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  1. Blackroan

    Scumbag Game Play

    Bert rides again! Shakespearean ending... http://wotreplays.eu/site/4858932#lakeville-blackroan-fv304
  2. Blackroan

    Heavy Tank Gameplay

    T-10... just...sigh.... http://wotreplays.eu/site/4856971#overlord-blackroan-t-10
  3. Blackroan

    Light Tank Game Play

    like driving a rollerskate. you almost lost it a few times, but it was entertaining to watch, gg.
  4. Blackroan

    Your OP tank of choice.

    Pz 38t, Luchs, T-67, M4, CromB, KV-2, Hellcat, T-20 and T29 That's just the ones off the top of my head below tier 8. No matter the tier spread I feel like I can impact the game with the above tanks. To show you what I mean, if you look at my record the T67 up are some of my most played tanks and all but the KV-2 are three marked. I enjoy the hell out of all the above tanks, especially platooned.
  5. Blackroan

    Game closing when not being played

    For how long? 2 minutes? 2 hours? all day? It is weird, everyone else stays logged into tanks and walk away will stay logged in all day. If it is happening to you, it may be something on your computer. One of the software guys on here may be able to tell you. You know me, I just smash my face into the keyboard until it finds the internet...
  6. Blackroan

    Medium Tank Game Play

    Union-15 w/Honor for the Chimera with the K-91 Ace/High Cal/Steel Wall/1st MoE: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4802251#sand_river-blackroan-k-91
  7. Blackroan

    Light Tank Game Play

    AMX 13 57 game play: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4798308#live_oaks-blackroan-amx_13_57 http://wotreplays.eu/site/4798307#malinovka-blackroan-amx_13_57 http://wotreplays.eu/site/4798306#redshire-blackroan-amx_13_57
  8. Blackroan

    Heavy Tank Gameplay

    T-10 Ace/Top Gun/High Cal Very Fast paced action game: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4798019#erlenberg-blackroan-t-10
  9. Blackroan

    Heavy Tank Gameplay

    AMX M4 51 tier 9 French Heavy: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4796840#fjords-blackroan-amx_m4_mle_51
  10. Blackroan

    Medium Tank Game Play

    T69 rampage in a tier 9 match: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4796839#overlord-blackroan-t69 Jumbo on the loose: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4796849#widepark-blackroan-m4a3e2_sherman_jumbo
  11. Blackroan

    Consumable/Equipment Sale

    TY for reminding me. I had logged off for the night and saw this. You saved me about 5 million in equipment and consumables.
  12. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I'd like to thank @Allbeefy, @MBKKGD, and @nhazlett1974 for platooning with me last night. I'd like to think we had something to do with our incredible win rate (I think we lost 1 the entire evening) we definitely did very well or got very lucky. Either way. Thanks, was getting bored running those by myself!
  13. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I managed to get to 28 tonight. Will hit 30 tomorrow afternoon. I have a few hours free. then reset and start again... This is gonna be a slog. they need to reduce the xp for the upper levels, takes too long and that's with me hitting major most of the time and general 3 times tonight...
  14. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I have had the best luck on offense with the SU-130PM and Lorr 40T and on defense the SU-130 PM and Lowe, if both are under repairs then I usually jump in the Bulldog 90mm GF and zoom around. And seeing's how I don;t know which I am gonna be on I usually start with the SU-130 PM. It has been rough since day 1. I haven't hit General in two days and have struggled to hit Major most of the time.
  15. Blackroan

    auto loaders

    I don't own the prog, but the Lorr is one of my favorite premiums in the game. It's plays much like a smoother AMX 50 100. It isn't the most reliable sniper, but excellent and mid-short range and fast enough to get away from most problems. It's biggest drawbacks are NO armor and the 30+ sec clip reload can catch you out with your winky swinging in the breeze sometimes.