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  1. Well, WG be WG decided to charge the highest price possible for the EBR, likely cashing in on the "uniqueness" of the vehicle. I was hoping that they would use pricing of other LT's as a guide, but NOPE! Not only did they not charge an LT price, they also went higher than the standard MT price as well. They're charging the same as the SU-130PM & Caern AX! Well, that's disappointing... Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 - $75.35 USD ($94.94 CDN) Cost after completing each stage: Stage 1 - $67.82 USD ($85.45 CDN) Stage 2 - $60.28 USD ($75.95 CDN) Stage 3 - $52.75 USD ($66.46 CDN) Stage 4 - $45.21 USD ($56.96 CDN) Stage 5 - $37.68 USD ($47.47 CDN) Stage 6 - $30.14 USD ($37.98 CDN) Stage 7 - $22.61 USD ($28.48 CDN) Stage 8 - $15.07 USD ($28.48 CDN) Stage 9 - $7.54 USD ($9.49 CDN) Stage 10 - $0.00 USD ($0.00 CDN)
  2. For anyone that's interested in grinding the missions for the Premium EBR, here are the vehicle changes that they implemented in the last update. It will be slower, but more maneuverable with better DPM, less accuracy and better camo.
  3. SGrant7

    Frontline Returns!

    I didn't notice too many issues over the days I played. I was consistently making Major almost every battle. I did notice that the grind through the tier was longer though. They certainly increased the amount of points required to move through the upper tiers especially. I didn't have a ton of time to play, so I never Prestiged. I'll have to make up some lost time next Episode. My secret in making Major often was playing my LT-432. I would end up with between 4-8k assisted damage almost every match. The DPM of the LT-432 was decent enough as well. There was one match where my LT-432 made up +75% of my 16k combined damaged. With my great camo rating, I could take sneaky shots into the cap circles often while using engineering and with the high rate of fire, finish off low HP tanks quickly. On the offense, I could sneak into a cap circle, especially if someone dropped smoke and cap quickly for huge points.
  4. SGrant7

    Apex Legends

    When I do start playing it, I'll be playing on the Xbox. I haven't heard anything about this one being cross-plat yet...
  5. SGrant7

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Feb Code 20th from Cody Menz WHVSTUJU Thanks @BreakdancingSquirrel
  6. I'll never forget my first death in the EBR 105 on the test server... Cruising along at a cool 105 kp/h and got hit by a T110E4 from about 400m. My EBR exploded and went flying through the air in a ball of flames. I think my tank rolled a solid 4 times and traveled nearly 50m.
  7. All the rewards... plus some boosters, repair kits, etc.
  8. SGrant7

    February Scavenger Hunt

    ECFMVJSA... code from Claus
  9. No word on cost yet, and they've never done this with an LT/WV before. Previous mission costs: Progetto - $70.99 USD ($89.45 CDN) Caernarvon - $75.35 USD ($94.94 CDN) SU-130 PM - $75.35 USD (94.94 CDN) I'm guessing, based on the fact that LT's are normally cheaper, that the bundle cost will start between $57 & $63 USD ($74 & $82 CDN). Take that with a grain of salt though... WG could easily try and cash in on this and charge just as much as an MT. It all depends on how much they think people will be willing to pay for this unique tank experience.
  10. We're getting the opportunity to earn the Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 for free. As per usual, free is debatable depending on how you value your free time... All the details at the link & video below. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/challenge-wheeled-vehicles-announcement/ Complete each stage by finishing either the Commitment or Mastery mission. The missions:
  11. SGrant7

    Frontline Returns!

    Didn't get many nights to play this FL Episode. Also, spent some time with a new game on the Xbox, so I only made it to tier 21. Hopefully I can play a little bit of catch-up next episode. I would say that I avg'd Major almost every battle. I had a few that I didn't make it, and a few that I made General. Getting to Major every battle is 900 tier points per battle. Getting to tier 30 requires 30,500 points. Avg'ing 900 points per battle means that I would need to complete 34 battles. At ~20ish min per battle, plus 2 minutes between battles unlocking new combat reserves, checking scores, getting the platoon ready and waiting in queue, 33 battles would take me 528 minutes, or nearly 9 hours. I think that's doable next time... During the summer though, we'll have to see. I noticed that they also removed Bond rewards for finishing as the top General and/or Supreme Gun. That's a little disappointing as I received both of the awards multiple times.
  12. SGrant7

    Frontline Returns!

    I don't think those 2018 numbers are quite accurate. I recall the tiers still requiring numbers rounded to 100's for each tier. I do think the numbers for 2019 accelerate far to quickly though.
  13. SGrant7

    Frontline Returns!

    Here's a good example of the reason why capping/defending is one of the best ways to increase your rank in FL. I've skipped ahead to where he jumps 2 ranks in a very short time. Sergeant to Captain.
  14. SGrant7

    Frontline Returns!

    Can't remember how many @The_Dad and I ran... I know I got a Major & General once each for sure. There was one match that was over way too fast and no one on either team got to General. Hardly anyone even made Major that match. I believe I didn't even make Captain. These are the times where it's more beneficial to slow the match down... Let a cap get taken. Push a different line for attacks. A few more minutes of fighting would have increased everyone's ranks. Because win/loss isn't recorded and doesn't factor into your stats, it's worth remembering that it's not the most important thing to do in this mode. I would much rather reach General in a loss than just Captain in a win. One thing worth remembering (and has been said a few times before), capping and defending can give you large boosts in your rank. Remember, Rank is not the same as XP. In Random battles, capping the base is not worth the XP. But in FL, capping can boost you half of a rank depending on your cap points. One match on attack, I went from nearly a full Captain to halfway through Major for collecting most of the cap points myself on the F cap. I forgot to start a new credit reserve for the match below... But I'm much happier getting a higher rank in a loss than getting a lower rank in a win. Also, note The_Dad's rank and his position by XP. He made Major for all his defense points even though he had less XP than the 4 tankers above him that only made Captain.