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  1. SGrant7

    Holiday Ops 2019

    Mileage is certainly varying on the rewards. Some people that bought just the 25 boxes are walking away with all three tier VIII premiums, others don't get a single tier VII or VIII.
  2. SGrant7

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    WG trying to make the game better as per usual...
  3. SGrant7

    Holiday Ops 2019

    So, Dez and the other CC's received 200 free Large boxes each from WG. Each CC received 50 of each of the 4 types of boxes. The value of the 200 boxes would be $401.60 CDN. Not sure of the USD. In the video below, you can see all the different prizes he receives. The first 50 were by far his most profitable. The 150 after still had lots of goodies, but not nearly as many Premium Tanks. In total, out of 200 boxes opened, he only got ONE tier VIII Premium, The Defender (which he already had and instead received 10,950 Gold in place). Don't expect that you'll be getting a lot of tier VIII tanks if you drop a lot of money. You will however receive a lot of the lower tier tans. He received every tier VII and below tank multiple times. Each time he received Gold in compensation. It took him about 70 boxes to get all 4 of the unique tier X styles as well. The last surprise that he got was a unique Commander with both BIA & 6th Sense fully trained. His total haul (with the duplicate tanks valued as Gold) for 200 boxes: +146 Days of Premium +135,900 Gold +7.7 Million Credits The approx retail value of that (not including the credits) is $685 for the Gold and $65 for the Premium time (CDN). So, $750 value bought for $400. Based on those numbers, you can expect to get between 1.75x and 2x the value for the money you spend.
  4. SGrant7

    QB Vid on State of the Game

    Tanks like the IS-3A are ultimately going to make things worse. I only played 2 battles last night. At the beginning of both, I mentioned that the IS-3A was now an auto re-loader and to be careful when brawling them. Only one person in either match said they knew. One guy that had the IS-3A argued with me telling me I was wrong. I explained that it was an auto re-loader as of today with the update. So many people just login and play. Never check what's changing, what's being added, what's being removed. They just close the pop-ups and don't read it. WG puts the news out multiple times in advance. Sometimes months in advance. Yet many of the players literally have no clue that things are changing. Even many people in DHO, regardless of how many updates I post on both Discord and here, are clueless. I'll mention it sometimes in Discord chat and they literally have no idea what I'm talking about. Then these people that don't know, end up in a battle against a new IS-3A with an auto re-loader and instantly figure that the enemy is cheating or hacking. They can't possibly load 3 shells that fast. It has to be hacks. In QB's video, he literally stated that a person on the enemy team messaged him after battle and told him that he reported him and was submitting his replay to show that QB was hacking. Literally clueless about the upcoming changes. This, along with the OP tanks that are totally pay-to-win certainly leave a sour taste in players mouths. New players get scared off so quickly from not understanding vision mechanics, getting shot by invisible tanks, penetration and armor mechanics, bouncing all their shots and RNG. When they drive the tanks they can't pen, they get penned constantly and can't figure it out. They drive tanks that they can't spot and they get spotted. I remember being that player. Ultimately, WoT is a game of strategy and knowledge. Learning the mechanics and penetration and armor of every tank is literally the most important part of this game. It doesn't matter if you're in a pay-to-win tank (Defender) and you're a total tomato. A super-unicum in almost any standard tier VII or tier VIII will win a one on one. The unicum knows the reload times, he knows the aim times, he knows the turret rotation and track traverse, he knows the Alpha of the shells, he knows the weak spots, he knows how to disable any tank. The tomato in his pay-to-win tank just lost a battle he believes he should have won. He's now even more frustrated because he bought this OP tank for tons of real money and he's still losing. Personally, my game play improved immensely early on when I spent hours reading everything in the WoT Wiki, playing with view range calculators, etc. I read over the stats of tons of tanks. I compared tank after tank in view range calculators against my favourite T67. I learned how close I could be to an enemy while I was in cover and still fire without getting spotted. I don't focus on one specific tank anymore like I did back then, but I try to learn as much as I can about each new higher tier tank when they are coming out. WoT isn't about how fast and how accurately you can snipe someone in the head from across the map while jumping and strafing side to side. The twitch skills of the kids in FPS games like CoD and BF are what brought me to WoT in the first place. WoT is a game where knowledge is power. Everyone is limited to the limits of the tanks they choose to drive (+ or - RNG). Knowing the maps and the tanks and learning how to apply that knowledge will ultimately make almost any player better. In turn, it makes the game more fun.
  5. SGrant7

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    So, the opinions are coming in from the CC's on this tank... All the details of the changes are here... https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/IS-3A-re-intro/
  6. WG changed their launcher a while back. I believe it was optional, but if you wanted to play Total War: Arena, I believe it was mandatory. Is this the launcher you speak of? My game launcher has all the WG games in different tabs. I just click on the tab for the game I want to play and click "Play". If there is a newer launcher than that, I'm not sure what it looks like... But, I've been using this one for well over a year. Maybe two?
  7. SGrant7

    Update 1.3 - Map Changes & IS-3A Autoloader

    The update is here! All the details are at the link below. https://worldoftanks.com/en/1.3/
  8. SGrant7

    Advent Calendar 2018

    Well gents, the Skorp G is on sale today only. If you missed it before, now's your chance. The sale isn't great unless you're looking to acquire Premium time and Gold with the tank. There is no deal for the Gold price, but it's never been sold for Gold before. One quick reminder, you "MAY" find a Skorp G in one of the Holiday Boxes if you're planning to buy them... But they don't start until tomorrow. Buy now or gamble later... Personally, I find the Skorp G to be on of the best TD's and best tier VIII tanks period. But you need to know how to play a turreted TD, abuse camo and vision mechanics and where to set up for the best damage. The camo and vision mechanics are key. If you don't have those down, you'll be back in the garage fast. The Skorp G is softer than a wet paper bag and is an arty magnet. You'll be hard pressed to find a more accurate large caliber TD. I've played a lot of games in mine. It's my highest dmg/game tier VIII by more than 130 dmg. I've been really close (92%) to 3 marking it twice. But remember, I play a lot of TD's. If you're not a TD player, you might want to avoid this tank. Previews of what it is capable of: http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/19968-screenshots-of-your-best-battles-part-2/&do=findComment&comment=262891 https://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/123332/sgrant7_6k_damage_last_minute_win
  9. SGrant7

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    If you haven't watched the video above, I do highly recommend it. It goes into good detail explaining view ranges and camo ratings before and after firing from behind cover.