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  1. Congrats to this years winners! Top in Damage: 1st @BreakdancingSquirrel with 2,629 damage. 2,800 Gold paid out (100 per player x 28 participants) 2nd Dafyduck with 2,332 damage. 1,500 Gold paid out 3rd @js_2000 with 2,194 damage. 1,000 Gold paid out Top in DHO Kills: 3 way tie! They graciously decided to split the total Gold for 1st, 2nd and 3rd evenly. Dafyduck, @js_2000 & @Loosenuke with 8 kills each. 1,500 Gold paid out each.
  2. Thanks for joining in Simmy. Too bad you didn't get into the big DHO battles with everyone. Those are the most fun. Some guys find better luck trying to click battle right before the word "GO" as the delay in communication through Discord means that they otherwise may be clicking a second later... Which could be just enough to miss that big drop. With us being a few time zones apart, it's certainly possible that could have played a role.
  3. All right! Thanks to those of you that took the time to vote! The official date and start time will be Saturday, November 14th @ 8pm EST / 5pm PST. We'll wrap everything up approximately 4 hours later.
  4. Updated the list of available tier V's to play and their guns since the 1.9 update where some tanks were moved around in the tiers.
  5. I know... I know... Last year we did 6's. Figured I would change it up again this year. It's too bad there aren't more tiers with derp tanks. Dropping in tier VIII with a bunch of us in derps would be awesome.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out Sib. I copied and pasted my list from 2 years ago... Before 1.9 where they made all the big tech tree changes to the lower tiers and added in new tanks. The Crusader was a tier V MT before. Now it's a tier VI LT. It's been replaced by the Covenantor which was moved from tier IV to tier V. I'll have to check more closely in game to verify any changes to other tanks too...
  7. Hey Dads! Who likes gold?!? I've upped the number of prizes and the amounts of Gold this year. I'm having a poll this year to decide the best date to host the contest. The contest will start at 8pm EST on the most voted for night and end at 12am EST. It is open to ALL dads that are part of the DHO site, regardless of which clan you're currently in. (I may be a few minutes late to start it up as the kids go down at 8pm. If anyone would like to arrange a drop or two if I'm not on, that's perfectly fine.) The event will have 6 prizes! Highest Damage: 1st Prize - 100 Gold per participant to a max of 3,500 Gold! (2,000 Gold minimum) 2nd Prize - 1,500 Gold 3rd Prize - 1,000 Gold Most DHO Kills: 1st Prize - 2,000 Gold 2nd Prize - 1,500 Gold 3rd Prize - 1,000 Gold The rules for the event are as follows: -The contest is limited to tier V derp tanks. (See below for most, if not all of the relevant tank & gun combos) -HE is not required, but the derp gun is. Firing HEAT or HE out of the derp gun is allowed. -Top 3 single highest damage battles will win the prizes. -Top 3 DHO kill counts will win the prizes. -Only your highest damage battle will be counted, so each person can only win one prize. -You need to Super Drop with everyone which will be coordinated through Discord. -You need to be in the Discord server any time after 8pm EST and before the last battle drops around 11:50pm EST. (I will request a channel specially named for this event from one of the WoT Discord Admins) -In the event of a tie for any position, we will start a training room and the two people tied for a position will duel to the death. The person who loses will drop down to the next position in the standings. -Keep a screen shot of your highest battles to post here for verification after. Platoons are not required, but are encouraged. People are welcome to stream the event. Google Doc Link to track progress: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10tYmV_xBvyoZ8H7tAwXsR5i01a9hruvTyLW6Ct2FIKU/edit?usp=sharing Tier V Derp Combos AT 2 (UK), 3.7-inch AT Howitzer Churchill I (UK), OQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. I Cavalier (UK), 3.7-inch Howitzer Covenanter (UK), OQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. Sherman III (UK), 105mm M4 KV-I (USSR), 122mm U-11 SU-85 (USSR), 122mm M-30S M10 Wolverine (US), 105mm AT M4 M4 Sherman (US), 105mm M4 O-I exp. (JPN), 12 cm Short Barrel Gun Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf. H (Ger), 10.5 cm Kw.K. L/28 StuG III Ausf. G (Ger), 10.5cm Stu.H. 42 L/28 VK 30.01 H (Ger), 10.5cm Kw.K. L/28. Renault G1 (Fr), 105mm court mle. 1934 Ikv 103 (Swed), 10,5 cm kan ikv 102 Ikv 103 (Swed), 10,5 cm kan ikv 103 In 2018 we ran tier V's and the top players were:@BigRed98 with 2,227 damage (2,000 Gold)@xtc4 with 1,882 damage (750 Gold)@Grimm65 who somehow tied my score exactly with 1,660 damage (500 Gold) In 2019 we ran tier VI's and the top players were:@ScHwErV with 2,673 damage (2,600 Gold)@Bonlaan with 2,033 damage (750 Gold)@majburnett with 2,006 damage (500 Gold) 2019 Honorable Mentions: SGrant7 with 2,462 damage (I couldn't win...) ScHwErV with 2,235 damage (he couldn't win 2 prizes)
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