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  1. Granitebeard

    New Ships in Super Test

    Vanguard gets Damage Control Party III and Repair Party III? Color me tickled? But what do it mean? Faster reload and longer action time? More health healed? I WANNA KNOW!!!
  2. Granitebeard

    Craft beer heads.

    Yeah, I brew too much for that wait... Usually forget about something for a while and end up trying to give mine out. I know have a 3 tap kegerator too, so fear I will over brew more now. Having an Allagash Haunted House tonight, and Marsh Island "We're Just Friends" (best name for a college town beer).
  3. Granitebeard

    Craft beer heads.

    Just seeing this now. Might post here from time to time. I am an avid beer drinker, home brewer, and am starting in on hops, you can see early pictures of my hop yard in the hobbies section. I am on Untapped as well, Timilton is my name there (plus the whole Tim Hamilton part as well).
  4. Granitebeard

    British DD's

    HA! yeah that's not worth it....
  5. Granitebeard

    So... submarines may be a thing...

    It will be water level of the current planed CV rework stuff in my opinion. I don't see them making any substantial effect on the game. Limits on classes in a match will have to change as well.
  6. Granitebeard

    New Ships in Super Test

  7. Granitebeard

    Super Containers for playing Tier X's....

    Sweet, I should get something like 600 detonation flags 😁
  8. Granitebeard

    British DD's

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/royal-navy/ They are coming... Over the next three months? This actually looks like a good event with a lot of chances for rewards and the like.
  9. Granitebeard

    SUPPLY LINES! 1st Fleet.

    Is this weekend stage 3? Will try to get the Taiho out more so she is no longer stock before the next stage...
  10. Granitebeard

    SUPPLY LINES! 1st Fleet.

    Yeah except tonight was world of everyone hide behind a rock... WIll try more in the morning, but after the my last match I had to call it quites... Never seen 9 ships in I10 before but it apparently happens at tier 10...
  11. Granitebeard

    New CV Video

    I wouldn't call the rocket equipped attack craft as fighters. Sure they will be fighter planes, but they won't be able to attack other planes. If when you upgrade your rocket equipped planes it has a direct affect on you fighters that are intended to attack other aircraft, then I will lump them together. Just a nitpicking thing by me. Due to being able to do repeated runs, I would hope that AP bombs would get an overhaul if they keep them in. Yes only three of the twelve planes will drop bombs, and some might get shot down. But as they are in the game right now, I feel they are way too strong. Even in my hands getting the chance to drop 3-4 bombs in a row on a BB or heavy cruiser would break the game unless AA gets a huge boost (I know they were talking about making short ranged AA a wall of death). Honestly, I think that DDs will come out stronger after this. I personally think that DDs have some of the biggest affects in a match, so making less planes to spot them will make them stronger. Also torp spotting falls into this, which will help them in the long run as well. Torp bombers are my go to DD killer, maybe it is just my crappy CV skills, but they tend to get them much more then anything else. Rockets do appear that they will have good affects to make up for the new torp and bomb spread situation. At the same time, based on the video, rockets appear to be a very vertical spread with little lateral spread. While one rocket will be more likely to knock something out, the chance of many hitting will be slim if the attack is reacted too. I think the big balancing factor will be the line up time for the CV. Sure you can wheel around like they do now, but if AA changes well enough, it might be costly. Again this is all early, but it appears that these changes will improve the CV mechanic in the game to me.
  12. Granitebeard

    New CV Video

    Right from what I read in one of the links above they will be a "CAP" kind of thing. You basically say where you want them and the patrol that area for a set length of time.
  13. Granitebeard

    New CV Video

    Looking at it I think they have made it more approachable by people. At the same time I think they made the ceiling a lot lower. Reading some of the other stuff, it looks like there will still be a lot of thinking required on the CVs part. You can see in the video that even the guy they had running them was learning while he was doing the shots. In a closed box this looks rougher on DDs, but I think that once people put the evasive maneuvering to use that it will be much easier to dodge these attacks than the bots made it look. The all three weapons appeared to have the same is pattern, again I am sure mostly due to "newness", but if they keep a the style of indicator, dodging should become easier than now. Depending on how they work the AA changes, if DDs shift faster than BBs for instance, or if they increase ranges/DPM, then I see this working out well.
  14. Granitebeard

    Pin-Up Video

    Just remember, this video is NSFW (thanks facebook auto play....) and for that matter depending on your girlfriend/wife, NSFH... I have watched it a bunch, hate to say "Pin-up" has always been my kind of thing. Was kind of shocked by the numbers they expect, but at the same time, kind of surprised it hasn't been watched more.
  15. Granitebeard


    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-078-wows-birthday/ A lot of 3rd year stuff, but also a lot of other small changes and what not, plus more ships being tested.