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  1. Granitebeard

    Free Destiny 2

    So PvP in this game is trash... Or at least if you want to play and not lvl50...
  2. Granitebeard

    Free Destiny 2

    Did not really play much. Lack of knowledge to how things go lead to a few early deaths. Think I am level 10 or 11 can't really remember. The games has its moments, but there seems to be a lot of repetitive things in the same location. Will muscle on to level 20 to see if I will keep going with it.
  3. Granitebeard

    Since Jean Bart, what do I do with my free xp?

    Also Vanguard is coming too. Is there one that calls to you or are you just looking to spend the xp?
  4. Granitebeard

    Free Destiny 2

    Got this going this morning before leaving for work. Might try playing some tonight. Never looked at it before, so not really sure what to expect. Hope that I can find a place for it in my line up.
  5. Granitebeard


    Yep, got it last night and it was by far the strongest sub. Again, as they are in this event, I do not see them incorporating into the normal game well. I probably won't play them again.
  6. Granitebeard


    Yes the current incarnation gets boring quick... but I want the killer whale and won't pay for it....
  7. Granitebeard


    So what are people thoughts on the subs? I for one understand that they are just a event ploy (at least for now), but find them to be very odd. Against bots they are super easy to use and diving beyond attack/periscope/snorkel depth is really not needed unless you are about to get rammed or torpedoed. Individual tube launching is nice, reload on the Zipper sub is too long for only two tubes (at least for the event). Rear arc torps are nice but again, on what is in the game not the greatest. If they were to put these in the game I feel like the balance would be off. Perhaps the event ships are just a touch too fast while under water, which makes seeing them in the normal game as being too strong. If all of them had longer reloads then perhaps it would be more fair. Also making effective counters would be important.
  8. Granitebeard

    750k Free XP - Ship Suggestions?

    I would say Musashi. More user friendly, but maybe I am just bad at the Kronshtadt.... If Mo was an option still I would say get it, but alas...
  9. Granitebeard

    New Carrier Play Comments

    Some quick thoughts from me on the rework: Most of my games were in "normal" ships (BB/CA/DD) and I have not tried tier 10 yet. Probably have done 20 games total or so. The sector reinforcement for AA seems like a good idea but I have yet to see a big difference between doing it and not. Shot down 4 planes in a DD without it on, and 0 with it on. Also 22 shot down in a Fuso with and 21 shot down without. Honestly having two or three ships within an AA umbrella seems more effective without having to think about which way your AA is pointing. Long range AA does seem to be an odd ball type thing. It doesn't hit much but when it does, one or two planes are gone. Lack of ship control is concerning. Turn around time on planes is still better if the CV is "closer" to the action than if it is off in the corner, but maintaining the ship and focus on doing damage seems like it is not possible. I have had situations where I have tried to move around the map, and just took another flight off, to start taking fire and have to return the flight to try and save the CV. At which point it is usually too late, and you can't effectively maneuver the ship and defend your self now. The repair party consumable is neat on a CV but I have yet to need it. If this lack of ship control sticks, I feel they need to reconsider some of the mechanics around the ship itself. Lower detectability, or perhaps have the CV automatically patrol an area of the edge of the map or something (selectable by the player). Just seems like a major con to the whole experience thus far. Attacking with planes is interesting. I won't say it is super easy now, but it is some what straight forward. The required line up time and lack of numbers, allowed target ships time to do some evasive maneuvers. The attack craft can also line up a little better. It is one of those things that will take some practice, but I imagine even newer to cv players will pick it up and feel like they are doing something. Torps are the hardest to get used to as you only drop two now. I wonder if they will allow more to drop as you climb in tier or if there will be a commander skill to add an addition plane or two. Bombs and rockets seem the easiest to get a handle on. I feel like my luck sticks and I tend to miss a lot that look like they should hit though. On the long range AA subject, it does seem like you have to bob and weave to avoid it, but it seems very odd as to when it will burst and flak, I tend to try and avoid some, just for it to explode way in front or way behind my squadron. Then other times, it seems like it won't be close, but I lose a plane. I think this will be one of the more challenging things from both sides. the consumables for the planes are different. I like the speed boost/break for the planes, but I rarely find my self needing the rapid reload of it at tier 6. Use the boost to get in a little faster, let off, break if needed due to over shooting and boost out after the attack to get out of the short range AA crazyness. Usually by the time I turn around for pass two, I have most of what was used back. The fighter consumable seems kind of pointless. Unless attacking another CV, you have to fly your planes to where you think the enemy will attack friendly ships, pop it and maybe get 2 to 4 planes shot down. If a point could be chosen from the tactical map for the CV it would be better. Also have it be like other plane types just with a cool down, as a squadron consumable is seems pointless as it seems against "do damage" mind set they want, as you have to fly the flight else wheres to have it be useful.
  10. Granitebeard

    New Ships in Super Test

    Between CV testing and these gems.... I will probably start practicing CVs more.
  11. Granitebeard

    Japanese Commander Uniform

    Looks very Russian... Is that Dasha's normal outfit? Otherwise, no. JK. That is pretty cool. I have wanted to plan a trip there, but work hasn't sent me back down to VA in a while.
  12. Granitebeard


    One of those magic games....
  13. Granitebeard

    Craft beer heads.

    Should be a unique experience. Not sure it would top my list, but would be a nice change up from the pumpkin beers. Depending on how they did it, is could be just a spiced beer.
  14. Granitebeard

    Hop Yard

    Including the shed I just got for dry, I am about $8.5k into this... That being said, if everything lives, and I can expand up to about 1000 plants, it will work out to be a nice chunk of side change.
  15. Granitebeard

    Hop Yard

    Depends on type of hop, and if the hop is proprietary. Also pellets vs whole cone. Bittering hops sell for $1-8 whole cone, $3-14 for pellets, and most duel purpose and aroma hops are $8-12 whole cone and $13-16 for pellets. Some of the proprietary varieties go for $30+. This is all on what is call a Contract to Spot Market sales system, which is what makes growing large scale hard for hops. Basically 60-75% of a variety is sold before the bines are even up. So if the year is rough, contracts don't get filled and small breweries that have to wait for the left overs get no options. A hop that sold for $18/lb last year, might go for $9 this year if the area was dry and the oils are low. Step in small scale (0.5-25 acres) farms. Set a constant price, and tell local breweries what you have when you have it, and most jump at the chance to "be more local." I have breweries telling me they would go to $15 a pound for whole cones, if I stay fairly consistent. While looking at 1000-1200 plants with max out put of one plant being around 1.5 pounds dry, it might just be a nice side business or something to move towards.