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  1. Hepius

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Thanks, Ayle! Second and third prizes were sent off today! Congrats!
  2. Hepius

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Woohoo! Thanks for running the contest! I didn’t see any $10 tanks I really wanted, unless the Matilda IV is highly recommended. Can I take my prize in gold? I can definitely use that! I’ll send the second and third place winners their gold on Weds or Thurs. Thanks again, Hep
  3. Hepius

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    In the IS working towards the 277. I like it more than the KV-85, bit my win rate is abysmal. Haven’t had it very long. In the T-43 working towards the 140. I enjoyed the T-34-85 more. Doing ok in the 43.
  4. If you do shoot HE only there is a 500 gold prize for top HE score in the regular contest.
  5. Hepius

    DHO4 has a new Commander!

    Thanks, Mykk! You did a great job!
  6. Hepius

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Nice game, Ziggy!
  7. Hepius

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Additional prizes now being offered: Second Place: 1000 gold Third Place: 500 gold Highest scorer using HE ammunition only: 500 gold On the spreadsheet there’s now an “HE only?” column. Just put “yes” if you only used HE rounds I shot four HEAT rounds and 5 HE rounds in my big game, so that battle is out of the running for the HE ONLY prize.
  8. Hepius

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Mines

    If I’m low tier (North start) I love to go down the 1 line to F2. There’s a great line of bushes you can hide behind and hard cover you can reverse to. From that spot you can hit base line TDs and cover friends who push all the way down the 1 line. Not a great spot if you’re high tier and expected to carry.
  9. Hepius

    Tier X Clan Wars - must have tanks

    What?!!! My 47% win rate in it says otherwise!
  10. Hepius

    Tier X Clan Wars - must have tanks

    Oops. Fogot my E50M. That makes up for my other choices, right?
  11. Hepius

    Tier X Clan Wars - must have tanks

    So my lineup of E100, Grille-15, Sheridan, Patton, and Bat-Chat isn’t quiet the meta you need?
  12. Hepius

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Live Oaks

    The spot 4Tankers goes to in the Northeast guide is great if you have some TD's or arty support you. You can see all the way to the edge and the TDs and arty can wreak havoc on crossing heavies. I successfully get to that spot in 90% of my games. The other 10% I can usually bail with little or no damage. It's usually only a suicide scout that spots you.
  13. From south start I’ve gone city (after the game has developed for a little bit) in a light or medium and gotten behind the enemy at A8. You can creep along the water and keep out of sight. You cant do the equivalent from the north.