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  1. Welcome DeltaSigma! I believe your in-game name is DeltaSigmaPi. Please verify so the recruiter sends the invite to the right player. Glad you found your way onto our Discord. I hope you're enjoying meeting some of the guys. I see you've already posted in the clan request page. @rewguy79 should be sending you an invite soon.
  2. Did @rewguy79 get your request?
  3. Welcome! Make sure you join our Discord to be able to Division up with some of the other WoWS dads.
  4. It takes me nearly 2 weeks to get 60 games lately! I think your break may be over due... Enjoy it!
  5. That's awesome Grimm! Considering that you were able to do it without the reserves is nuts! I wish I had the time to grind it out. Side note, nice work lately on those recent stats! That's a pretty awesome last 60 days!
  6. There will be the missions for the 10 again as well as the option to purchase 10 for gold again. If you have leftover reserves once you are done Frontline, all unused "paid for" reserves will be refunded for the gold price you paid for them. WG said that the system will use all the free/earned reserves first and the bought ones last. I made it through 3 full prestiges last round (2.17 to 5.17). I was off work for that week, so I was able to get a few extra hours in... I used up 14 reserves during my playtime and it was usually 1 reserve for 3 battles (which added up to about 1.5 hours of actual playtime per reserve). If the wife will be happy watching her shows for the week without me, then I should be able to get a couple of hours each night to grind through another couple prestiges. Knocking 3 out again might be tough, but it would put me at 8.17 which would certainly get me back on track. I would even be happy making it to 7.17. Two prestiges per episode for the last 3 episodes would get me to the end.
  7. FV4204 today... I have no experience with it, so I can't speak to its value. Not sure of the Gold price either.
  8. Someone should be along soon to send you an invite.
  9. Hopefully that's right! It would be nice to finish the last few episodes with a little more variety.
  10. Welcome! As far as I know, we do not have a WoWS clan on the EU servers. @Hapa_Fodder would likely be able to confirm that though. Do feel free though to join the Discord server and chat with some of the guys. Lots of stuff going on in lots of channels there. If you start an account on an NA server, there's almost always someone on that you can team up with.
  11. Welcome! This is still the process. Recruitment is a little slower these days with a few less people playing WoT. I saw your post in the clan request page and one of our officers should be along shortly to send you an invite.
  12. Classic WG... *faceplam* So, maybe it will start in episode 8 then? Do you have a contact that can confirm?
  13. Episode 8 starts Monday Sept 16th and runs until Sunday Sept 22nd. Nothing new or exciting for episode 8... Episode 9 starts Wednesday Oct 16th and runs until Tuesday Oct 22nd. With the launch of Episode 9, there will be a new map in the rotation called Kraftwerk. It's taking place in a post WWII Central European city. There will also be another 20 FL reserves to use during episode 9. 10 that can be obtained from missions and 10 that can be bought with Gold. Map details and images at the link below. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/frontline-2019-episode-8/
  14. LT-432 today! This tank is fantastic! Though, my WR doesn't reflect the amount of fun I have in it... it is still a great LT. This thing has brought me great success in Frontline mode. Even after the nerf to the consumables for LT's, I still run this as my first tank every battle. There are still a few battles where I managed to stay in the LT-432 the entire match. I manage to finish General or Major in almost every battle and I'd estimate that the LT-432 is responsible for more than half of my XP every match.
  15. Just a reminder that the rewards disappear tomorrow if you haven't selected them yet!
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