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  1. mx119

    What Are the Odds?

    I am sure the statistical evidence is there that good players get focused more. However my own experience is that I get arty focused a lot, even if I am statistically the worst player on the team. I just got arty focused in a tier X battle where there were 2 purple and a ton of blue players.
  2. The following question concerns SPG's. If you are squeamish or lack constitution it is recommended you hit the back button and slowly walk away. I am currently at tier 8 on three lines. German, British and US. I was thinking of researching and keeping 1 for each tier. The following is what I plan Tier 6: FV304 Tier 7: GW Panther Tier 8: Undecided ( currently have GW Tiger P, M40/43, FV207) Tier 9: M53/55 Tier X: CGC I don't really feel like continuing down the German line, although it was the first one I did and I have 2 good crews for it. So I may keep the GW Tiger P despite its slowness and gun arch. I have 1 crew for the US and 2 for the UK line. I have heard the M53/55 is the best tier for tier, and the CGC is sometimes useful for clan wars. Any thoughts besides "sell them all and never play arty" ?
  3. mx119

    Dumb, embarrassing questions

    Here is my dumb question. If you are using a credit booster and you lose credits in a battle, does it have any affect?
  4. mx119

    What would you do....?

    Case in point. I had a game in the T110E5 yesterday. 2400 damage and 2 kills lost 18K credits (standard account)
  5. mx119

    What would you do....?

    I would like it to be more feasible credit wise to play tier X without a premium account. As is an average game will net a significant credit loss
  6. mx119

    New WoT Website By DHO Player

    Nice site. Well done
  7. mx119

    DHO4 Stronghold Advances

    Mykk, You could probably put me as Yellow for Fri, Sat Sun. We have some commitments, but Sat night is about the only one I can not make most of the time
  8. mx119

    DHO4 Stronghold Advances

    mx119-DHO-4 I can usually be on Mon -Thu by around 9 Central Tier X: T110E5
  9. mx119

    Mixed Crews

    With the new ability to mix Brothers in Arms and Sisterhood of Steel, how are people assigning their crews? Historically most tankers put female crew members all in the same vehicle. I am now wondering if it makes more sense to assign each female as commander on different tanks. Thoughts?
  10. mx119

    May Rewards

    I went the safe route and picked a gun rammer. Can always use one of those
  11. mx119


    I don't think I have had any issues with the uploader, however my MoE stats on vbaddict are off by a significant margin
  12. mx119

    Ranked Battles in 9.19

    Yes because what this game really needs is someone to make their e25 better
  13. mx119

    Tier VIII - X Sale

    I only have about 1.4M credits, will need to check the depot to see if I have some stuff to sell. I would be looking at either the JPanther II or Centrurion 7/1. Wish I had waited a week on the M26 Pershing. I like the Centurion Mk1, although I am pretty bad in it. Gun and turret are solid, the large hull can be penned by almost anything. Best when sniping hull down. Top speed was buffed a couple of patches ago, which helps when trying to get to cover
  14. mx119


    I kind of like the M41 Bulldog more now than I did before the patch, at least damage wise. Feels more like a fast medium now. Although I don't get a lot of spotting damage, the proper mediums seem to take more of that these days. I have always played it with the single shot though.
  15. mx119

    Premium Vehicle Trade-Ins (Tier VI - VIII)

    Too bad you can't I trade 2 tier 3's for a 6