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  1. Lt_jackson_13

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    Like I said to kilo earlier this is dumb at the end of the day you are getting a great deal with the gold , premium time credits ,prem tanks and not to mention getting to level ten atmosphere! For 75 bucks you can't go wrong so what if you don't get the is3a , there's always gonna be an "op" tank . If you buy these boxes and don't get the is3a and are disappointed that's soley you're fault . If you want something that badly and aren't prepared to face the consequences don't get involved have some self control . Wargaming even turned the existing 3a into the autoloader so those that did purchase it before have it . It's not a scam it's just a tank that's it . I spent 75 pounds and I'd normally spend 40-50 pounds ruffly on a tier 8 premium . For this I got a poop ton of stuff . And for that I am grateful
  2. Lt_jackson_13

    Need a new line to play?

    I thought we were talking about a line that is generally good to play all the way up , but yes I'd rather have the fv over the grille in the end .
  3. Lt_jackson_13

    Need a new line to play?

    I'm currently grinding the fv 4005 , I'm on the Conway at the moment and I hate it . If you want a line that's fun to play go for the grille , the rhm and waffle are op tier for tier and you will have some monster games . Also you have a choice of switching between dpm and big alpha guns , so you can change it up if you lose interest .
  4. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Damn bro that hit ratio , nice job!!
  5. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    I Just free xp'd to the t8 i have a terrible crew not even six sense and I pulled this game out of my bum, boy was I screaming at my team in this one . I'm gonna post the replay worth a watch. Although I do apologies for my language , I went into this game off the back of a number of losses and i needed this win.
  6. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    I am so jealous, nice game!
  7. Haven't even played it yet , but in time I will let you know sir . My target is to get the chrimea , for some reason it appeals to me .
  8. So glad to be rid of that first set . The union mission to damage artillery was horrible, I had 7 games in a row in a t54lwt with no Arty !
  9. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    The mm was in my favour 😂 I was the only tank that went ice road on my team. T6 and t7 can't pen it.
  10. Lt_jackson_13

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Well finally the defender is back on sale and boyz I wasn't disappointed. 1st game Ace :^)
  11. Lt_jackson_13

    Tier X Clan Wars - must have tanks

    Dude get the super conqueror you wont be disappointed!
  12. Lt_jackson_13

    Map Discussion Index

    99% of the time I play the middle ridge and use the tunnels. If there's arty the ridge is pretty steep so they will have a hard time hitting you especially if you are in a tank with a low profile. good farming opportunities on the flanks and assisting your team in spotting. Also you'll find a few noobs will yolo the area to flush you out .
  13. Lt_jackson_13

    New DHO Logos - Need Input!

    Set three gets my vote. Set two if you change the type "comradery, mentorship, gaming" to the same as the title then I think I'd go for that.
  14. Lt_jackson_13

    Na Quickybaby encounter?

    Regardless if the videos are just his best , he's not gonna show his worst 😂 we all have bad games, Yet we don't have a big red target on the back of our heads . In a world where he isn't a YouTuber/streamer his stats would be far far better .