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  1. We do have an Xbox Clan! https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/clans/xbox/DHO/ We also have a DHO club on the Xbox! Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  2. Certainly didn't finish any in 15, but I had multiple General streaks that reached 6 in a row. A few Majors, a couple Captains and one Lt slowed the grind down a little. Don't know if it ever took more than 20 battles to reach the end of a stage though. I would wager my path was similar to yours@gpc_4 . Maybe a battle or two more. That Lt really sucked. That required an extra battle right there. I grabbed the Char as well. Seems fun, but really haven't played it much yet. I finished up the Steel Hunter mode pretty fast last time. I told myself that I was only going to grind the FL and skip SH mode as I figured I don't need the 777. Ultimately my SH mode grind will depend on how grindy the make it this year. I felt like the grind wasn't too bad last year. But, if WG made changes to the grind like they did for FL, I might fly through it. We'll see what happens soon I guess. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  3. Having 2 meta tanks allows players to keep playing when tank locking happens. Doesn't seem to be too often these days, but I'm sure there are a few guys that can remember seeing multiple tanks locked in their garages at once. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. Do you have Game Pass? If so, did you claim your WoT Game Pass perks? I don't see you on Discord yet.... Have you not joined on there yet?
  5. Hey King. I haven't been scrolling through this section of the DHO forums for a while... So, sorry I missed this. Personally, at launch, I had quite a few issues with the game and recording my progression. All those issues appear to be gone these days, but I haven't dabbled in the game much more lately as I jumped on completing a few other games that I was working on. Overall, I think it's a solid showing for a Gears game. I don't see you on our Discord channel. That's where most of our Xbox conversations are happening these days. Most of it has been about the Series X lately. We also have a Dads Hideout club on the Xbox. Feel free to apply to join. It's been a little quite in there lately, but there are still lots of other dads you can find to game with.
  6. 430u first Ace! 6,401 Dmg 1,652 Asst 5,390 Blocked http://wotreplays.eu/site/5243462#arctic_region-sgrant7-object_430u
  7. A few new Ace's and MOE's... Mauschen Ace LT-432 1st MOE T32... hadn't played it in forever and my MOE jumped quite a lot from one battle. Tried to 3 mark it after and haven't succeeded yet. T110E4 Ace... and almost TD-15.3 (6k dmg and 5 kills). I low rolled on my final shot to kill the FV4005 and I bounced a kill shot off the side of both a 277's and an M48's turret. Was so angry after this battle... Obj 263 Ace... the very last battle I played in it to unlock the Obj 268 v4. T110E5... 2 marked my first tier X tank. Hadn't played it in forever, so I guess the ceiling had really dropped for it.
  8. I just 2 marked my T110E5. And that's a pretty low ceiling for a tier X LT for an Ace... I guess it really shows you how much worse they really are compared to the others.
  9. Much agreed. Don't expect more than what you pay for and you'll be happy. Some will get lucky... Others, not so much.
  10. I would highly recommend that you craft the Large decorations. Those give the largest boost to the credit earning. All 4 combine to 10%. They can not be earned (IIRC). They either need to be crafted or awarded from the bought large boxes. I got one out of the 75 + 11 Large boxes that I received. I crafted the other 3.
  11. I bought 75 "Christmas" collection boxes. This was my haul (not too much Gold as I didn't get duplicates of many tanks... and I got screwed with a lot of 100k credit boxes): Unique Commander 51 Days of Premium 26,000 Gold (not including duplicate tanks gold) E75 TS x 1 Obj 703 v.II x 1 Sexton I x 2 (2,200 Gold from the duplicate) Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K x 1 Bretagne Panther x 1 Sherman VC Firefly x 1 AM 39 Gendron-Somua x 1 2,900,000 Credits (only 3 of those were 500k credit boxes, the other 14 were 100k) E100 3D Skin Jgpz E100 3D Skin I felt as though I certainly had a much lower haul than previous years. 14/75 boxes only gave me the bonus 100k credits. That's 18%. Considering how many different prizes there were, the 100k credits popped up far too often. I'm still happy as I managed to get both new premium tanks and I got the unique commander this year as I didn't get it last year. Sadly, the 3D skins I got are both for lines I haven't even started yet. They'll go with my Grille line 3D skin that I haven't started yet either... Was really hoping for the E4, 430u and 140 skins. On a side note, I did get another 11 "Magic" boxes with the $20 card I won from the Derpsgiving giveaways. It got me the 13 105 3D skin which I do have. No notable hauls. I got another Sexton and the rest was mostly credits or small amounts of Gold. Sadly, it appears that WG nerfed the drop rates this year. Also, they made the collections almost impossible to complete by increasing the number of ornaments by quite a lot. Tying the credit bonus to the total number of ornaments collected is just petty. Previous years, as soon as you hit tier X festive atmosphere, you had the full 50%. This year, unless you buy a large box from each set, you're likely not going to complete any of the collections or get the 50% bonus to credits.
  12. Turns out the deals of the day don't actually start until tomorrow...
  13. Once upon a time I saved 25 million... used them all to get the Foch. LOL!
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