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  1. Thank you Mykk! Talking with you is one of the biggest reasons I stuck with DHO and made it a welcoming place, unlike many other clans I tried to play with in the past. Thanks! Whiskeralpha
  2. Man, it's lonely not having a clan at all, could someone shoot me a DHO invite? Thanks! Whiskeralpha
  3. Thanks Mykk, I'll keep it in mind. Whiskeralpha
  4. Just dropped DHO4 clan tags. Requesting permission to join DHO. I may not be a super active player during the week nights, but I have time on the weekends. Always do like a good skirm/SH game to help out in. Had some second/third/fourth thoughts, and decided for now I think DHO4 might be a good place for me to reasses my tanking path. So if someone could kick me back into DHO4 when my timer is up, that would be appreciated. Whiskeralpha.
  5. My daughter and I have been using Duolingo to learn Japanese and my son is using it to help with his German classes at school. The only complaint I have with it so far is that the Japanese voice can be a bit clipped and you don't always hear the full pronunciation, but otherwise it's pretty fun.
  6. I loved playing skirms just because it was fun and you got to talk to the other DHO people that maybe you didn't really know. I didn't really care about the credit aspect, but I know that's important to some people, it's not that I'm rolling in credits it was just fun to play. Also, it was interesting to see what a clan wars strat was like or just seeing how different the other team played compared to a pub game.
  7. I would maybe think about popping into the DHO Discord channel and asking if anybody wants to toon there. I know I am one of those people who does not join TS during the regular work week simply because I'm only going to play maybe 3 or 4 games(sometimes less depending on frustration levels) and I'm done. I try to pop into TS on the weekends, but like you observed it's usually dead. As for the caller situation, maybe there should be some caller "training" or low-stress sessions to try it out? Maybe just some training room games with all DHO people. I also remember in the past there were some good turnouts for training/learning sessions about scouting, map tactics, etc.. Maybe doing some of those might get some interest back in the game? Anyways that's my 2.5 cents.
  8. My two cents: 1. I think the WoWs weather system would be interesting to implement. An example would be on desert maps there could be periodic dust storms that reduce visibility(view range) for everybody for a limited time. I've also thought night maps would be interesting, a percentage reduction in view range for everybody for the duration of the match. Maybe certain tanks could have searchlights that would restore view range, but in doing so you become a very obvious target. 2. Maps that support more dynamic play, fewer corridor maps. 3. Maps with less "dead" space. Example, Sacred Valley, remove the castle thing or make it so you can drive through it.
  9. Just got my technician license a couple of months ago: KC3JVI Although I got the license more for my other hobby than actually using the license for ham stuff. However I do own a handheld (Yaesu FT-60R) and someday I hope to actually use it for two way communication, but for now, it's just an air traffic scanner. Also working on getting my general class license, mainly for personal goal reasons. Whiskeralpha.
  10. History and reality didn't stop WG from turning a Swedish MBT into a TD.
  11. I just dropped a request to join the steam group. SteamID: Kahoko
  12. Glad to hear everybody is safe and sound. Hang in there, buddy.
  13. One thing to watch out for with LEDs is the "color temp". If you want something that gives a warm glow kind of like incandescence bulbs then you want to stick with 2000k-4000k color temp LEDs. If you get into the 4600k+ range you will get a much more "blue-white" light or a cold temp light that feels like industrial/commercial setting or as my wife puts it a "hospital" feeling to it. We use the warm color LEDs in bedrooms/bathroom/kitchen spaces, and I use the more "cold" blue-white light for the workbench and basement.
  14. Game Name: Don't really care as long as it's a good mix of biomes. Map Size: Kind of want a big map so a 3 Difficulty: 3 Zombie Speed: Default. Day Length: I think 120 is fine, however, I would be ok with 90 as well. Day Light Length: Fine with the way it is. Blood Moon Enemy Count: 8. Zombie Difficulty: Normal Max Animals: 75 Air Drop Frequency: What ever you think is best.
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