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  1. In case something happens to you: 1) Somewhere, maybe not electronically if you are concerned about being hacked, note down logins and passwords to important sites (bank accounts) along with the PINs to your bank cards. 2) Make sure someone, maybe your spouse, sibling, friend, etc., knows about your OSHIT folder, where it is located and knows the password (if electronic) to access it. (I read through this pretty quickly so it might have been covered already, but wanted to put it out there.)
  2. Bombaybacon

    ISU-130 Available

    Available to Premium account holders. So if you are not one and want the tank, buy one day of premium and then buy the tank. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/isu-130-pre-sale-0119/
  3. Bombaybacon

    Holiday Ops 2019

    Should your focus be on the 2017 book at this point? Do you think they will bring both books back next year or just 2018 if they bring any back at all? My thought is to get 2017 done in case they only bring back the previous year's book next year.
  4. Bombaybacon

    German TDs

    Do you have any recruits from the Holiday Ops? Side note: I found the alpha on the St. Emil's big gun fun, especially at top tier.
  5. Bombaybacon

    Laptop for travel and WoT..

    My Friend has been using an Alienware laptop for years and runs full graphics. I think he uses an external mouse and the built-in keyboard.
  6. Bombaybacon

    What's Yer Grind - Winter 2019 Edition

    They are calling it a rebalancing of the "special ammo". These are the first 5 tanks, but more can be added. E100 IS-4 Kranvagn Leopard 1 STB-1
  7. Bombaybacon

    What's Yer Grind - Winter 2019 Edition

    Haven't sold the E100 yet, but now that it's getting a buff with the new changes, I'm going to hold off and see how that works out. Might be worth keeping...
  8. Bombaybacon

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    Does anyone else refer to this as "the afternoon tank"?
  9. Bombaybacon

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    Surprisingly, I did not find my games last night, as 4Tankers put it, "packed full of IS-3As". I don't recall there ever being more than one on a side. If there was more than one, it wasn't noticeable. All the IS-3As must have all been in the Tier VIII strongholds...
  10. Bombaybacon

    New Premiums Tanks adjustment?

    Instead of new premium tanks being superior to their tech tree counterpart (ie. Defender), would it make sense to go back to the new premiums being equal (or slightly inferior) to the tech tree counterparts but provide a greater bonus to credits or xp? Instead of 50% maybe 75% or 100%? I can see this still be appealing to the players to buy the new tanks, but it wouldn't unbalance the game play. Wargaming still gets their $ and the players still get a bonus for giving up their $.
  11. Bombaybacon

    Advent Calendar 2018

    wasn't the Defender promoted like that? I think they said the same thing about the E25 when it came out of the shop.
  12. Bombaybacon

    Advent Calendar 2018

    "Late Purchase" Period If you miss it, don't worry: the SU-130PM will be on sale until Thursday, Dec. 13, 06:00 PT | 08:00 CT | 09:00 ET — that's your last chance to get this tank destroyer!
  13. Bombaybacon

    Advent Calendar 2018

    So the Advent calendar is out, but are they doing the Festivus Spirit stuff they've done the last couple years with the boxes and ornaments?
  14. Bombaybacon

    Care Package Bravo with Amazon Prime

    i'm guessing you can claim Bravo if you got the first one too?
  15. Bombaybacon

    What's Yer Grind - Winter 2019 Edition

    Finished up the IKV 103 last night. Used the Back to School missions (or whatever they are) to get the 10K xp on the fourth mission to finish. Wish I had paid better attention to those missions sooner. It could have saved some headaches. Now on to the IKV 65 Alt II. Hope it's truly better then the Alt I...