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  1. Bombaybacon

    Ranked Battles Cancelled for NA Server

    Bummer. Not that I ever ranked very high, but I enjoyed them and it was an additional reason to play tier X tanks.
  2. Bombaybacon

    Consumables for CW

    I think this is a good point from the forum discussion. You have to think about what you're doing in each tank. For example, the Maus is not used as a DPM machine, it is used to soak up damage. Therefore, you should try to maximize its effectiveness at doing that. So, you run fire extinguisher to keep you from burning your HP away. Contrast that to the 140, which is used primarily for its damage output and maneuverability. You should run food on this tank because food helps maximize the tanks' primary use.
  3. Bombaybacon

    Another Code: 8th Anniversary

    Should we make a "Code" thread and make it a sticky so we can just put all the codes there as opposed to spread out all over the forum?
  4. Did you selll the teir IX?
  5. Bombaybacon


    If you are into skins, it looks like you get one for playing classic.
  6. Bombaybacon

    Frontline Returns!

    Disabled Friendly Fire We’ve gathered and carefully reviewed your feedback on disabling friendly fire, after the start of Frontline last year. It clearly demonstrated that you liked our suggestion and its impact on the gameplay. Thus, in the 2019 Season, friendly fire remain disabled in Frontline.
  7. Bombaybacon

    Frontline Returns!

    Isn't friendly fire turned off in Frontlines?
  8. Bombaybacon

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    Good for him! Maybe WG will see how long these challenges really take. I'm curious how many free tanks were actually given away.
  9. Bombaybacon

    Map Discussion: Week IV, Cliff

    SU-100, SU-100PM, STRV-S1
  10. Bombaybacon

    Map Discussion: Week IV, Cliff

    There are "new" TD camp spots at A5/K5 with pretty good line of sight. A couple times I used A5, I earned the "useless" comment from my team. What do you think? Is it a useless spot? I feel it's a good defensive position, but that means the other team is pushing and/or our team is failing.
  11. Bombaybacon

    [DHO] Strongholds - Tier VI - Wednesday Night

    *IF* you are calling, I don't see why it would be too much of an issue to use an open mic. You're the one that should be doing most of the talking. Make it easier on yourself. Now, if the kids are in the background throwing a fit, the dog is barking and the wife has Dance Moms going full blast on the tele, then yeah, PTT might be appropriate.
  12. Is it do the commitment or the mastery? or do you get more rewards for the mastery?
  13. Bombaybacon

    Frontline Returns!

    I've done well playing the bushwookie STRV S1. I got Major once and captain twice last night. I usually have to scrape out captain if i'm lucky. I did over 9k damage twice and on the other one got captain on a late shot after the objectives were taken. The money seems to be good (for me) too. The last game I cleared 100K without boosters. For me, I'll take it.
  14. Bombaybacon

    Light tank play journey

    I think we got off topic. I think @Xperiment2g is looking for the how to play light tank information... But since we are off topic, what about the new French lights? I've heard nothing but fun, fun, fun.