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  1. I've simplified my outlook on stats. As long as the overall trend is up, im good with it. I stopped giving long term value to small sample sizes for the most part. That crap will drive you crazy. Great sessions with losses. Crap sessions with wins. It all happens at one point or another.
  2. Playing the setter now and its underwhelming in every aspect. The first thing that stood out to me was how sluggish it felt in every sense of the word. It's meh at best.
  3. I carry a much higher gold loadout at Tier X because its an end of the line tank. I'f im playing Tier X its either for CW, Advances, or for fun. I'm not grinding anymore. So i would overall, shoot more gold at Tier X.
  4. I liked ranked battles myself. Much more than Frontlines which has gotten boring quickly. They really need to develop some more maps for frontlines.
  5. Hope to see you back sooner than later. Enjoy the break
  6. you could do something like highest wn8 gain in a tank that started with over 100 games. 30 game minimum over 100 to be eligible. must screen shot a chosen tanks at beginning and end
  7. I actually think that XVM is very toxic for the game, however, I will run it until they ban it. There is information there that I shouldn't have, but i do, so i will use it.
  8. been excitedly waiting for a new set of personal missions
  9. got as high as 9.3 and spiraled the last two nights to i think 7. much facepalm
  10. I guess it always ends up surprising me that it doesn't.
  11. I've never been able to bully a game in my t67....
  12. Been running the 430U solely this season. A very healthy loadout of gold rounds, which I usually employ early on in an effort to get early damage. I'm a little surprised at how little blocked damage seems to factor in. I was on Siegfried Line playing the lowside of the wall at the dividing road. Cent AX and 140 kept shooting at me. Racked up 4650 blocked. I think I had 1700 actual and a similar amount of assisted. I was somewhere between 8th and 10th in xp earned. Currently sitting at 6.2 after hitting 7.1. So far a nice and steady pace for me.
  13. I'm still amazed to see lower skilled players, even lower than myself, make it into higher ranks. How does a 4k PR player make it into rank 7 and above? Does he just get lucky game after game and get carried through? I mean there has to be those cases, right? And I agree about arty in ranked. I decided in the 1st test season that it wasn't for me. You have to be an exceptional arty player to thrive in ranked.
  14. I would keep playing through that session myself. I know that i'm doing my part for the game. The W/R does normalize over time, you're just not carrying it so to speak. I'd hate to quit that session only to continue sessions that have high w/r but low performance. As long as 1 of the two is good, I keep going.
  15. I think pushing alone against several is a bad idea. Your reload is too long to defend yourself effectively. If they arent bailing, they arent afraid. But, if you have other heavies to push with, it can be a glorious thing
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