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  1. Run for either border like Michael Jackson chasing kids at a ice cream truck.
  2. i dont see how they'll pull it off, they pushed and bragged about how " each choice would matter in the end" , then at the end of ME3 ( at least to me anyhow) it all felt rushed. lots of strings left unanswered, lots of quests that didn't matter IF they even got done. and they didn't even show what the Tali/ Shep baby looked like...yes i know it wasn't in the game but dammit i wanted to know
  3. thanks gents, sorry im late but hangovers arent as easy when you reach our age LOL.
  4. A group of men go up into the mountains to go bear hunting. The first morning out, Bill goes out on his own. He comes to a clearing on a hill overlooking a field and sees a bear slowly strolling across the field. He gets the bear in his sites and fires. He then looks all around, but he can't find the bear. All of a sudden, he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around, and there's the bear. The bear knocks the gun out of his hands, and Bill stands there shaking in his boots. The bear yells at him, saying he's sick and tired of being shot at and gives Bill an ultimatum. The bear tells him that he can either drop to his knees and blow him, or the bear will eat his face. Bill immediately drops to his knees and obliges the bear. The bear walks away contented and Bill find his way back to the cabin. The next morning, Bill takes an even bigger gun with him and goes to the same place he saw the bear before. And sure enough, there was the bear strolling across the field again. Bill gets all excited, gets the bear in his sites and shoots! He looks all around, but there is no bear. All of a sudden he feels a tap on his shoulder again. He turns around, and, surprise, there's the bear. The bear looks at him, knocks the gun out of his hand, and says,''You know the routine.'' Bill drops to his knees and obliges the bear again. When he's done, the bear walks away smoking a cigarette and Bill stumbles back to his cabin. Bill is all pissed off now. He grabs the biggest gun he can find and heads to the same spot again. And sure enough, there is the bear strolling across the field again. He gets the bear in his sites, and says to himself, ''Now this bear's gonna fuckin' get it!'' He pulls the trigger and, "Ka-BOOM!" He looks all over again, but no bear. Then, just as before, he feels the same tap at his shoulder. He turns around, there's the bear standing there with a big smirk on his face. He looks down at Bill and says, ''You're not in this for the hunting are you?'''
  5. She's no Lucy Pinder but I DO approve as well.
  6. For just a small monthly payment of 14.95 you can help these displaced ommpa loompas seek out new jobs and keep them of the crack pipe.
  7. So far no.. I just move my cat5 cord from the x1 to the 360 , both systems still have the account on it.
  8. Rdnkb34r

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    " tries to think of a midget porn joke "
  9. Rdnkb34r

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    That reminds me.... I need to bum my spouse a question
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