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  1. IDK Ive been killing in my Arizona. Rank 4 and pushing
  2. Been tempted to get the Dunq but i keep having nightmares of the Izumo that stops me Hahaha
  3. Mutsu Is a very good ship if you know haw to use her. Her guns will pen the bow of most ships you'll face except in a T8 match. Range is great and even better with the scout plane. Of course you cant give up your sides but other than German BBs thats any ship.
  4. USN: Benson & Cleveland. (The premium ships for the USN are far superior IMO) IJN: Shiratsuyu, Kongo, and Fuso USSR: Budyonny German: Roon, Gneisenau, and Bismarck UK: Fiji (Once you get the Minotaur you wont care about the other ships in this line Hahahaha) France: TBD
  5. The best Premium IMO you cant buy(unless you spend about $120), you have to earn it. The Missouri!!!! The Mighty Mo just prints credits and is a blast to play. Love most of my premiums but the Mo is on another level.
  6. Really hope we can group up for matches this season. The dip in player quality has me really worried about this season hahahahaha
  7. You just gotta know how to run her and get great teamwork. Its my normal ranked ship ive been using but it will get deleted if your not paying attention so I defiantly6 would recommend it if your not comfortable with her.
  8. I will be sailing my Atlanta and Belfast all this season.
  9. Harbinger server: Marmoore- sith warrior I have many other toons but this is my main
  10. Hello all my name is Devin from Pasadena, CA. Im a husband to a great wife and father to 4 great kids (10yrs old daughter, twin 8yrs old son & daughter, and 1yr old daughter). Im a stay at home father due to 2 of my daughters medical conditions. I play only on the weekends at the moment but will soon be on everyday when i finish my gaming pc build. Glad to be apart and im lookkng forward to playing with you guys.
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