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  1. Not submitting to the poll as I have stopped playing. I follow this stuff to see if it is worth going back. I never thought they were OP nor thought they were UP. A lot, depended on who was behind the screen. Unfortunately, I feel that in this kind of game, they really don't have a place. As much as I enjoyed them, there will always be people who feel they are not right and make them the issue.
  2. I think you will have a hard time finding the older games.... Mechwarrior 5 is the first one in about 20 years. I enjoyed 2 as it was my first, but 4 was probably the easiest to play and get a handle on how things work. 3 was good, it was like an in between of 2 and 4 oddly enough, basically had the load out options of 2 but with graphics closer to 4.
  3. LOL sorry you got me laughing with this.... http://www.thelawofattraction.com/add-oomph-to-your-intentions-with-a-focus-wheel/ Follow the link for a good idea. Basically it is choosing something you want for your life and "sending out the energy to make that happen for you." Not going to say it is buttkiss, but not going to say I think it is working thus far... PvE? can't tell if you are joking... Play vs Environment. Basically single player style gaming. MW5 is really good for it. While I like the customization of MWO, MW5 gives me the game I really want to play.
  4. I think they are stealing from Battletech, the new one from last year or the year before. The point is that your leopard isn't big enough to perform engine changes. The armor and only one weapon per hard point kind of mifs me, but oh well.
  5. Yep, I am finding myself more drawn to PVE games lately. I always have, just the draw of a lot of the PVP ones pulled me in... I felt I learned a lot last night. One thing I recommend, is going to a economic hub, do repairs there, and get a full lance ASAP.
  6. Hey begs, Yeah I have mostly been lurking, and haven't played WoWs in months... My girlfriend dragged me out to a new agey focus wheel thingy... I have an account with discord, but don't use it a lot. Hope things with you have been good. But no Mechwarrior 5 so far for me has been a good throw back to the older mechwarrior games. I feel it has a very mechwarrior 3 vib. There are some company management side of things that seem clucky, but the mech side is good.
  7. Has anyone grabbed Mechwarrior 5 and played it yet? Just wondering as I still have 4.5 hours of work plus I might have a date night tonight. I have been looking forward to this for a while and will be interested to see how it is.
  8. I stopped playing WOW during Wrath as I saw it as a "just get to max level" kind of game then. They took from the story and made it just about getting the next best thing they patched. Perhaps this is why i like the Elder Scroll stand alone games more than MMO RPGs. It was also just too easy, no challenges to really make me want to work for something. I joined a vanilla server and have been playing at my own pace and doing OK. I won't go back to a paid subscription, when I can play for free and there are still thousands of people playing.
  9. Apparently it is now just on for everyone. I realize it is a useful tool for many people. In fully realizing that it is an arcade game, I still don't like this option for the feel of the game. While this is just a minor frustration for me, I am playing less and less due to how they game is changing over time, and things like this are pushing to make me stop playing in general.
  10. Not useful to me? That's the best I got. In my opinion, I should have a better idea then a marker on the mini map of what is going on in the game. Yeah I get it, many people like it. But I don't and feel it makes an already overloaded mini map more overloaded.
  11. The last known position on the minimap
  12. Anyone know how to turn this off now? I haven't been playing much as I am still getting caught back up from a month of travel, but I really don't like this feature. Any ideas? The old way in the in game minimap settings doesn't seem to be there anymore...
  13. Is this a cross server clan battles? I remember seeing something about that, and maybe it is contributing?
  14. Got home tonight and figured I would try WoT again to see if I DC there. Before even doing it I noticed that my WG client had some little patch go through. Thought that funny, and logged into WoWs. Played a couple games with no DCing. Thanks WG for reminding me why I hate you.
  15. I am using my own modem, but have thought about asking for one from Spetrum. They are free now through them so no more rental fees. Also my current big thing for spectrum is that they are just part of SPECTRE 😵 I have not played WoT or WoWp in a long time... I would probably have to make an alt account just so I don't try to take a tier 9 tank/arty out and get stomped... But might try that as a bigger conspiracy for me is that WG is punishing my anti-CV-rework-ness....
  16. I can try that. I have tried similar things in the past with little noticed. At the same time I have turn my graphics all the way down and still DCing... I might call spectrum and see what they think. This has been slowly getting worse over the last few months... WG support is useless and blaming my router as I DC more when connected through it instead of through a direct connection...
  17. Nope. It is spectrum. They are the best I can get in the area, 100Mbps and I speed test around 115Mbps. About 4 or 5 months ago, I started disconnecting from JUST WoWs, and contacted them about. There was also a lot of general service disruptions going on so they sent a guy out a couple times. General service has been better, but I kept disconnection from WoWs only. I have a new computer and have been trying all the things google searches turn up to help with the issue but it keeps getting worse. Yeah I go through a router too, and when wired in, I didn't have any issues up to 10 minutes into
  18. I have been trying to get the game to not disconnect for over a week now with WG support. This is the only game I play online that disconnects every game. If given something to try, I might be on for a game or two. Otherwise, I hate to say I will not be playing much as it is not worth it when any where after 5 minutes in I can disconnect at random.
  19. Sorry to see you stepping back, but completely understand after these last few weeks. Hopefully they will fix it and you will be back.
  20. Ah yes ONE ship is broken so lets screw all the others. While they are at it they should add a 30 second fuel timer so if it runs out the planes crash and take longer to reload...
  21. My thing with AA is I can't seem to dodge the flank. Just as I go in I get a wall of it (yes I know that was the point) and down go 3+ planes from range with the rest being yellow/red. Maybe I am just really bad at the new play style but it is not for me or balanced in my opinion.
  22. Less WoWs. The games play of most of the players changed with the last patch. I am sure as fewer people play CVs, people will return to "normal" game play, but this last patch was a dozy for my mind set in the game.
  23. Sold my nonpremium CVs... And honestly have been playing less since this patch...
  24. Well, I think I might be done playing CVs in general... Not going to put up with this craptastic game play if they think that what they gave us is an actual rework... AA is way too strong. I had to games where I did 7K or less damage... A tier 8 in a tier 10 game can do nothing useful... Only way to do actual damage is to be top tier and even then you lose 3 or 4 planes on your first attack run. Just not worth it. I will play a few more games in them, but am not holding out hope. Not to mention the autopilot decides if you want to be in forward or reverse on its own. Playing as non CV ships, I
  25. Anyone update and play yet? How is the CV trend?
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