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  1. Has anyone figured out how to get the 360 games on the Xb1?
  2. I'll go ahead and add you. I don't get a whole lot of time lately, due to my 4 month old, but if you see me on, hit me up. I've never raided, but always willing to try
  3. 30 3oC pops. 1 Exotic. I hate this game, but I love this game.
  4. I don't play much defender or use shotguns, so the Titan gauntlets are kind of useless. People are telling me the Warlock helmet is nice though. The dragons breath? Eh.
  5. Strange coins are cool, but them motes and emblem? eh. but hey, free is free!
  6. GT: Jake Bagadonuts Just got an XB1 (upgraded from 360) Mainly playing Destiny, but also have Battlefront and Titanfall
  7. I love that gun. use it as often as possible
  8. I would do this in a heartbeat! let me know if you need a fill-in!
  9. I finally upgraded my 360 to a XB1 and man, Destiny has never looked better to me. I still have a TON to do, including all 3 raids, nightfalls, and so on and so forth. SO BASICALLY... Any of you dads still playing? If so, I'd love some help (when I find the time to play. Damn newborns eating up all my time with their eating and crying and eating and peeing) playing through old raids, and conquering new ones. I feel like I am ready to finally get the full experience this game has to offer. Figured better to ask you guys, before I go off foraging through LFG/The100.io Feel free to add
  10. it's really just the warsat...and the electrified hallway, that I can't stand.
  11. I'm fairly certain it's just a straight download from your XB1, without having to work around like that
  12. You know, it's funny. When I think back about all the stupid hard games I beat as a child, I can;t imagine HOW I did it. Destiny is one of the first games in a long time (aside from the first XBOX Ninja Gaiden) that consistently drives me insane with its difficulty. I like it, but I hate it. But I also like it. The feeling of triumph I had when finally finishing the "Fear's Embrace" mission was intoxicating
  13. I have the S.A.B.E.R. strike as one of my quests (for what? I don't even know anymore. So many quest lines). I attempted it last week with some randoms. I didn't even make it past the Warsat before I rage quit. Maybe this weekend I'll give it another shot.
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