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  1. Blackroan

    Consumable/Equipment Sale

    TY for reminding me. I had logged off for the night and saw this. You saved me about 5 million in equipment and consumables.
  2. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I'd like to thank @Allbeefy, @MBKKGD, and @nhazlett1974 for platooning with me last night. I'd like to think we had something to do with our incredible win rate (I think we lost 1 the entire evening) we definitely did very well or got very lucky. Either way. Thanks, was getting bored running those by myself!
  3. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I managed to get to 28 tonight. Will hit 30 tomorrow afternoon. I have a few hours free. then reset and start again... This is gonna be a slog. they need to reduce the xp for the upper levels, takes too long and that's with me hitting major most of the time and general 3 times tonight...
  4. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I have had the best luck on offense with the SU-130PM and Lorr 40T and on defense the SU-130 PM and Lowe, if both are under repairs then I usually jump in the Bulldog 90mm GF and zoom around. And seeing's how I don;t know which I am gonna be on I usually start with the SU-130 PM. It has been rough since day 1. I haven't hit General in two days and have struggled to hit Major most of the time.
  5. Blackroan

    auto loaders

    I don't own the prog, but the Lorr is one of my favorite premiums in the game. It's plays much like a smoother AMX 50 100. It isn't the most reliable sniper, but excellent and mid-short range and fast enough to get away from most problems. It's biggest drawbacks are NO armor and the 30+ sec clip reload can catch you out with your winky swinging in the breeze sometimes.
  6. Blackroan

    Frontline Returns!

    I ran six battles earlier in about 2 1/2 hours, 1 was horrible (we never got off the beach) and I hit general in 3 of the other 5 and I hit 11th. BUT, it slowed way down when I hit 9th so I am gonna guess probably 2-3 hours a day for the week minimum to hit 30 three times and max it out, but you don't have to max it out this week, you could just make sure to hit 30 twice a week for the first few months and then just ride it out for the others until you hit 10. SO a rough average/realistic guess would be an average player could hit 30 once every 10 hours or so of play.
  7. Blackroan

    The ALMOST carry...

    The enemy T57 Heavy raged at me for literally 30 minutes after this game. I will grant him he had an amazing game. I didn't have a very good game. I had a pretty horrible game to be honest, but in the end... He said I won through pure luck, what do you think? You can fast forward through the first 10+ minutes of the game. I know some of you are gonna say the duel with the Batchat arty was luck, but it wasn't. It was experience and game knowledge: The batchat arty was about 1/2 health (~250ish) hits for 750 with a direct hit AND pen and only has an 8m spalsh. The T92 HMC has 500 health, hits for 1300 and w/ the gold round I had loaded had a 14.5m splash. The odds were very much in my favor. He would have had to hit me directly AND pen me to kill me in one shot. I on the other hand only had to hit in the same map square as him (only a slight exaggeration) and I was going to kill him. So... was my 2v1 victory pure luck or did game knowledge, experience and proper use of bush mechanics/binocs (T57 was mad I out spotted him) have something to do with it? http://wotreplays.eu/site/4738525#ruinberg-blackroan-t92_hmc
  8. Blackroan

    German TDs

    I jumped in my JagPz and had this game, it's a typical game imo. Nothing earth shattering, but a solid 4k damage and 4 kills. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4721269#redshire-blackroan-jagdpanzer_e_100
  9. Blackroan

    German TDs

    the Camo skill on the JagPz E100 is useless, it is like having Camo on the Maus or E100. These are the skills on my Grille 15 and Jag Pz E100: Grille 15: Commander: BiA, Sixth Sense, Camo, Recon, Repairs @63% Gunner: BiA, Designated Target, Dead Eye, Snap Shot, Armorer @45% Driver: BiA, Smooth Ride, Clutch Breaking, Off Road King, Camo @63% Radio Op: BiA, Situational Awareness, Camo, Repairs, Firefighting @44% Loaders: BiA, Adrenaline Rush(Safe Stowage), Camo, Repairs, Fire Fighting@45% I run Rammer, Camo Net and Optics w/32% camo (11% on move) and 463m View range JagPz E100: Commander BiA, SIxth Sense, Repairs, Recon @86% Gunner: BiA, Dead Eye, Repairs, Armorer @37% (will swap for designated target at 100%) Driver: BiA, Off Road King, Clutch Breaking, Repairs @36% Radio: BiA, Situational Awareness, Repairs, Fire Fighting@37% Loaders: BiA, Safe Stowage(Adrenaline Rush), Repairs, Firefighting @35/36% I run Rammer, Super Heavy SpLiner, Optics w/462m View Range
  10. Blackroan

    German TDs

    If you like sniping bushwookie game play, the Grille 15 line is among the best TD lines in the game. The JagPz E100 is an assault gun and should roll to where the combat is gonna be thickest (side note, the JagPz's HE round is virtually identical to the Type 5's gold round w/o the cost, but longer reload and it's HEAT round will blow through just about anyone's turret if you know where to aim, including IS7s and the like). As for crews, the Grille 15 really needs a 4+ perk crew to get the best out of it, where the JagPz can easily make due with BiA, Sixth Sense and Repairs.
  11. Blackroan

    What'd You Get? (Christmas Inventory)

    We'll start with the premiums: Lowe, Strv S1, IS-3A, Panther M10, AT15A, AMX 13 57, M4 Improved (haha), Turan III and Pz.Kpfw T25. Tech Tree: A bunch of lower tier buy backs for 3 marking Standard B, 50TP, 704 WZ-111 5A and the final 2 jewels to my crown: GW E100 and Obj 261 I no longer have to dirty myself by brawling with the unwashed masses. I can deliver my divine justice from across the map to the filthy heathens with but a skilled click. I have truly ascended to a new level of elite status and joined the true connoisseurs that have collected all five beautiful instruments of the gods at tier X...
  12. Blackroan

    Tier IX Meds I've Played (Ranked)

    also props for digging back to find this post and jumper cable it "CLEAR" foomp!
  13. Blackroan

    Tier IX Meds I've Played (Ranked)

    Yes, but you think the WZ-120 is "amazing" so that tells us your taste in tanks is questionable a best... 😉
  14. I played the tanks I knew I could do well in, Crom B, Type 64, etc. I didn't worry about higher requirements. You are a tanker of "eccentric tastes", I am sure you have a tank or two in your garage you can do well in that most people forgot existed. Sir Foch did it with things like the Churchill Gun Carrier...