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  1. LOVE my T20..one of my few tanks with a 50% win rate...usually. Would love to run a wolf pack with some other players..hit me in game anytime! I do like the Pershing, but I don't seem to do as well even with the better gun it packs. Cant seem to play well consistently with it.
  2. This is why you're my role model!!!! srsly, good job bud!
  3. Congratz Hepius! It's been a pleasure to platoon with you! Hope I can go green too someday!
  4. That damn French Sarl sumfin or other, made me quit the French line entirely...and Hepius, stick with the 30.01, the 75mm Waffe is a terrific killing tool! I did pretty good with it for a while, then my natural lack of ability brought me back to reality. I am sure you could do well with it!
  5. Can confirm, Hepius is a good man to 'toon with!
  6. Dunno what to tell ya, but I agree with you, hate those things almost as much as I hate French artillery, and that's saying something
  7. Good work there DPG...been working on moving my stats away from tomato...but the hole is sooooo terribly deep..may not happen in my lifetime! lol
  8. Will it matter if my system RAM is DDR3?
  9. jakse, what card did you buy?? dropping $500.00 on a "budget" pc build is just a bit beyond my reach right now..but I can probably drop around 100 on a new video card and not feel the pinch..
  10. So, I am playing on an old pc..rarely get much over 25 fps...17-22 fps is the usual range. Should I just junk my 5 yr old system...or is it worth upgrading? I am running an Athlon x4 635 processor @ 2.9Ghz..the video card (integrated) is an ATI Radeon HD 4200. For the record, my ping is pretty good, usually in the 30-50 ms range...Do you guys think having a crappy frame rate really affects gameplay? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for letting me in! Looking for a clan or platoon mates that can help me improve my game play! I play NA East 3-5 nights a week! Looking forward to blowing things up with y'all!
  12. Hi all! Name is Jeff, Live in South Carolina near the beach...been playing WOT for a while and sucking miserably, rolled in here to hopefully clan up and not be such a burden to my teams. .Work as City 911 dispatcher and detention officer for our small municipality, so going online to blow up tanks is a huge stress reliever for me, have 2 kids, oldest just finishing her freshman year of college, youngest a sophomore in HS. I like good beer/ale and bourbon for libations...If anyone wants to platoon in WOT my handle there is hacksaw556, I only play on pc...
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