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  1. Glad I could help! I figured there may have been a few who didn't see the posts in Discord... Just remember, when your current membership to Ultimate expires in 2022, the charges will be changed to the new value of the monthly Ultimate price. Not sure what deals will pop up between now and then, or how further extensions of Xbox Live Gold only will affect future automatic billing... Just something to keep in mind. I presume that there will be options to buy larger allotments of Ultimate at discounted pricing (similar to the current Gold 1 month vs. 3 months vs. 12 months options) in the future.
  2. For anyone that hasn't heard about this deal, it ends very soon. MS announced a new service at E3 called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This service includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC for one monthly fee. Now, why is this a great deal? Well, currently, if you pay the $1 for one month of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, any remaining Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscription you have will automatically be upgraded to Ultimate for the remainder of your subscription at no additional cost beyond that $1. So, as an example, if you have 13 months of Xbox Live Gold remaining on your account but have no Xbox Game Pass subscription and you pay the $1 for the upgrade, all 13 remaining months will be converted into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That means you'll get Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game for PC for the next 13 months for $1. That's a fantastic deal! Personally, my Xbox Live Gold was good until May 2020. My Xbox Game Pass was set to expire in November 2019. So upon hearing about this deal, I went and bought another year of Xbox Live Gold. Once I completed my upgrade, my account has now been upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate until May 2021. I always have Xbox Live Gold anyways, so getting Game Pass (Xbox & PC) for the next 2 years for $1 is a great buy! Even if you don't know whether or not you'd like Game Pass, paying $1 to try it out is still a great deal. You get the opportunity to play over 100 games as much as you'd like until your sub runs out. The deal is supposed to only be good during E3, so you have to act quick if you want to get in on it.
  3. I just had a game in the TS-5 last night and I had 1,355 base XP... for a Class 1. I thought you Ace'd it but didn't see a post about it... Maybe I didn't look far enough back through the thread. This is hitting Pantera levels of XP required. Considering how non-flexible this tank is in comparison to the Pantera, you basically have to get lucky with all the tanks being in front of you. I went valley on Lakeville and there was no arty. I pretty much wrecked almost everything in front of me. I managed +4,800 dmg. But no Ace. It was tier VII & VIII only, so a few higher tier tanks would have likely helped get the Ace.
  4. If anyone is having any issues accessing the Sandbox... this info is for you.
  5. So, the biggest changes since 1.0 are currently in open testing in the Sandbox. If you've previously had access, you can join it now. If you've never had access, you'll have to apply. I highly recommend reading through the changes. They are quite massive. They are changing the basic round Alpha damage on all guns at all tiers. They are changing the HP pool of all tanks at all tiers. They are changing the cost of premium rounds. Remember! These changes are currently in test. So depending on their results, there may still be massive changes. The more people participate, the better the data WG has to work with. Details are at the link below. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/sandbox-ammo-revision/ Apply to the Sandbox here: https://worldoftanks.com/sandbox/
  6. So Tank Rewards are back! There are 4 missions to complete over the next month (June 1 - 30) that will reward you with tokens. Use these tokens to select your rewards at the end of the month. The more tokens, the more tiers of rewards you unlock. The top tier is a choice between 3 tier VI Premium MT's. There was talk during WG's stream yesterday about people already owning these tanks and not getting anything for them. But one person mentioned in chat that if you sell the tank before you choose your reward, you'll get the credits for the tank and then you'll get the tank back. So, here are the missions: Mission Omaha - Play a Battle (once per day) any tier - 10 Tokens Mission Utah - Top 3 XP earners (once per day) tier IV - VI - 20 Tokens Mission Juno - Top 3 XP earners (once per day) tier VII - VIII - 20 Tokens Mission Sword - Top 3 XP earners (once per day) tier IX - X - 20 Tokens There are currently no details on how many tokens are needed to reach top tier. I expect it will be a lot. The rewards will be claimable at the link below at the end of the month. https://tankrewards.com/ WG news release link below. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/tank-rewards-returns-0519/
  7. So they released Care Package Echo yesterday for Twitch Prime subs. There are some nice rentals that come with it, but the big draw is the King Tiger (C). It's a US tier VII Premium Heavy Tank. If you claim the care package, you get the Tiger for free. There is a catch though. It's only available to play in your garage as long as you have an active sub to Twitch Prime. If you let your subscription expire, the tank will become unavailable for you to play. The rentals for this care package are for 14 days as usual and both come with discount coupons if you like them enough to buy them. Loot for the month include: An exclusive US commander 10 Large Repair Kits 10 Missions: x5 XP for Victory (after the daily Victory bonus has been used up) Beyond the Call Service Medal 1 Day of WoT Premium There are also 6 rewards for finishing the Echo missions. There is a lot of XP to be earned from these if you can complete them all, but they can only be completed in the King Tiger (C). Which means that it can bank you a large some of XP to convert to Free XP if you don't have your accelerated crew training on. Destroy 15 enemies - 10,000 XP Destroy 20 enemies - 20,000 XP Destroy 25 enemies - 30,000 XP Destroy 1 enemy - 2,500 XP Collect 30 mission specific Tokens - 25,000 XP Top 5 base XP & win (first wins don't count) - x5 Crew XP **Missions Echo: 1st Reward, Echo: 2nd Reward, Echo: 3rd Reward and missions Echo: 4th Reward and Echo: 5th Reward can be completed simultaneously.** https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/twitch-package-echo/
  8. So, there is some huge news to go along with this trailer that I didn't find out about until late last night... Cross platform play between the Xbox, PS4 & PC has been confirmed. No longer do you need to worry about which console your friends are getting a game on (well, with CoD at least). You play on the platform you have and you can still play with others from other systems. No word on how friends lists between PS & Xbox/PC will work yet. I presume they'll use whatever groundwork Fortnite has started using. Also mentioned was the fact that there is no DLC Season Pass. Does this mean that any extra content coming out for the game is free? Or does this mean that they're releasing the entire game on day one with no money gouging for maps later? Not sure... We'll have to wait and see. They way they announced was as if they were giving the players something they've been long asking for. So I would only assume that what ever it means, it will be good for us as gamers. Some links below about the announcements and the campaign. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2019/05/30/this-changes-everything-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-will-be-crossplay-on-ps4-xbox-one-and-pc/#19b8494e6330 https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/30/call-duty-modern-warfare-campaign-preview-may-2019/
  9. Hard to say. We begged for FL to come back and it took them a year... and then they ruined it. LOL! I would think it won't be a thing that pops too often. Otherwise the tanks they sold won't be that rare or exclusive. Though, they'd likely sell all different things the next go around.
  10. So, the Foch 155 will go on sale tonight in the Black Market for a whooping 25,000,000 credits. This is the final sale of this iteration of the Black Market. Based on its success, I would think WG will bring it back again in the future... someday.
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