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  1. @Mykk should be around shortly brother. I'm looking forward to seeing you around. Welcome aboard!
  2. Seems like a fun event. Which team? https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-events/dynasty-wars-2020/
  3. Lol... They called me a few minutes ago and told me they had X invites. I told them to decline and hold tight for new invites! Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it!
  4. The map is closed until the 15th correct? I need one more battle to get the camo, I'll be on as much as i can to help if more people are trying put in more battles.
  5. Thanks! Haha, it's kinda cool to play tanks with them except I only have to PCs currently and they have been hogging them :)
  6. Guys, My sons would like to join DHO5, they are on cooldown for 48hrs but their nics are (11yr) MiniThreat and (13yr) SonOfAThreat. Thanks, ~MTt
  7. I just downloaded the app out of curiosity after reading this thread and noticed that it will show you when you last played each tank. It took a while to download all of the data but once it did i was able to bring up the tank list and it showed date of last battle. I had quite a few i hadn't played since 2012 :)
  8. All I thought I knew was wrong... Dropped from 3rd Tuesday to 777th last night. I will stick with my gut from now on. I apparently have more intuition than smarts
  9. I have a feeling I drop from number 3 on the week to out of the gold tonight... It's been one of those weeks. I'm a little nervous about my picks. Just noticed how well Tigers did last time he played
  10. "Tournament Format To start, 8 teams will participate in 2 round robins. More details will be announced later." I don't know if they even know, lol!
  11. Nice match! I can't believe you let MRMAN out alive :)
  12. I though I read somewhere this goes on sale August 18 Sent from my KIW-L24 using Tapatalk
  13. The last tank that made me quit a line was the Churchill VII. Sent from my KIW-L24 using Tapatalk
  14. While we are on the subject.... the sandbox includes the battle assistant arty mod. While playing arty I pushed the mouse wheel and voilĂ  I was in 3/4 view. Seems like they are keen to add it to the game. Sent from my KIW-L24 using Tapatalk
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