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  1. I tried it.... they reduced it's rate of fire... But I do like the T6 Medium! A tier IV with the same derp as my M4, crap reload and aim time but still pretty fun. I noticed tier X is still miserable with all the EBRs running everywhere... I quickly remembered why I stopped playing. I am slowly getting back into the swing. Don't know how often I will play, but will probably stick to mid tiers for a while until I get my feet back under me. I played with The_Dad for a while last night and Zilla. Platooning at upper tiers is ok.
  2. Scrub Tanker looking for a clan to carry me. Must enjoy long walks on the beach at night under the twinkle of cannon fire and artillery shells. I am currently in game if you want to whisper me.
  3. Been a while, but knocking some of the rust off. Here is 8k combined: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5227498#sand_river-blackroan-t49
  4. Happy Turkey Day to everyone! (Yeah, yeah, I know you guys in the Great White North already had yours, but Happy Turkey Day, anyway!)
  5. For those interested, we are playing on the west coast server of Myzrael on the Horde Side. Guild name is AARnoPvP. Just whisper who ever is on in the guild and ask for Mike (Blackroan) or Randy (Grimm) and we'll get you situated as best we can.
  6. I hope it helps. Passive scouting isn't for everyone, but it is very satisfying when you see an enemy go from full health to the garage in a split second because he twitched in his bush and you spotted him. Don't get frustrated, it will take practice to know when to stay put and when to move. Watch the flow of the game and react accordingly. Luck in Battle!
  7. For those of you interested, I am currently playing World of Warcraft Classic on the Bigglesworth server, Horde side. My main is named Marrabell (Orc Hunter). Feel free to drop me a line and I will most likely get you into my guild if you are looking. Luck in Battle my friends.
  8. LOL...don't remind me... I am only after the tier 9, so I have to prestige to what, 8?
  9. Howdy guys, I am getting pretty burnt out atm (be averaging 60+ games a day for quite a while now). I will be playing a lot less for a while. I'll still be logging in a few nights a week, but the days of 60+ games are going away if I can help it. I will be on if I make an event (the light Tank "class" on the 18th at 9 EST is still on) and if I am on I for CWs, I'll be there for those. I will also be checking DHO forums daily and discord so if you need me, just message me on those. Peace Out homies! Blackroan
  10. A basic passive spotting game, nothing fantastic, but a decent game 1st Class: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5024792#arctic_region-blackroan-gsr_3301_setter Another 1st class game with a sh!t ton of lights in play and (LOL) tank sniper: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5024815#prokhorovka-blackroan-gsr_3301_setter
  11. Seems like I have about 1/2 a dozen tank monkeys interested. So how does next Wed (Sept. 18th), 9 pm EST sound and are there any particular maps you want to look at?
  12. First game in the Tier X Chinese TD WZ-113G-FT: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5023868#ghost_town-blackroan-wz-113g_ft
  13. I have had several people ask me about light tanks. Is there enough of you interested in a Light Tank "Class"? I could show you guys some decent spotting locations on most maps and even some late game positions to squeeze that last little bit of spotting out. If anyone is interested, comment and leave availability and I will try to work something out. Now this is mostly going to be about passive spotting but I can show you some decent paths for opening active scouting. This will not be a class about EBRs (they just drive around like idiots until someone gets lucky enough to send them back to the garage).
  14. Pretty sure he was stock with the whimpy little gun, HE was the only way he could hurt me through my sidescrap. Yes, bad players are always a thing...
  15. IS-7 full gold load out: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5021992#arctic_region-blackroan-is-7
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