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  1. Allbeefy

    Elder Scrolls Online- FREE TO PLAY

    I have been playing off and on since they turn "free" but most of the higher end dungeons and endgame content is premium so you need to pay for the "plus" service to progress. I kind of lost interest when my templar hit max level and got the best equipment off the free dungeons. I even tried tanking in cloth just to break up the monotony. No interest to pay for the "plus" unless I can find a reliable group to grind hardmodes with.
  2. I have been logging in daily but it is 50/50 whether I play a game or not and I have been playing fewer and fewer games since the 50 days marathon. I am usually excited to play when there are friendly clanmates online that I can toon with but lately, I find TS to be complete void of WOT players; this led me to playing another game alltogether. Last night, I think there was one DHO4 platoon on TS, none from X, and way more WOW players than WOT players. That was a disappointment to me and it prompted me to look at my clanmates and whether they have been playing or not. I see the usual daily grinders, for some reason, they just simply don't like to be on TS. I also see the occasional players, the ones who log in say once a week to play a game or two, perfectly fine for a casual clan like ours. The disturbing trend I see is that there are more and more players who have not played for a month or much longer (one random dad I clicked on has not been on since March), and that include some officers. My question simply is, is there anything we can do to revitalize the clan, to put a bit more energy into the group plays like platooning or strongholds. When I see 15 people online and no platoons on TS, that tells me something. I like to play with others, that's why I joined a clan; this is the reason I ask, is there anything we can do collectively? anything I can do personally? i find that when I blindly send out mass toon invites, I am more likely to get exclanmates than current clanmates, that also tells me something.
  3. Allbeefy

    Polish Tank Line & Tier VIII Premium HT Info

    I hate this new mission display, please bring back the old one... So other than Pudel and 50TP rental (seriously, tank rental as reward???), anything worthwhile to grind/sort through all of those 40+ missions?
  4. Allbeefy

    Polish Tank Line & Tier VIII Premium HT Info

    So you have all these missions that give you the polish token, cant figure out what collecting the tokens get you.
  5. Allbeefy

    Milestone of Sorts

    Congratulations!!!! I remembered how happy I was when I reached that milestone and how happy I was when I finally fixed the draws and officially reached 50%.
  6. Allbeefy

    Premium Shop Coupons!

    I received the same one, it occurred to me that 890 was an odd number, couldnt they round it up to at least 900.
  7. Allbeefy

    DHO Carries

    One thing Black didnt mention was that they also have superior individual skills, iirc, there were 4 or 5 purples on the opposing team with plenty of blues and greens to support. We have a couple of blues but definitely no unicums (hehe, despite what Black thinks, he is still not purple on my XVM) and plenty of yellows and oranges on our team.
  8. Allbeefy

    General tips for ranked battles

    One question I have is that if you review the detailed xp breakdown, there are 3 categories, not sure about the exact names but it is more or less like: 1. Damages you do; 2. Assistance you do; 3. Active participation in the battle (at work right now, can't check) If I play an artie, I am counting on category 1&2 as I will have zero for 3. If I play my heavies, I actually get all 3. It is that category 3, active participation, that I am unfamiliar with. Frequently for me in heavy tanks, category 3 xp is like 1/2 of category 1 xps and higher than assists; I am guessing that category 3 is there to encourages us to play aggressively. Also why arties do not seem to work very well for me as you seem to have to do a ton of damages and stuns to compensate for not getting any active participation xps. Any idea how that Category 3 xps are awarded?
  9. Allbeefy

    Bad for the game

    I understand that the BULLY clan built itself around seal clubbing, you will run into them all the time either in their 38t or T67s.
  10. Allbeefy

    Premium Shop Coupons!

    I just received a 20% one after completing SPG 4.12. I am not overly excited about 20% but was trying to figure out if it can be applied to the $55 currency bundle. Not sure if that is allowed.
  11. Allbeefy

    Soccer Buffon Commander

    Thanks GPC, he is going into a UK crew then, already have a lady commanding my Italian med crew. Too bad we cant switch lady crew nations.
  12. Allbeefy

    Soccer Buffon Commander

    Does he get an unique Buffon voice if assigned to Italy? The next Commander I will need will be for UK td, not sure if I want to use him there or use a lady. Seems wrong to use him for anything beyond Italy (or may be France - Paris St. Germaine). PS: Does he some with free 1st skill or BIA etc?
  13. Allbeefy

    Soccer Mode Returns

    This mode is fun when everyone plays to their abilities but lately there is simply too many trolls in soccer mode. Down to just needing 3 wins per night, almost all of the games this week were 3-0 games. Out of the 12 losses last night (yes, needed 15 games to get 3 wins), I had -3 games where one teammate was afk, -1 game where BOTH teammates were afk, I actually didnt mind this one that much, it ended quickly, -2 games where one teammate was a grey player (new to the game) and were just there to park and shoot at random targets -2 games where our e100 keeper drove around chasing / ramming teammates or our amx striker intentionally trying to score on our own net Out of the 3 wins, two of the games, the enemy team had one afk player. I am beginning to hate this mode because of the trolls.
  14. Allbeefy

    Soccer Mode Returns

    how did you finish in 2 weeks when Sgrant said about you need to score 1 goal for 24 days straight? Nvm, I think he miscalculated, 4 midfielders X 3 cards per slot = 12 cards not 24.
  15. Allbeefy

    Soccer Mode Returns

    how many days left, I am at 35 pts., do I have enough time to get to 10pts? Most worry about the 1 goal a day for 24 days, I don't think I will have enough days. Been playing daily since Sly taught me how to play on Tuesday but I think I am out of time already.