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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/treekillah
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/busdrivah
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/hapa_fodder
  4. Some of our best players have taken the time and energy to stream their games and have also created Archives of some of their greatest games!!! You can too!! Please include Shiptype and Tiers plus a short description of what juicy little lesson or tactic we're about to watch to keep it simple for lookups! Post links to your Twitch channel here!!! ...and on FB here!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/530445163959473/permalink/628893697447952/
  5. Season 4 Signups Begin Posted: January 07, 2017 Welcome to Season 4 of Warship Supremacy League! We are now ready to start accepting registrations for Season 4 of Supremacy. For those of you returning welcome back and for those teams whose first exposure this is to Supremacy welcome. Season 4 will be a milestone for Supremacy as we will be celebrating our one year anniversary during the season, a year ago we saw a need within the WarShips community for an outlet for competitive play and this has lead us here. Supremacy is the oldest player run competitive league on the NA server and one of the oldest in all the hubs, isn't it time that you joined us to test yourself and your team? For those of you returning the rules will look very similar to previous iterations of the league: 9 vs 9 Domination Mode 1 CV Max 3 Premiums Max 4 ships of a nation (Lo Yang is a US ship) We will be looking to start the season Mid February and the regular season will run for 10 weeks with an expected three week playoffs, this will have the season ending by late May or early June. Teams will play two best of three matches a week on a structured yet negotiated schedule so expect to dedicate around 3 hours a week as a team as a minimum to playing Supremacy if you sign up. You can register here: Season 4 Signups You can find the admins on the Supremacy Discord. The complete rule set will be released for team review by the end of January. Good luck to all teams old and new lets make this season the best so far!!! Streamers: SUPREMACY LEAGUE IS A NOT-FOR-PROFIT VOLUNTEER RUN GAMING LEAGUE AND IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH WARGAMING.NET WORLD OF WARSHIPS™ IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF WARGAMING.NET - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED SITE & LEAGUE ©2015-2017 TASK FORCE: APOCALYPSE Related Links: Main Page: https://www.warshipsupremacyleague.com/ Forums: https://www.warshipsupremacyleague.com/forums
  6. Oh daveydee out curb stompin folks in his Bogatyr... whoa!
  7. 'Keen intuition' The bane of the IJN DDs sneakiness
  8. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/15/wows-5-15-captain-skill-changes/
  9. Fubu / 159K HC & almost a Kraken
  10. Hey tuna, how did you get a full size screen shot on your post???
  11. Kagero prior to the upcoming Tier shift in the IJN DD lines... 83k Terpping | 40k fires & flooding | 10k Commander XP | 306k silver ... got a couple of lucky intuitive torps in em. Thank you for all the training guys!!! Great clan!!!
  12. Made a tweak to a Fubuki Captain. First Battle... Shot the Tashkent down while he was focusing elsewhere, Both the Benson and the Muts were killed while scrapping with me. The three Big ships were chasing down a lone BB in endgame 8(us)-5 and drove in straight lines too long, so totally were unsuspecting. Totally had their day changed. lmao fast, short ranged torps... 8k Range / 72k Speed / 5.5 Detect Hard to dodge torps. Facehugger. for. real.
  13. Seal clubbin...lmao first blood was a double strike from ambush
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