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  1. I liked the T20. I might try for a 3 mark on it (down the road). I got to ~93% on the T-34 and M4 before giving it a break. Going for marks is definitely less of a priority than my other goals. Too many other tanks to grind before I focus all my time on getting marks on any one tank.
  2. I have a hard time playing games "just for fun." Fun (for me) is getting better at something. Or (if I'm already good at something) maintaining my standing. To get better I like to track how I'm doing. I use a run tracker so that I can compare my runs, I keep a word count log so that I know how much I write every day, and I compulsively track my Wn8 and win rate in WoT. I set goals at the different things I do in order to keep myself motivated. So what are my WoT goals? 1) Get my overall Wn8 to 1600. (This should take about 200 "sessions" at my current rate.) 2) Ge
  3. At Tier X I currently have the Patton, E50M, Bat-Chat, 140, and 430U for medium tanks. My best results have been in the 430U (duh) and the Bat-Chat. Besides those above, what is your favorite Tier X medium? I'd also like to know which Tier 9 is a keeper in your opinion. I do like auto-loaders/re-loaders, but that isn't the only factor in my decision making.
  4. I only chose 1600 Wn8 because it is the "blue" number and gave me an easy number of tanks to look at. Good for me might be 1600, but for other people "good" might be 2200 or 1100. I also took a look at my 20 highest win rate tanks with >100 battles. Mediums dominated that list with TDs in second. I really want to improve my heavy tank play.
  5. I thought I'd analyze my best tanks. I chose to look at tanks with >100 battles and >1600 Wn8. There were 18 tanks matching these stats. 7 TDs 5 LTs 6 MTs 0 HTs 0 SPGs 6/7 TDs are turreted. 1/7 is an armored "assault" TD. 4/5 LTs are autoloaders. 1 is a "derp" TD. 4/6 MTs are Russian. 2/6 are autoloaders. Takeaways: I suck at HTs. I'm good with autoloaders and turreted TD's. How about you?
  6. Look, there are a lot of things I’d change about WoT before I’d worry about premium ammo. I’m just suggesting a change that would be BETTER than nerfing all premium ammo. Nerfing it all crushes lower tier tanks. And get rid of the Type 5. It’s bad for the game
  7. What about reducing gold damage based on the tier of the target? Target is your tier or lower: -30% Target is one tier higher: -15% Target is two tiers higher: Full effect.
  8. I understand people being frustrated by top tier tanks shooting gold. But gold is the only way lower tier tanks can be competitive in most cases. Won’t these changes make being bottom tier even worse than than it currently is?
  9. 3A, Defender, e25, KV-220, Leffy, and an M4 “Improved” ( I’ll never play again) Used gold to buy the Type 64. Used discounts for the Swedish TD line I’m working on. Moved on to the T-54 and the T95 on the tech tree. Getting close to the e3.
  10. I've had bigger battles, but I thought this one would be fun to share. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4698790#murovanka-hepius-t95 I've recently been in several battles where a flank is all locked up... until the T95 shows up. There's a funny part in this video where four friendly heavies are all perfectly parallel parked ready for a corner fight (they're also perfectly positioned for the three enemy arty to crush them).... when I just roll by without pausing. Then a couple of enemies feed me all their hit points. Then I chase a tank around a house and kill him. It's a s
  11. I’m already on my way to the 140 and 277. I’m really looking for something new. I like TDs so the Swedes seem like a cool option. I do like autoloaders, so I could go with Maida’s Czechs for fun plan.
  12. I’m looking at using my holiday tank discounts to help me on my way up a new line. I’m trying to prioritize Clan Wars tanks with pub fun coming in second. For Clan Wars I already have the BatChat. I am working on the 140, 277, and e3. I have the E100 as my superheavy. Hopefully the upcoming buff will make it more competitive. I have zero Italian, Czech, Polish, Chinese, or Swedish tanks. No Japanese either, but not interested in their heavies. I don’t have any Russian lights or British beyond the Matilda. What am I good at? TD>light>MT>HT I’d love to hear reco
  13. ‘’Tis the season to be jolly!
  14. Thanks, Ayle! Second and third prizes were sent off today! Congrats!
  15. Woohoo! Thanks for running the contest! I didn’t see any $10 tanks I really wanted, unless the Matilda IV is highly recommended. Can I take my prize in gold? I can definitely use that! I’ll send the second and third place winners their gold on Weds or Thurs. Thanks again, Hep
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