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  1. Nope! It was accurate... I knew it was coming... Wasn't expecting to be the only tank though [emoji22] Down to 12 tanks now... Lol.
  2. So far none locked for me... I know it's coming and my selection of 13ish tier X's will deplete quickly.
  3. Much the same. If I'm in my 110 in a tier X match, you bet your bum I'm loading gold as my first round. Nearly any tank that has less than 220 pen on the standard round in a tier X match will be swapped for gold for my first round. That doesn't mean I'll stick with the gold rounds the entire match, but I certainly want to at least have some chance against the tier X HT's I'm likely to run into. The HE first on large guns point is certainly a great idea. At that caliber, you're pretty much guaranteed to cause some damage and a critical hit. If I can't pen a shot at a tank and I have the chance to take out their tracks, that's where I'll place my round just to get them to burn their repair kit.
  4. @rewguy79 will be around shortly to drop you an invite. I haven't been on today, but make sure you join our Discord if you haven't yet. You'll find lots of people to chat with and that's where we do our platoon chat.
  5. I would say that I'd be available about 50% of the time. I'll battle if I'm available and online.
  6. So very true... I started right after that was changed I believe.
  7. Are you looking for organized CW and Advances or just looking for more of a casual game with fellow dads to platoon with?
  8. That pretty much sums up my thoughts about it too. One of my main reasons for enjoying WoT so much over the large amount for FPS games that I used to play was that WoT, regardless of how unrealistic it is, plays a lot more like a strategy game. It involves way more thinking than any FPS game. It's not just a point and shoot game. You don't need lightening fast twitch reflexes and the ability to turn, jump and no scope someone from across the map. You're not all just sprinting to the best weapon spawn area or the best sniping perch. You learn angling, side scraping and hull down tactics. You learn your armor thickness, the penetration of the guns you're facing, the penetration of your ammo and the thickness and weak points of your enemies armor. You learn the damage that and enemy gun can do vs your gun and whether or not you can trade with them or if you have enough HP to take a hit. You learn a basic idea of your shell velocity and estimate of your enemies speed to guess how far to lead a target (hitting an LT at full tilt from +400m away is a glorious thing!). You learn map awareness and knowledge of the best position for your tank on that map against the enemies composition. You learn the vision and camo mechanics. You learn the view range of your tanks and the view range of your enemies. You can learn when you can fire in the open and not be spotted and how to fire from cover (when I started those invisible tanks drove me nuts!!!). In this game, the more tanks you play, the more matches you play, the better the player you become. That's why I like WoT. People that take the time to learn the game mechanics and how to apply them become the best players. I spent countless hours reading tank stats, WoT wikis on game mechanics and watching videos on what "hull down" and "side scrapping" meant. I feel like I have a really good understanding of this game. I feel like I'm a good player, not great, just "good". I've told many friends these same things. Friends that grew tired of the FPS games because they just didn't have the twitch reflexes that those games require these days. Before credits were so easy to earn (before personal reserves existed), the gold spam seemed less prominent then it is now. Now a tank like a Jgpz E100 seems like an easy target from almost any angle once the HEAT is loaded... That tank used to scare the hell out of me... Now it's just another HP pinata. That's not how it should be.
  9. I'm not super confident either. I do like the last changes they decided to test where they buff all the HP and AP rounds and just leave the gold the same. Seems like an easier fix than trying to nerf each gold round. The more players that test out the changes in the Sandbox, the better their data will be to ensure the changes are the right ones... Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
  10. Agreed! Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
  11. Yes, it's legit. But it discourages new players. And gets others that have skill angry/upset/frustrated. People spend hours learning to use a tanks armor properly... Learning to use strategies like angling and being hull down and people just tap the 2 key and can override all the skill and knowledge. It's a big enough problem that they are rebalancing it. The WN8 score and winrate beside their name is their badge... Sure, not everyone sees it or cares, but people intentionally farm those scores because to them it is their badge...
  12. I certainly carry a lot more gold at tiers VIII, IX & X then lower tiers, depending on the regular round pen for each tank... The 110 I carry about 75% gold because the AP is terrible. But I'll switch between ammo types a lot during a match depending on what tank I'm facing. Sure, I'll have a gold round in the chamber from time to time that gets fired at a Skorp G because reloading wasn't efficient at the time. But I won't exclusively load gold, nor will I continue to fire gold rounds at low armor targets if I still have extra AP or HE left in reserve... It's the people that only fire the gold rounds at every tank that annoy me. When I get hit by 3 HEAT rounds from a 140 while driving my Skorp G, I know that person likely loads almost exclusively gold and those people aren't great for the game. They end up with higher WN8's them they should have because they don't care to learn weak spots... They just fire gold at everything because it pens most of the time. Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
  13. Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
  14. I have found for the last year or more that I get hit by gold rounds from the majority of tier X tanks I see regardless of the rank I'm in. I get regularly by gold while in my Skorp G with 0 armor... I'm personally very interested in the changes coming to the gold rounds. I'm curious how many people will continue to sling them when they cost more and they do less dmg than the standard rounds. I think it may have a decent impact on ammo load outs in the future. Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
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