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  1. Lt_jackson_13

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Hey holsy, just guessing as I Don't actually run any MOE mods , but i think it was 4.1k for the strv two mark. I will confirm that later on today. nice you two marked the batchat ?
  2. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of your best Battle Results

    Nice , finally not a type 4 heavy result 😂 @nieve_1
  3. Lt_jackson_13

    Blog Name Contest!

    The man cave
  4. Lt_jackson_13

    CW/SH Tank Recommendations

    Honestly based on you're experience I'd suggest going for the object 140. Mediums are used as a flexing wolf pack and a majority of the time you will just be pushing in and focussing fire , utilizing the dpm. Whereas heavy play you need to be more switched on with the use of armour and angling, not to mention that the gun capabilities on most heavies are weak compared to mediums . So a good knowledge of weakepots etc is vital and also a good crew to help with accuracy. I would recommend going for the super conquer as the gun will do the work for you . Brawling heavy go for the 277 , it plays like a medium and most callers will use them aggressively so part of the time you will have side and rear shots , also the heat velocity is incredible so great for long shots. Now is7 , most of the time it acts as a front line spotter. requires a player who understands map positions, Whilst mainting hp so smart use of the terrain . I recommened you prioritize the 140 , then either the 277 or super conq . (Type 5 is widely used but you won't learn nothing playing that because it's just do damn easy ) Any more information I'm happy to elaborate .
  5. Lt_jackson_13

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Stug 3 g with the 10.5
  6. Lt_jackson_13

    Vote to Rent Tier VIII Premium Event

    Damn it i entered the code, not realising the rental period starts from thus point. I would have used it on the weekend!
  7. Lt_jackson_13

    Cookery with gpc_4

    My bad , in a pie we usually have gravy in the mixture.
  8. Lt_jackson_13

    Cookery with gpc_4

    Wuuuut you don't know what gravy is !?
  9. Lt_jackson_13

    Polish Tank Line & Tier VIII Premium HT Info

    One of the best replays I've seen quickybaby commentate, This chap played very well! I did question a few of his choices but he soon proved me wrong . Nail biting stuff towards the end ! I am sold on getting the 60tp after watching this replay .
  10. Lt_jackson_13

    Cookery with gpc_4

    In england this would be a very dry pie, where's the gravy dude !! 😂
  11. I actually found myself completing the secondary condition's 1st , for most of the missions.
  12. update coalition completed with honours except one that requires an arty 😞
  13. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of your best Battle Results

    Only one clip fired , did you literally just sit in a bush and not fire ?
  14. I like doing the missions it gives me something else to think about , but it does effect my playatyle . Case point coalition 12 which I finally finished, pen 8 shots in 3 minutes. Very frustrating found myself yoloing and putting myself In very bad situations .
  15. Lt_jackson_13

    Vehicle Ratings

    Yeah you'd think wargaming would offer some rewards as an incentive to try harder . I do recall that year where they had leaderboards , I think they based it off you're top 5 xp games in a certain period per tank . Does anyone recall this or have a clue as to what I'm thinking?