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  1. Looks like we found a Wot player that enjoys the tier 9
  2. You pretty much summed it up why ! Most players play scouts to spot and like you said spotting doesn't count , so when competent players play and can farm damage it's easier to farm win8 cause the expected is so low due to the majority of the population just spotting .
  3. Yeh i play mostly aggressive all the time sometimes it pays off and you have a great game but others not so much. In the tier 8 i played mid to long range using my massive view range to control the game and then moving in being aggressive towards the mid game.
  4. I absolutely love the heavy flank on this map but unfortunately artillery really dampens the spirits , Id even say that this flank suffers the most from artillery compared to any over map, even Malinovka hill is safer in my opinion. Yes the hill =wins but I beg to differ , I play field mostly all the time except on two occasions A. In a heavy or B. Medium with good gun dp. I enjoy the field as i feel like i can control the entire map from that location , its very easy to flex between the bases therefore you can help both attackers and defenders. although usually if you have won the K9 region it usually means the heavys have lost and then it becomes the bush wookie farm of the century. Take note if you do play field and you see the heavy flank is losing you must do all you can to take control of the southern flank. what you will find is that a lot of teams will after winning the heavy flank choose to flush you out from the south dropping into the valley and just making lots of mistakes, you can really benefit from that as you have plenty of bushes and a good line of sight. north = win yes in most cases south = avg players can have some really epic carries and farms (I like a challenge so its why i tend to play field, I miss the old days with lots of close games )
  5. Fine I'll bite everyone is posting stats today damn it! Also nice on the udes there @Juggernaut41
  6. Odd I preferred the t8, I'm lucky to have had pretty good win rates in both . Good to know though I'll be going back down the same line in the EU server seeing as I enjoyed it so much .
  7. @ncpinz how are you finding the gun on the tier 9 i thought it was awful , but maybe thats just me and my ping issues?
  8. How to win games put your eggs in one basket and pray to whichever god you believe in even the RNG gods! Ts5 Pools medal highlight!
  9. Not to mention the amazing shopping benefits 😉
  10. @Grimm65 you are in for a treat my friend!
  11. Meh its free i cant complain , I was paying for twitch regardless
  12. Hot from the EU server ! deathstar 23 million. Credits
  13. @Juggernaut41 to save yourself doing all the work , wargaming have a clan position for clans listed as quartermaster that allows said person (trusted) access to the clan treasury allowing them to dish out the gold and bonds etc amongst members . Basically an in game accountant hope it helps .
  14. I really don't get it , why not just release the mode as intended or revert back to the old system ( which worked fine) and then fix the issues before the next release of ranked battles . To formally release it a month ago and then retract it 4 days prior to release date is so dumb, put it this way what would have happened if they just went ahead with it ?? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING players would be talking about meta tanks and good positions etc not bickering about the health of the server blah blah blah. I really can't see how they thought this was the right move , I'm baffled !
  15. Tbh there is no excuse we should be treated the same as all the other servers , to take this away from people that invest a lot of time and money into the game is a joke. " Yeah thanks for the money and all but cause you play on this server you don't get these perks " it's the same game!! Honestly I'm very disappointed , they want to take this away from us yet keep Frontline as it is which is clearly dividing the community and according to the majority a tedious stupid grind with which you must sell your soul . To drop this news during this period of Frontline where people are clearly unsatisfied is not smart wargaming NA
  16. Is that the camo from playing classic wot ? Also how many bonds did you auction for the chieftain @Xperiment2g
  17. Worth noting the tier 9 gun feels a lot more derpy than the 8 may want to consider running a vert stab instead of optics .
  18. 3.8k damage is a fantastic game I just got lucky 😅
  19. 5.7k damage in the tier 8 http://www.twitch.tv/action_jackson_/v/420969635?sr=a&t=22s
  20. Yep I agree they will help out of course it's just if you get them , one thing I will note is that they are very handy on beginner accounts like my new eu account for instance , hoping and praying I get a blue print for the line I'm grinding gives me much joy .
  21. How are you only getting 438 view range with bia ? Do you not use situational awareness ?
  22. No offence I don't think the lottery of blue prints is gonna reliably help your grind , I've received lots of blue prints and still not gathered 2 for one tank . To this day I have not received a blue print for a tank I'm grinding .
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