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  1. Blackroan

    Tank Destroyer Game Play

    SU-130PM Radley's 4v1 carry. I forgot I hit the 2 key to deal with the M4 49 so I shoot a lot of un-needed gold at th eend, but heart was pumping so I wasn't paying that close attention. I had to upload this game to Dezgame's WoT replay because for some reason WoTreplays won't let me upload 130 games, I don't know why... https://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/123911/blackroan_su_130pm_radleys_carry_4v1
  2. Blackroan

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    1st MoE Game in SU-130PM https://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/123283/blackroan_su_130pm_1st_moe_56k_dmg_virtually_no_gold_no_food Game wouldn't upload to Wotreplays...
  3. Blackroan

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Murovanka

    It depends on what I am in. 1-Faster top or mid tier mediums and heavies I will go forest to help push the tempo. 2-Slow top/mid tier super heavies I will go C3/H3 to start and if I have support I will push to F2/E2 but usually hold there unless we have a significant advantage. The 2 line is usually a holding action. This map is usually won in the forest. 3-Fast TDs I will support the forest push, slow TDs I will help the 2 line hold...usually. 4- Lights I will usually go middle/forest for early spots and counter other scouts if i can. 5-When I am in a bottom tier medium or heavy, I go to the castle in F5 (especially if there is 2-3 arty). I do this because it gives me firing lanes east and west with hard cover from most arty and quite often you will catch out over zealous scouts/unicums rushing down the middle to get early spots/shots. I sent a unicorn in a Sheridan back to the garage in the first minute the other day with my Lorr 40T by catching him out in the middle, 4 shots and a ram later he was heading back to the garage and I was reloading at about 1/2 health. The_Dad had a pretty solid game in his O-Ho from that position vs Xs while platooned with me the other day. I wouldn't go there with a top tier, but it is a strong position for bottom tiers. 6- Arty I tend to go west unless we have an overwhelming lemming train going east, then I will follow them.
  4. Blackroan

    Advent Calendar 2018

    So how many people got their SU-130PM?
  5. Blackroan

    Advent Calendar 2018

    I haven't even driven it yet. I was 4k xp short last night and about falling out of my chair asleep, but was determined to finish it.
  6. Blackroan

    Advent Calendar 2018

    Mission completed! Reward: Vehicles added: SU-130PM (crew 100%)
  7. Blackroan

    Advent Calendar 2018

    Why don't I believe you?
  8. Blackroan

    Advent Calendar 2018

    Nope, I will be happy with my "FREE" Russian knockoff (I have plenty of German Premium TDs). I really need a German or French heavy crew trainer (I have the tier IV B2), but part of me wants the AMX 13 57 for platooning. So I will probably ask Santa's Financial Adviser for a Lowe over FCM 50T (I have way more German heavies). The AMX 13 57 is a want, but not a need. The Strv S1 seems like it could be a good money maker, but I don't really need the trainer so it is a distant 3rd. People with the above premiums have opinions? Lowe is supposed to be a pretty good premium now since the buff. What about the FCM and the S1?
  9. Blackroan

    no topic

  10. Blackroan

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    I was that way for the better part of a year, then decided I might as well grind a few more so I am trying for tanks that either complete the set (i.e. all the mediums and arty as I already have all the lights) or are different in some way (the 60TP and the French single shot w/ the big gun). I am grinding the 5A because Holsy seems to ask for it quite a bit and will probably do the 277 and 705A because they play different, so i have been told. The Standard B, 704, 50 TP and ,soon, the M4 51 are all open awaiting December for purchase. I'll probably buy the T-10 back and do the 277 during December, but the 705A is going to require and act of will or money because I have to go back to the IS (which I hated).
  11. Blackroan

    sometimes i surprise myself

    A game to be proud of Manny, I saw some mistakes but we all make them and they didn't cost you the game, so they aren't that important. As for your fan in the Little Heffy: https://tanks.gg/na/Shubster 4 of his 10 most played are tier II (3) or III (1), His 4 most played tanks are ALL Arty (none of which have impressive stats and account for 1/2 of his games played). He wouldn't know a carry if it jumped up and bit him on the bum. compared to your stats: https://tanks.gg/na/Crawdad59 looking at both sets of stats I would platoon with you over him every time. You stats tell me you play to win (you win rate and win8 are pretty even and even have a higher win rate in some places) his stats are much more random and his win8 tends to be much higher then his win rate which means he plays for stats and does a lot of "useless damage" at the end of the match.
  12. Blackroan

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    And in true Blackroan fashion, I am doing nothing small. For the first time in about a year I am actually grinding lines: Obj 261 @ 212A GW E100 @ GW Tiger Spaghetti Monster @ Standard B (not bought yet) AMX M4 1954 @ AMX 65t WZ-111 5A/113 @ WZ-111-1-4 60TP @ 53TP Obj 268 @ Obj 704 (not bought yet) Obj 277 @ T-10 (not bought yet) Obj 705A @ IS (shudder) The 5A is the only one that is a priority as it seems called for a lot in CWs and Advances. All the others are for either sake of completion (Spaghetti Monster is only X medium I don't have), Personal Missions (261 and GW E100). The others are more personal interest (not sure I want the 268, seems 704 and ISU are the highlights of the line). Thinking about going up the Chinese TD line, anyone got any opinions on them? Not a big fan of most of the Russian TDs, definitely prefer my German/British TDs at upper tiers.
  13. Blackroan

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    I want to see this game, upload plz?
  14. Blackroan

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Masterful use of an instrument of skill and precision, MBK!
  15. Blackroan

    Clan wars is back

    I would be happier if they spent their time fixing their MM, bobject and premium sheet.... Typical WG logic... fix something no one asked for and ignore what everyone is screaming about...