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  1. Nismo2016

    Love Death and Robots - Netflix

    well now you can watch tonight...lol
  2. Nismo2016

    Love Death and Robots - Netflix

    Not sure how many of you poked your nose into this series, but I've really enjoyed it so far. Collection of 18 short (adult rated) anime/toon short stories. I'm through the first 11 and so far no duds for me. All are great and unique with their humor or dark twists. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9561862/
  3. Nismo2016

    Need More Fans? but where?

    Ended up uninstalling ASUS AI Suite (FanXpert) because it doesn't recognize the case fans properly. Then added a side exhaust fan in the square/rectangular vent on the lower side near the GPU. GPU fans don't seem to kick on as high or as often. So for now problem pretty much solved, at least in the interim. Using Speed fan I can adjust the case fans all at once. Since they are 3-pin and no 4-pin I believe/read that individual adjustability is limited. I just lower the speed about 20% when I don't plan on being on the pc, then up it a bit when I know I'll be playing.
  4. Nismo2016

    Need More Fans? but where?

    Yes dear, even hosed it out....
  5. Nismo2016

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    That took QB a good deal longer than he thought, but good for him excepting the challenge. About 5 hours spent waiting for the count down timer!! but who has 60+ hours over a 2 week block to pull it off. Glad he said just play then pay the rest.
  6. I don't think I have enough air flow (in or out) to keep my GPU cool and quiet. My case seems to have a little trouble exhausting the heat from the GPU. Playing WOT (in the garage) and a few other games tend heat things up and the fans get a little noisy, not distracting, but I know I can do better. So the story - I have an older case Cooler Master Elite 335. I have both a front and rear case 120mm fans, Hyper 212 cooler for the chip, and a RX580. Can't use the side mount because of the 212. So my options would be: A) Play with the fans speeds to increase the case fans. I did notice the case fans rarely run at above a minimal speed. I used to run the ASUS AI Suite with Fan Xpert, but it didn't help. Looking at a new fan program or popping into the bios to set the speeds. B) Use the old side fan and mount to the outside where the lower rectangular vent is on the side. C) Mount the old side fan and mount behind the 5" bays on the front. The lower 3 bays on my case is all open and clear. D) DIY and Mod the case for a top mount. Granted this is a top mount PSU case.
  7. Nismo2016

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    Ya know I've been doing this more lately, especially in a LT and doubly so in a T8 light. But the past two consecutive night this is what happens: Make spotting run either active or get to a passive spot, Spot for a while, maybe take a shot at an enemy scout take a hit or two. HP down to 50% then I retreat to a safer spot or a weak flank and try to stay alive since late game vision is pretty key. But of course then someone spouts of in chat and pings me on the map "go scout" "stupid blah blah blah" "stick to tier 2"... Mostly its a dead player or a sub 48%er... getting real hard to refrain from chirping back....
  8. Nismo2016

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I like that Idea Xperiment! I too find joy in killing wheelies, almost as much as squashing e25s. Confirm the tier 6 isn't much. And Claus is right - Wheelies have changed things, not sure good or bad though. What I find more amusing is those with really good overall stats complaining about everyone else on the team cause they get nuked early on and contributed nothing. Had it happen to me this morning. Case study: Blue EBR goose-egged his stats, but complains about me. At least I spotted the reds, did damage and completed the LT mission to track 3 different vehicles. Team folded anyways. Get gooder bro...
  9. Nismo2016

    Frontline Returns!

    I've been bouncing between the Emil I and Cent Mk1. Sometimes throwing in the LTTB to scout or flank and distract. Had a bit better night don't think we won, but I did net 78k (only running mediocre 50% reserves) and Hit Major with just shy of 10k dmg. I can confirm Arty is easy ranking, only got to use it for offense which it helped dig out a C defense. Like to try it on Defense to see how it can rank when defending a cap. Speaking of zone C and what I understand its the toughest to attack, I've noticed no one runs up the east side ridge to counter the shooter on that ridge shooting at the side the cap circle. It could be me but it seems C you need to encircle from the Right side ridge and left canyon/valley/corridor and not worry too much about right up the middle. Takes a bit longer to take C than the rest.
  10. Nismo2016

    What'd You Get? (Christmas Inventory)

    Stocking stuffers for me Boxes ($40): I got hosed compared to some around here: M4 Im(can't pen a paper bag)proved, Turan III, about 18 Premo days. I think I cleared about 13k in gold (mostly from repeats), and a few million in credits. Then sold a bunch of consumables I don't use to net a few more million. Used some of the gold to buy the Type 64. Still have 6k left over. Tech Tree-wise: Caernarvon and LTTB. Still need to apply my 2-4 and 9-10 discounts (still haven't used mine from last year as well).
  11. Awesoem Stylerod! No worries on the Gameplay. Grant's the only one with a good Claus video...he went Poke Poke and Up the Arse!, Mine was a literal poop show!
  12. Nismo2016


    My father in lawn and I use Rock Auto whenever we can. Haven't had issues yet on anything I have gotten from them. but I usually go 1 level about the economy class to be safe. usually those brand in the mid tiers are the makers of the OEM parts. Still a lot cheaper than a store or other outlets.
  13. Nismo2016


  14. Nismo2016

    Advice/Experience - Used Car Shopping

    Certified pre-owns I've seen (at least via Nissan) have a 7 yr 100,000 limited warranty. Private sale is doable but takes more leg work on my end. Now I may have bought more time since when I took the truck in today for Transmission service they found the ATF contaminated. Looks like I ended up with that known issue of the radiator failing and allowing coolant to mix with the ATF. So new radiator and a few flushes. Just hope I caught the issue early enough and didn't do more permanent damage to the transmission. If this gives me another year at least I can take more time looking, but its the last fix other than frontier rotor and brakes before inspection in the fall.
  15. Nismo2016

    What are you currently reading?

    Started Metro 2033 last night. Found an English translation PDF that converted to google books fairly well.