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  1. The flooding mechanic has always been too severe, in my opinion. The one good thing for destroyers was that aircraft can no longer spot torpedoes. I never thought radar was a problem after I adapted my play style when playing destroyers.
  2. you're are still on the inactive reserve list for ten more years.
  3. Oh, I almost forgot, the AA suit on this thing is a beast. * 16x2 20mm * 4x2 40mm * 11x4 40mm 6x2 127mm DP
  4. Part 2 of the test server is up now, and I am diggin' the buffalo!
  5. I have pretty much stopped smoking up CA and BBs, 90% of the time they just keep on driving, so...
  6. you counter ships sitting in smoke with torps, period. It worked that way before the radar and hydro patches.
  7. Hmmm, wonder what other CV line has that? "Graf Zep CV is now pointless"
  8. I myself am at the Farragut, not sure I like it; weaker than the Nicholas, as far as the Pcola, hated it at first, never show any side of your ship to anyone, not even DDs. use islands(fire over them) and stay at max gun range, toward the end of the Pcola grind I was liking it. The US 203mm ap rounds can really mess up cruisers, and ap into the superstructure of BBs does a lot of damage when they are broadside to you. I hope that helps. I'm now grinding through the new Orleans, and I like it so far.
  9. Also there is the new PVE missions, just tried to do one and, you need to be in a division to drop in, I think you can have up to seven players in a division, not sure about that. I watched flamu play a match on youtube about it, it looks interesting.
  10. yay, another overpowered premium carrier.
  11. I play them as torp boats, I'm at the Ernst Gaede right now, it turns like a BB, and the detection is REAL bad when you fire your guns-hence, why I play it as a torp boat.
  12. while the detection buff is a step in the right direction for the P-cola, what it needs more is a rate of fire buff, with the current meta in game. With concealment expert and camo paint, detection is 10.9 Km.
  13. In my experience with IJN BBs, train fire, never fire full broadside salvos, and just because you have 20 Km range, or whatever the myogis' guns are, don't sit back at max range and try to snipe ships.
  14. only saw one ship sink, and that was only after the aircrew returned to the ship, and we sat in the ready room watching the recording from the FLIR camera on the aircraft; that was in 1986, when we sank the nunuchka missle boats-I know I didn't spell that right, of the coast of Lybia. I felt alot of remorse for the crew of that ship. In the video, you could see the crew running to the bow, to abandon ship. Since that was only part of the ship not burning.
  15. that pretty much sounds like every match I have been in since I reached tier5. I'm pretty much over this another"World of..." wargaming BS, I quit playing WoT 3 years ago, because of players passive playing, and in the last couple of weeks I am seeing more and more of it in WoWS. players charging YOLO, or, pushing until they spot the first enemy, then turning 180 degrees and running.
  16. hey, if you and I are at the same time, give me shout, I will gladly play low tiers with you in a division, I'm not that high in tiers my self, the highest I have is T6.
  17. I spent time watching him try for 20km+ shots only. This can be seen in every match I am in, doesn't matter the tier. there definitely needs to be a better incentive to get involved in match. I see cruiser captains doing it also, not just BB captains.
  18. YEP, doesn't work if the push stalls. yep, yep! I have been seeing it all day.
  19. Steve: if you are interested in the strike stuff, I think I remember some of it; from the aircraft squadron side-hence, my in game name means; A-6 intruder ordnanceman. I taught Strike weapons at the strike weapons and tactics school, back when I was on active duty.
  20. why it's called zebra and yoke, phonetic alphabet. It pertains to different readiness conditions on the ship.
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