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  1. Well in a few weeks number 3 will be here but once we get over that major life hurdle I want to really focus on what the next step in my career is. We are also really focusing on minimizing. We have way to much junk and it needs to go!
  2. I love Movember! Gave myself a bunch of excuses this year why I didn't have time/energy to do it properly but then just a few days ago realized I was full of crap and the least I could do was shave and post a few things on social media to drum up some awareness and donations. I cheated a bit this morning and shaved my beard but left my already grown mo. My daughter said I should shave that too so I might tonight...can't decide! I'll have to try and tune into you stream to check out the progress. Keep up the great work and good luck! Poster.pdf
  3. Slow on getting to read this but I'm decently happy with the latest changes for Biggs. Still not a major powerhouse by himself but does decent damage and can be a good rebel to have for the extra attack that a Akbar lead provides. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. Deo, wanted to say thanks for the write up. I actually ran the team you suggested in your post yesterday (Bariss, Lumi, QGJ, GS, and IG-88) and made it to 11 with minimal difficulty and no loses. 11 and 12 I threw some people in for the slaughter and then was able to pull off a win on 11 with the main team and then just threw the best 3 or 4 teams I could come up with on 12 and finally pulled it off after taking forever to kill 5's. I had been running similar Bariss led teams but wasn't putting in 88 or QGJ cause I was trying to save them to use with different teams for later in the map. I think that was causing me issues and it worked out great to go ahead and put them in right off the bat. Thanks for some tips on chars and looking at my line up. There was a point and time when I loved running my Poggle with GS and droids and thought it was the best thing ever and pumped him up as much as I could...now I don't really use him.
  5. I think my last post got missed, or more likely I posted in the wrong area...but if you guys are still open for more I would love to join the guild.
  6. Awesome! I'm always a day late and a dollar short tho! I'm still working on getting the best teams I can for this raid and now there will be another one! Still excited about it. Variety is good. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  7. Do you have RG or Phasma? They are great for raid and pretty much anything else. Stormtrooper Han, ewok elder, and Ackbar are great additions as well. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  8. Wright5281


    Jakse375 is right, prepainted miniatures. I've never played Warhammer so I'm not sure how similar the gameplay is. Heroclix is mainly miniature collectibles from the Marvel and DC universe (but there are some exceptions to that), each piece has a point cost. You build a team of a pre determined point value and have turn by turn play on a grid style map. Using dice for attack rolls and some other parts of the gameplay. To those completely unfamiliar with miniature gameplay of the likes I say it's kind of like chess on steroids with superheroes. That's a pretty general statement but it's somewhat true. Another way to summarize the gameplay would be a game of exceptions. There is a big blanket of rules and then basically most characters are made to make exception to those rules. I got into it in high school back in the early 2000's. I have no idea how popular it still really is but there is a shop near me that still hosts games on Saturday afternoons, it's just not something I can make tho and the friends I used to play with are in the same boat with me. Too many other things going on to ever have time to get together and play.
  9. Glad I'm not the only one that faces these issues. My PS4 has traveled to 3 different rooms now. It was downstairs where I sat at a weird angle on the couch. It was rough on my back but it worked, then the TV went bad so upstairs to the living room the PS4 went. That was ok, but we have a one year old that doesn't sleep right now unless he's attached to mom so she would either be wanting to watch tv while nursing him to sleep or the light/noise would bother them in the bedroom....here the couch was pretty far away from the TV and made Destiny tough for me to play. Now it's sitting in my computer room where it's attached to a small (20 inch maybe?) TV and I sit in an office chair. Still not my favorite but works for now.
  10. I noticed GW seemed to get easier a while back. I'm able to pretty much auto play the whole thing with no issues. Sometimes on the last match or two my first team might get wiped but second team cleans up what is left. Sly what do you run in the arena? I've been trying to find a good team that will get me in the upper ranks but that is something different than the majority. Everyone seems to be running OB/Dooku leads with RG/ST Han, Rey, QGJ, and GS. I was running Poggle, GS, IG-88, IG-86, and ST Han but when I get into the 100's I seem to have a hard time staying up there.
  11. I homebrew, not as much as I would like but I have 5 brews under my belt now. DMViking I know you posted this a while back but just FYI lagers can be a bit hard to start with because they take more temperature control. A simple pale ale is probably an easier start. My first was an amber ale. I've done mine from malt kits, I'd like to get into all grain brewing and make my own malt but haven't dove into that yet. I've done an Amber Ale, german wheat beer, the same german wheat but with raspberries added (turned out really sweet), a black IPA, and a holiday spiced ale. I have the pale ale ingredients sitting around the house now that I need to use. I keep saying I would like to try and find a group to brew with around here. Seems like that would help expand my knowledge and make me a better brewer.
  12. Wright5281


    I have/had Rocksmith on my ps3, it's pretty nice. I already play guitar but I felt like it was pretty natural for the most part. I play a little of everything...or used to. I basically just play acoustic at church to help lead the youth band there. Played in bands from my early teenage years up till my mid 20's. Had one band that played around the midwest and got a song or two on a couple MTV shows back in the day. I keep saying I'm going to get back into it and set things up in the computer room for a little home studio but I don't have the desire as much as I used to when I was younger. Every so often I'll get a wild hare and throw up a video of me playing an acoustic song on youtube or facebook. Part of me thinks it would still be fun to get in with a group guys and play together once or twice a month but it's a lot of work and time away from the family to be in a band.
  13. +1 to what ThatRandomJanitor. It's not always the case but most of the time a local CU should have some of the most competitive rates. Also if they are operating like they should they will look out for you and give you the right help and opinions for your situation. Not just try and make money off of you.
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