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  1. Count me in. I always need help!!
  2. if you play on pc hit me up.
  3. Anybody playing Apex Legends? Just wanting to see if anybody from DHO was.
  4. I like this idea! I don't play tier 10 no where near enough to feel comfortable playing. I love tier 9, but when we play 10's seems like there is a lot more pressure. I also agree with XTC when it comes to playing for the most games. I think it should be for highest damage or xp? That would give more people a chance that don't have a lot of time playing at night. We could also pick a night to get in channel (singles or in toons) and drop 10's for a solid hour or more. I am game for what ever as long as i can shoot ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚
  5. 430U : 430 Type 5 : Type 4 Super Conq : Conq Progetto 65 : Standard B 103B : IKV 90b E3 : T25 AT At Tier 9 on lights except for Chinese line. tier 8 on it. Also, working on German lines but to many to name. I really work on to many at one time. I sometimes wonder if it would be to pick 2 or three and grind them only. As for Arty, Tier 7 on 3 of the lines and in no hurry. Same to ya buddy!! 🍺🍺🍺
  6. Thanks for all you have done. You will be missed!
  7. I normally can play most any night, but i normally don't get on to play till between 9:30 pm and 10 pm.
  8. Thanks guys this really helps. When moving after every shot, how far do you move? 15' 20'? Do you always set up in cover? Can you set up in the open? I always try to find cover when i first set up and there may not be much where i am at to move to between shots.
  9. Nice write-up. Have a bunch of questions but just one for now. What are you looking for when you look for tracers? Not sure how to spot it. Hope this is not a dumb question. Want to play arty more just not comfortable with it.
  10. I am interested depending on what time. Let me know. DHO4 Obj. 140, t-62a, M48, TVP, IS-7, unlocked obj. 268
  11. Hello guys, gpc_4 sent me here to sign up. I am looking for a clan to join. I play most week nights starting about 9 pm central to midnight and most weekend nights after all have gone to bed. I am a newbie to the game, just starting last July. I am working my way up different lines. Look forward to playing with all of you. Thanks for your time, John
  12. Hello guys, My name is John. I am the father of twin 5 yr olds. One boy and one girl. My boy is special needs(Down's Syndrome). Live and work in Tennessee. Get to play most nights starting about 9 pm. Love to play and have fun, but always looking to get better. John
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