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  1. Lt_jackson_13

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Tundra

    Meh I find hill to much of a gamble , if im in a tank with relatively good turret armour and depression ill play hill, more so if I'm playing from the north spawn. Otherwise if I'm south spawn I like to tuck in at e3, if you communicate with your Artie's and TDS you can rack up a hefty amount of early spotting damage. Why ? usually slow heavies will cross the open diving into the bowl on route to 1 line , smarter players will take the back road along the red line but even then you'll get a shot off . You will also find a couple of soft artillery targets in the form of tank destroyers lurking at the back and If you are very lucky even an artillery crossing . This also helps your heavies to take a more aggressive approach up the 1 line as you stall there heavies. Hill being lost ? Doesn't matter you just make sure you win 1234 as fast as possible encouraging your heavies to push , followed by baiting them off the hill using the rock in North spawn cap as cover . I find this play works extremely well when in a platoon and this also takes away the dice roll of going for the hill.
  2. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    So for each code you should get similar thinks like @Mykk stated , a reserve, couple of consumables and inscriptions. They are nation dependant this one being us I presume considering it includes cola . But for all three codes submitted we should get a bonus reward as stated in the image at the top of the thread , yet nobody seems to have received this yet on the na server ?
  3. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    3rd code CPCHARLIE19 I'm not sure if the styles for inputting 3 codes is working on the na server , can anyone confirm if they received a style yet ?
  4. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    They were daily codes based on eu time , there is more today but I'm away so can't get hold of them . If anyone can you need to watch the world of tanks channel on twitch from twitch con you will find the codes there ! There should be at least two codes available at this time .
  5. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    I'm not sure the style should be added to your Depot , they clearly haven't ditrubuted the rewards yet for putting in all the codes .
  6. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    Final code for the day guys TWSTILLROCKS
  7. Lt_jackson_13

    More Codes

    Well I thought that at first , but a lot of people don't like having emblems and inscriptions fixed with there styles and the ice style does not include this whereas the fire style does.
  8. Lt_jackson_13

    More Codes

    Fire and ice codes explained finally! Remember code doesn't need to be submitted until the 1st of may so sit back and watch the tally to keep tabs on who's winning or just put it in now and enjoy your 50/50 chance 😉 https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/fire-or-ice-0419/
  9. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    Update second code is TWFEELSGOOD
  10. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    Havent a clue pal!
  11. Lt_jackson_13

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    Morning guys twitch con in Berlin is currently under way with a handful of the best streamers, and we have a few goodies on offer! These codes do work on both the NA and Eu server make sure you get all three today for a bonus!! code 1 TWTANKSBERLIN19 unfortunately I couldn't make it after WG repeatedly asked me to attend but my schedule was just to busy , don't forget to follow my channel helps me out guys ! https://www.twitch.tv/action_jackson_/clip/AuspiciousSwissMouseFunRun
  12. Lt_jackson_13

    More Codes

    The final codes are clearly something to do with game of thrones , the final series starts soon .
  13. Lt_jackson_13

    The "Improved" Matchmaker - MM Update Apr. 3, 2019

    So I think these stats could be easily misread , ok they say ten percent of games will have no artillery . Maybe I'm wrong but this has nothing to do with a players percentage, the match maker does not take this into account in its formula per player. Otherwise queue times would be very long whilst mm does the sorting , remember these stats are server wide . So let's say on the na server there was 1k games last night , therefore 100 of those games were without arty . The odds on you making it into those said games are dependant on many factors , therefore the odds of you getting games without Arty is much higher . It's another classic wargaming explanation that can be easily misinterpreted .
  14. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    I had a lot of fun with the t34/100 on paper it doesn't look all that great but when you actually play something about it just clicks . Gg nj
  15. Lt_jackson_13

    Your OP tank of choice.

    I'd like to go back and get the standard b it looks like a very good tank to play .👍