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  1. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    PC servers seems to already be up here in the western Hemisphere. Woot Woot day early access! Can't wait to get home and put the kid to bed!!!
  2. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    No issues that I noticed. I'm running a RX580, a FX4350 4-core 4.0ghz, 16gb of Ram. I think I have everything sent on the highest setting. Be sure to check that it is running in true full screen mode as the game default is borderless window. Read other noticing improvements switching. Most of the things I noticed were more server side: Delays in loot spawning in a chest, enemies frequently respanwing. game frozen on me a handful of times mostly was when I was frantically trying to engage VATS, but keep hitting Tab instead. the back and forth in the middle of combat locked things up. but at least you don't lose anything and respawn in the world at the same or near by spot.
  3. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    Got to play a about 3 to 4 more hours over the weekend. Hit level 11 and I have many more options of perk cards to choose from. Even found my first set of power armor while running around with SilentMercy. You can wear the armor pieces until level 25, but you can roll in the frame. down side is it does eat up your stash in the weight department. (stash limit MAY be increased by the 14th, but not confirmed) Cooping works well. inviting friends and dropping in the same world work pretty well. after a little fumbling around we were able to link up on the map and fast travel to one another. buy/sell/trade - works well. I pick what I want to give/sell set how many and price per unit. For Silnt's I just gave him some stuff at 0. Once you get used to it it is pretty easy. We someone manage to drop into an event at Mama Dolce where, while under constant barrage of enemies we had to find food stock to load the machine, then defend it. Took about 20 mins al together, the rewards were nice. Being able to revive teammates was helpful. One thing I'm not too keen on is how often enemies respawn in a particular area. I think it is too short. I understand it is a hard thing to tweak, but you could leave one area and return 10 mintues later to a full respawn. While it costs u more ammo, you do get a load of junk, weapons and things. Its just a little time consuming to have to repeat what you just did. Important note - every 5 levels you can craft a high level version of your armor or weapons. 1, 5, 10, 15 etc. I'm not sure if it is like FO4 where you can craft it back to stock to remove the mod - but I hope it does. I had a nice pipe revolver I wanted the barrel and scope from, but could find a way to de-mod. the new level 10 version is more powerful stock and with the mods would have been awesome. Building was a bit buggy. I tried to move my camp to a new location but couldn't get the full blueprint to laydown. It does save sections as well as the individual parts you built so you can slap it back together at no cost, but takes some time. Always build doors and lock them. With another week plus, I'm sure some of the kinks. There is so much to do, so many side quests and little nuggets, this game will definitely give you a few hundreds hours of play.
  4. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    Finally got to play the BETA last night for about 2 hours. Here are my notes and observations. If you have question just holler at me on discord. Everything ran perfectly fine on the defaulted High setting. Plan to crank it up Saturday. My system laughed at it last night. Technically I only ran into on glitch where the came froze and I had to force close. But I think it was my system and not on the server end. regardless. World looks great and is HUGE. So much to explore and discover it can be distracting. I like that it wasn't nuked and desolate, but more neglected and run down. Other player on the map were either with a friend or solo. But everyone seems to keep to them selves. Approach a player with your gun drawn and they may look at you, holster and they pay no mind. Did not try the Emoji communication system (G key), but looks fun. But voice was default on All. can make Area, Friends or off as well. Only thing I was bummed about was the assigning to a "world is random" so some main areas were cleared of enemies before I got there, but loot in crates is unique to all and enemies along the road re-spawn frequently. Only saw one guy become a murderer but I think he was dealt with pretty quick. so looks like the bounty system works well. and so does the "slap" system to try to start PVP. but seems most don't bother unless you maybe attack their CAMP or something. Combat is fluid much like FO4 and VATS is real time. Q to activate which lock you on to the target as a whole with a % hit chance the closer you are or high your perks in perception. I never really used VATS in the older games, but it seems better suited to my abilities this way. Melee is very viable, especially early on when ammo is scarce. The golf club is a great melee weapon - like tiger wood's ex-wife! SPECIAL and perk card system is really, really cool. This is a highlight of the game for me. It has flexibility and randomness that make you tweak a bit of your style early on. and you can swap cards in and out and totally change your character at any time. Have no fear I believe you can have up to five different characters as well (according to Reddit). So based on some RNG I have 2 to 3 points in S, P and A and the default 1 in the rest as the cards option to choose from didn't appear helpful to me or maybe weren't as good as the other options presented. You truly have to play with the cards your dealt in a matter of fashion. Example - It's still early I only have cards in 3 of 7 spots, but thanks to duplicate cards which you combine to level them up I have two really strong perks. Action girl #2 30% AP recharge and a Concentrated fire #3 give 20% increase change to each after each consecutive hit plus 20% dmg on next shot after a hit. Crafting is great, plenty of scrap and things can be found and looted. Weights are down, but you can become over encumbered. Don't worry - scraping lighten the loads. Also scraping weapons and armor is how u unlock the various mods for the weapons. I scrapped a few bolt pipe pistols and unlock a scope and long barrel to make a pretty strong long range .308 pistol. I really like this because I make you want to scrap stuff which "learns you" new stuff, give you scrap to upgrade or craft and reduces you carry weight. Like in NV you can craft ammo. Its pretty cheap and worth your time. Scraping item is easy since they use a "Scrap all" you do have to manage some inventory - mainly weight a quick pit stop frees you up. The CAMP and building is really simple. plenty of early option to build yourself a little house/base for crafting. if you leave the game it packs it up for you. after my freeze episode mentioned above, I launched back into a new world and still had all my stuff. My used the blueprint i made of my CAMP was packed up and redeployed it right where I left it. They also have STASH boxes which sort of act like the mailboxes in NV so you can stash stuff and have in in you stash no matter where you are. Food and Water. hunger was much of an issue, but water is something that tends to sneak up on you. But there are plenty of places to boil water (still has some rads tho) or purified to loot. So while you have to manage it, it wasn't too big of a deal. Food and drink recipes are plentiful and have varying effects. Also some food will spoil if you carry it too long. I have so much crafted food that I made in a few minutes I hade to stash it. I'm sure as the game progress I could turn into a traveling diner and sell it. Geez what else? I dunno ask me questions I may have answers.
  5. Nismo2016

    Gaming Rig advice request (Christmas 2018)

    I game on a budget and I've probably posted this before but it may help you shop around. You'll save a ton with black Friday and cyber Monday. Newegg usually has some solid deals/packages and I've saved a ton in the past with them. Sign up as a member (free) for the e-mails and keep you eye out for things so you can be ready to pull the money trigger when a good deal pops up. The hard part is all the flippin choices of parts out there it will make your head spin. I was drawn to AMD on the price point and haven't been disappointed yet. Solely for comparison- I run an: ASUS Pro-gaming 970X MoBo [onsale under $100], AMD FX4350 4 core 4.0ghz [on sale under $100], Redragon rX580 8GB - [$230ish], 16gb ddr3 Ram G-skill Red Ripsaw [on sale about $80] Most of this stuff was purchased in the last year and a half to two years. I also don't bother with overclocking, but I can run all modern titles at the highest settings without an issue. I am limited only to DDR3, but I don't see a personal need yet to for about moving up to DDR4.
  6. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    Got an email this afternoon that states BETA for PC today (oct 30th) is 7-11pm EST Also in the email it mentioned I will receive a complimentary copy of Fallout Classics (1,2 and tactics) or it could be if you pre order starting now. We will see. Regardless I already own them so if anyone wants them I'll pass them along.
  7. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    PC BETA opens today! I play do get one for at least 1 to 2 hours today. , but won't be able to get on again until Sat and Sunday. I'll have to dig up the BETA times for next week. Been watching a lot of Youtubers play and while their are no human NPCs to drive the story as in past Fallout's the notes, logs, terminals, and tapes have a lot to say and do paint a cool story.
  8. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    BETA Times for PC Tuesday, October 30: 4 pm - 8 pm PT / 7 pm - 11 pm ET. Thursday, November 1: 11 am - 4 pm PT / 2 pm - 7 pm ET. Saturday, November 3: 2 pm - 6 pm PT / 5 pm - 9 pm ET. Sunday, November 4: 11 am - 6 pm PT / 2 pm to 9 pm ET
  9. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    pre-ordered on PC today, BETA for me is Oct 30th. Only thing I am at odds with is that BETA progress will carry over into the live edition. Which gives some a head start on everyone else, but I guess with the pvp scaling it should be too big on an issue. Managing the Water/hunger isn't too bad from what I have watched. Have to do it in 7DTD and it just becomes part of your routine. I have been watching a lot of the BETA footage as well as the Greenbrier event footage. Game looks great. Is it perfect - no, but fun as can be. Fallout with Friends! I hope Hines makes good and is able to bring cross-play to FO76.
  10. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    So I went ahead and pre-ordered FO76 for PC. Early birthday present for myself. BETA opens Oct 30th on PC, full game open by Nov 14th. Figure I could get a few hours in before launch. BETA progress is supposedly saved for full launch (which I am sort of at odds with). So if anyone end ups preording or jumping on when the game goes live, give me a shout on Discord (same name). Once private servers are a thing I'm sure a few of use will be going in that direction. As for cross-play won't happen at launch but Pete Hines mentioned it is something they are perusing. From PC Gamer Article: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fallout-76/fallout-76-system-requirements Fallout 76 minimum specifications: CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz or equivalent Memory: 8GB OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required) Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB/AMD Radeon R9 285 2GB or equivalent Storage: 60GB of free disk space The four-core / four-thread Sandy Bridge Intel i5 2300 is enough to keep Fallout 4 chugging along, but that won’t do for Fallout 76. On the Intel side, Bethesda’s upped the minimum requirement to an i7, indicating that the online vision for Fallout will be a bit more demanding on your CPU, though thankfully the GPU requirements remain fairly relaxed Fallout 76 recommended specifications: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz Memory: 8GB OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required) Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 970 4GB / AMD R9 290X 4GB Storage: 60GB of free disk space
  11. Nismo2016

    Exercise, What am I doing wrong?

    Canuckeh You may also get some more burn for you time by making a few tweaks to your Gym routine that could help and mix it up. The tweaks to your diet are heading you in the right direction. And getting more and better sleep will help. If you restless try Magnesium and or melatonin, I've found a good green tea in the evening has been helping me to sleep better. Try doing your Cardio first - brisk walking, stair master, slow jog. If you can, slowly work towards intervals of walking and a slow jog. Doing this first will get the heart rate up and warm you up for the weights, which can then keep the HR up - thus taking keeping it up for an hour rather than just 24 mintues of your normal cardio. Now for the weights - other than the squats on the machine (I assume Hack Sqauts - standing squat machine) you are doing a lot smaller muscle groups. You will get more burn and shape up by doing the "good ole" big lifts. At any age they are good to do. More Muscle = More calrioe burn as well. Also reduce you rest time between sets and between exercise to save time and keep the HR up - even if you have to lower the amount of weight to keep up. 30 seconds between sets, 1-2 minutes between exercises- TOPS. Squats - keep this up and do them early in the week to boost your testosterone for the week. Deadlift - even starting small as far as weights, you use your whole body and mainly large muscle groups. Remember the bigger the group the more calories needed. Then pick you favorites - Bench, Over head Press (military Press), Lat Pull Downs and Rows. These classics work your big muscle groups, but also hit your smaller ones. Throw in some little stuff here and there if you have time. But dont' worry if you dont I too only workout for 1 hr - 20-30 minutes of cardio followed by weights. I do one of the big lifts first then some auxiliary. Example today - Treadmill jog @ 1% incline, Deadlifts total of 4 sets increasing (5 reps per set), Lat Pull Down 3x10, Row 3x10, Shrugs 3x10, Reverse Fly 3x10, Curls 3x10. That's it. Notice I hit the big ones first and end with some auxiliary. I have no goals other than to stay functional, but time is a crunch so I have to get the best bang for my time. Leg day is squats and shoulders with Military presses as the other big lift. Chest day is Bench Press (either Flat, Decline or Incline) and Dips, then auxiliary exercises.
  12. Nismo2016

    Fallout 76

    I cannot contain myself. Restarted FO4 in preparation. I never completed the game cause I would get turned on to something else. None the less I've like what has come out about this game.
  13. I like the idea. I only play 1-3 evenings now as it as I've been catching up and prepping for FO76. I'm actually surprised I've last this long playing the game. I usually burn out after a few months with any other game. I did let me time expire and boy do I feel it. I've been using my PRs in place of PT, but its still not the same. Depending on how WG prices these will be a good test if they "get it". Price at the same as the normal Premium time could woo some players back as they feel they get a better bang for the buck. Too high and those on the fence will say no thanks. I guess some PT is better than no PT win WG's eyes.
  14. Nismo2016

    New Tank - LT-432 - Premium Tier VIII RU LT

    that's what I meant...devil possessed my fingers...damn you again WG
  15. Nismo2016

    New Tank - LT-432 - Premium Tier VIII RU LT

    Reload time of 6.66 cause WG is the devil...