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  1. Division Stars - Let's try and get as many as we can this weekend. Starting Friday evening around 5PM PST, we will also have alot on for Clan Battles Saturday and Sunday which starts at 4:30 PST. I will also be logging in DHO-2 to help out there.
  2. Forgot where you live but Starlink is out for north states. www.starlink.com to sign up for Beta. I am getting 50-180 down and 20-40 ms ping average. there is a few drop off though.


  3. I'm sure Sevari and Dewey would NOT mind you playing CVs lol, with the meta right now Richthofen has been doing well. But if you are looking for another ship buy what you enjoy playing, no reason to pay for a ship you'll hate.
  4. After some discussions with officers and members of D-H-O, we feel that we have to make some changes for the lively hood of the clan. Recently we have had some membership turn around and recruiting interest that have fallen through. Currently, we only have a small core proportion of our clan that socialize and plays together. This is the main reason people join and stay in clans. Despite our clan size of 48 people, we struggle to get 7 people to participate in clan battles. D-H-O is a casual clan, and will remain as such; however, we would like to see an increase in participation in
  5. Yes we have been able to field 1 division for Clan Battles, so we have been participating daily, some nights almost 2 divisions.
  6. Clan Battles start tonight, 4:30 PST. Tier 10 7X7. Runs every Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun till mid June.
  7. Koudai

    Second Fleet

    I have been logging in with my alt several times a week to manage things.
  8. Depends on the ship. Some have their Citadels below the water line such as the Puerto Rico, who I can never seem to hit.
  9. Clan Battles start tonight 4:30 PST, play at least 1 battle so you can reset all you captains for free. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/cvc-8-sea-of-fortune/
  10. Clan Battles are Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sunday 4:30 PST. it is Tier 8.
  11. Clan Battles tonight 4pm PST, lets try and earn some steel for the new ships.
  12. July 6th and July 20th is Clan Brawl (7vs7). Hope to get enough on to run this. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/clan-brawl/
  13. Naval Battle went to damage base instead of base exp, don't forget to enable so your battles count. Hope to see you this weekend.
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