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  1. A simple blood test, which may provide early detection of cancer in the prostate gland. The (prostate-specific antigen) PSA test. I started my annual tests when I hit 50-years old. A decade later my PSA numbers got high enough to recommend a biopsy. I figure I'm alive today (71-years old) because of early detection and taking action to remedy the problem. It's just a blood test.
  2. So funny, I can't stop laughing
  3. Thanks Xperiment2g, Full Screen worked. appreciate the replies.
  4. Maybe it's just me? But under the Depot tab, I do not show Consumables. I have Shells, Modules, Equipment, etc., but no consumables. So I can't give a number to sell. I have 94 Auto-Fire Ex. Hardly use any, and will keep about 40 of them, if I ever figure this out, grin.
  5. I have to many Auto-Fire-Extinguishers. Can't figure out how to sell them. I looked at the Store, then the Depot, but consumables don't show for sell. Help is appreciated.
  6. OP +1 Thanks for sharing that Claus video. I've used it a couple of battles with good results. Appreciated.
  7. Man, I learn something new everyday. Great information, thanks.
  8. I noticed that the original post was dated August 25th, how could that be possible when today is August 20th? Then I looked at the year of the post.
  9. thanks for the replies, appreciated.
  10. When I'm in the enemy's Cap circle, and they only have unseen arty(s) remaining, should I 1) keep moving in the circle, 2) hide behind a building in the circle (if available), or 3) stand still and aim in the direction I think they will engage? I've never owned an arty so I don't know how they find their targets. I usually keep moving within the circle, figuring a moving target is less likely to get hit. Any advice?
  11. What a win! I watched the reply and I couldn't believe the patience yall had, both at the start and especially at the end of the battle. Don't know how in the heck you could sit there that long, but it sure was the right strategy Some great shooting also. Good Job!
  12. My wife says to: Upper right hand corner, click on down-arrow, then click on settings, then click on edit name.
  13. Thanks for the replies, I sent you some PMs. Question: What do the different "groups" mean. I noticed I'm in McN00bin', but I also see Assassin and Keys to the Hideout?
  14. Thanks for the invite. I fall into the Grandad-Grandpa category, which means I have lots of experience, but the bad news is I can't remember any of it. smiles, oldguy70
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