replacing batteries.
  6. Nismo2016

    What Are the Odds?

    I dabble in arty, for breaks and missions. I run XVM and even as the casual player I am I do/will target better player on the opposing sides IF the opportunity presents itself. XVM does help one target the better players. However, if you are a halfway decent player yourself with several thousand battles you can (should be able to) tell who are most likely the better players by watching them from above. Good players will find out who the good players are regardless. One can do this in any tank. you could sit back and chai snipe, track, distract or just pester better players so your team can take them out. Eliminating or at least hindering the better players helps my team. The rewards of winning v. losing are too great, especially if you do not have a premium account. A good team player helps his team win and winning means more xp/credits/Free xp for me. With all that said XVM does make it a lot easier for a scrub to target the better player, which makes it more of a thing in the game. But its Friday, so play will be sh*t all weekend anyways...
  7. Nismo2016

    Iron Fist Season 2 - Netflix

  8. Nismo2016

    Vocation Time

    Hospital can be interesting especially for on your roll within the org. Wife is a nurse and its really wonky, plus she "has" to work certain holidays. For me working at a mid size credit union - they are pretty generous years 1-5 is 10 days PTO (vacation), 5 Sick (short term absence) You get a flex day for your B-day and another for Good Friday. We get a 3rd Flex day since we don't have an annual company party anymore and sometimes the CEO will throw another out there as a reward (or to say he's sorry - like making us come in during a blizzard only to leave 2 hrs later). You can carry 5 PTO and 5 sick over rest are use of lose. And being an FI we get the Fed holidays. This year I had 4 weeks and 10 sick days plus 4-5 flex. was pretty nice...hard to burn them all since I don't like taking off unless I have to.
  9. Nismo2016

    Iron Fist Season 2 - Netflix

    Wrapped up season 2 the other night. I will say it was an improvement from season 1. Not earth shattering, but better. The season felt like more of a season 1 reboot/redo. Looking back Season 1 was more like an intro or preview and Season 2 was more of what S1 should have been. It does set up thing for a much better season 3. Ward's development was fun, Joy was as annoying as Thea in Arrow at times, Colleen was awesome, Misty great, and Danny was Danny, but a bit better. At least, for me, they are righting the ship in regard to his character. The realization by Danny that he wasn't ready could really help to stretch the show a few more seasons than planned. So this could bode well going forward.
  10. Nismo2016

    I'm a daddy! (AGAIN! LOL)

    That's Awesome!
  11. Nismo2016

    Professional Mentor at Work

    I get what your saying, the knowledge would be helpful. We actually used to have something akin to an internal "internship" where you would spend time in another department to learn how the other half lived. We have tried to revive it, but no takers on either end. The CEO is an option, but may raise eyebrows, he would prob be open to it. First choice is the relatively new Director of Finance. He worked here in the past but left to work at some start up banks in NJ, he has that professional background that I would like to learn from. Next is the Current VP of IT, she is great at project management although not formally certified, she has been here a very long time and has no problem telling you the truth. Those are my top option at the moment. There are some possibility in the retail operations side, but the 4 options are like the mean girls club and it could get a little messy. I plan to run these by my DS first, if we were a bigger org with more "professionals" it would be a bit easier.
  12. Nismo2016

    Professional Mentor at Work

    I think he wants do it for a few reasons: 1) it could benefit me 2) It show cases something we could do as far of leadership development and succession planning 3) he may lack a bit in that area Now if I do get this to work it'll make me look good for taking that step. something that no one around here has ever done. and for our department to becomethe role models gives us a huge credit boost.
  13. Nismo2016

    Professional Mentor at Work

    I have to pick and ask....he hasn't been around long enough to figure out what/who is best. I have a #1 choice in mind and reasons why not any other available option. Sadly our org is so small and so many people don't have the right type of experience that would be beneficial to me. At least as I see it.
  14. So my direct supervisor has asked me to find a mentor within our organization, but outside of our department (of 2). I understand his rationale on learning and development front and I have maybe two people in mind that could help me grow professionally. First issue - there maybe only two people with the proper experience/background who would be worth while. While there may be a few other I want to avoid any potential political issue. I also want to pick someone who will be able to help me develop professionally. And sadly there are very, very few hear with the professional maturity that could actually help. The second issue is going to one of the options to ask and explain what will go on. My DirSup was a bit vague (as usual) but I think I know what to do. Looking for any input and experiences.
  15. Nismo2016

    No More Mr Nice Guy

    Nice to see others have the same sort of ordeal as me. I have trouble showing love/romance in the way she wants to see it. I like you guys tend to do a lot for others. I try to take care of a lot of the "dad" stuff so my wife doesn't have to. Granted the last few years haven't been ideal with Liv's leukemia treatment. during that time I tried to handle the house stuff so the wife could concentrate on the kid. Worked out well enough except for our relationship. Both of us usually get completely run down that we don't have time for ourselves let alone each other. Now that is over with we are trying to get back to having a better relationship, but I feel like the upcoming new house has taken the place of what we just went through. She is busy with the new house plans and I'm busy touching up the current house for sale. Compounding everything is the fact my wife just finished weaning off of Efexor (pretty hard core anti-anxiety drug) the withdrawal symptom can be tough and I think she is really feeling it, especially the rebound anxiety. Feels like we are back to square one. The one light at the end of the tunnel is being to get away the last weekend of the month, just to the 2 of us. will be the first time in many years.