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  1. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Haha no way this was the game where I was the only guy to get a kill on my team , how you ask? by drowning your t54lwt with my m53/55😂
  2. Lt_jackson_13

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    @gpc_4@The_Dad To work out if clan wars camo (digi camo , styles etc) is only available for one tank use > In the section where you apply the camo's in the top left corner of each camo thumbnail you will see an orange * star , if you see this that camo is only available for one tank and if you hover over each one for there description at the bottom it will state " *special condition " hope this helps :)
  3. Lt_jackson_13

    February Scavenger Hunt

    If you are referring to the in game missions on the supply raid section , they were for the January scavenger hunt not the February missions!
  4. Lt_jackson_13

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    You misinterpreted , there was rumours that the 907 would not be available via clan rewards after this campaign .
  5. Lt_jackson_13

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    @stewiejp two posts by Bigbrother from the Citadel .
  6. Lt_jackson_13

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    I managed to earn the tank just playing on the weekends it is possible ! of course you need to be in a competitive clan.
  7. Lt_jackson_13

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    Apparently there is a guy somewhere that has spent his fame on the other junk before getting the tank , therefore he cannot get the tank . I had his name I'll have to find it 😏
  8. Lt_jackson_13

    Hunt the Sheriffs: DHO version

    Muahaha almost pal 😉
  9. Lt_jackson_13

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    Aoh @nieve_1 urgent news from the citadel this will not be the last opportunity to earn the 907!!
  10. Lt_jackson_13

    Hunt the Sheriffs: DHO version

    Woah woah I thought I was in on this not literally the target !!! @Kilo and @nieve_1 brought this to my attention when they were busy killing @Cpl_Maida 😣 Also I am incognitio #namechange
  11. Lt_jackson_13

    Yearly battle report

    Apparently I am using the same hacks 😂
  12. Lt_jackson_13

    Yearly battle report

    Maida what hacks are you running ?? 0 ammo racks 🤔
  13. Lt_jackson_13

    PSA: Christmas Ornament Strategy

    If you are just going for the multipliers that being 50% crew , free , combat xp and credits . I would advise to craft ornaments from.tier 1 to 5 why? You only need 62 of 80 in each book to receive the full benefits . So don't waste your shards on crafting level 5s as you only need one or two of them . BUT worth mentioning if you do want the styles you must collect all of the ornaments .
  14. Lt_jackson_13

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    Like I said to kilo earlier this is dumb at the end of the day you are getting a great deal with the gold , premium time credits ,prem tanks and not to mention getting to level ten atmosphere! For 75 bucks you can't go wrong so what if you don't get the is3a , there's always gonna be an "op" tank . If you buy these boxes and don't get the is3a and are disappointed that's soley you're fault . If you want something that badly and aren't prepared to face the consequences don't get involved have some self control . Wargaming even turned the existing 3a into the autoloader so those that did purchase it before have it . It's not a scam it's just a tank that's it . I spent 75 pounds and I'd normally spend 40-50 pounds ruffly on a tier 8 premium . For this I got a poop ton of stuff . And for that I am grateful
  15. Lt_jackson_13

    Need a new line to play?

    I thought we were talking about a line that is generally good to play all the way up , but yes I'd rather have the fv over the grille in the end .