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  1. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Public Test Info

    Yeah I saw that. I hope they make the CV stuff work, but I am not convinced that these changes are perfect for what they want to do with them. Either way, I will enjoy playing them, and hope the British CVs that were spotted in the files make their way out soon.
  2. Granitebeard


    Nope.... Hapa's Love Boat
  3. Granitebeard

    Warships slots on sale for 75

    Slots are one of those things I get constantly in containers... I think I have 44 free....
  4. Granitebeard

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich: Winter Event, Campaign and Rewards!

    Yeah, it might be my xmass gift to me this year. Somewhere else I called it an L20 Alpha BB, but it is actually a Mackenson BC .
  5. I will say I am kind of happy with it too as I don't play the other games. I think about going back, but they have changed so much I would want to start over. Then comes the part where they are more twitch...
  6. Granitebeard

    Fair Winds and Following Sea's, sorta.

    Sorry to see you go Hapa. Making the best move for you is the most important thing to do.
  7. Granitebeard

    Battlefield 5 PC

    Was Thinking about this. Is there a single player? Also what is the multiplayer like? Not one for 5v5s or 12v12s in a game like this where my slower skills will make the game unfun.
  8. Granitebeard

    Update 0.7.11 - Supertest News - Lots of Changes

    So I kind of have issue with the whole reduced damage to DDs by large caliber shells. I mean OK I get it. It sucks when you are in a DD and get pummeled when first spotted and the one or normal pens from a lucky BB hit make it all the more damaging. But lets now start looking at other classes. Ignoring torpedoes as I feel the are OK to slightly under powered as they are now, this same reasoning behind making the changes to DDs happens to other ships probably more frequently. I know I have sunk many a CL at tier five and six with just four hits (two or three of are citadels). So are we going to look at this trend and say "UHOH, cruisers are to squishy to BBs as well so we will make it so shells over a certain size won't citadel them any more" ? Or go the DD route and remove them all together? Same goes for CVs. I think this is "fix" is actually going around the real issue and not making them more effective in the right kind of situations.
  9. Granitebeard


    I don't see a trend here...
  10. Granitebeard

    Free Destiny 2

    So PvP in this game is trash... Or at least if you want to play and not lvl50...
  11. Granitebeard

    Free Destiny 2

    Did not really play much. Lack of knowledge to how things go lead to a few early deaths. Think I am level 10 or 11 can't really remember. The games has its moments, but there seems to be a lot of repetitive things in the same location. Will muscle on to level 20 to see if I will keep going with it.
  12. Granitebeard

    Since Jean Bart, what do I do with my free xp?

    Also Vanguard is coming too. Is there one that calls to you or are you just looking to spend the xp?
  13. Granitebeard

    Free Destiny 2

    Got this going this morning before leaving for work. Might try playing some tonight. Never looked at it before, so not really sure what to expect. Hope that I can find a place for it in my line up.
  14. Granitebeard


    Yep, got it last night and it was by far the strongest sub. Again, as they are in this event, I do not see them incorporating into the normal game well. I probably won't play them again.
  15. Granitebeard


    Yes the current incarnation gets boring quick... but I want the killer whale and won't pay for it....