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  1. Not too bad in a ship I really don't like... well.. didn't like... lol
  2. Haven't used mods in a while now, haven't had any issues or glitches either . Been using Lorr 40t, Centurion (Aussie version), Somua, Progretto, and occasionally Scorpion G.
  3. We seem to have 4-5 members online weekday evening in DHO3. Not sure if they are just logged in and playing or not. Of those maybe 1 or 2 on TS. Not really an active group other than the weekends.
  4. agreed, love the changes to the map. Some of them play completely differently now. Fjords has become one of my favs.
  5. The best thing about my wife is that she is my EX wife.
  6. Having same issues on the east server... Been playing on the west server, and so fine all good.... Knock on wood
  7. I got one and like it a lot. Plays a lot like the Tiger 1, better at side scraping. Accurate gun and decent armor for German mid tier heavy. It doesn't have the same rate of fire as the Tiger but same accuracy. I been using to train my E-100 crew and earn some credits. Fun tank.
  8. E-75 is not a sniper, its a brawler and a bully. The E-75 is a front line brawling tank nothing like the Tiger 1 or Tiger 2. Get the Engine first. Recommend getting a rammer and vents, top gun has a long reload. Angling and protecting your lower plate is priority. Enjoy your new beast.
  9. Oh soo many to choose from. But just for trolling and releasing some pent up stress the E-25. Nothing more satisfying than putting a round every 2 1/2 seconds into your opponent while remaining unseen. "Death by a thousand cuts." It is Fast enough to relocate when needed, fast firing gun, and fantastic cammo rating.
  10. Hey, Lloyd, Accepted. No worries, should be a good time regardless :)
  11. Hey Guys, looks like my cool down for WOT is all done, please send me a clan invite so we can get to some shootin (and tootin)!!!
  12. Heya Guys, Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I would like an invite. I just dropped my AOD tags yesterday and won't be able to apply until tomorrow May 10th. I have several tier X's and can do some clan wars if needed. (Obj 140, T-62, E50M, and E100)
  13. Hello, my name is Ole. I have two daughters (10 and 13). I work for a chemical tanker company in Houston, Texas. I love to play WOT and WOWS and am currently member of the AOD WOT division and have been for last two years. Sadly the division is shutting down due to lack of active players and I have been looking for a new clan. I heard only good things about this clan from a friend so here I am.
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