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  1. Because it's WoT. I have a tank with a couple 1SGs on it. The 1SG is never on a tank, he rides around in a HUMVEE delivering chow and such. In every tank company I was in a platoon consist on 4 tanks. You have a 2nd LT (platoon leader), a SFC (platoon SGT.) and two SSGs for tank commanders. Gunners are typically SGTs or a high-speed SPC, and loaders and drivers are privates (E1-E3). This can vary depending on the unit strength and composition. The only time I really see captains or XOs on tanks are for gunnery, and usually the battalion commander and battalion XO participate (and they poach th
  2. I like the way you think.
  3. All his videos I've watched are great.
  4. I found this gem of a review on the proto, pretty much sums up my thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0f5FFVx1Is
  5. The information posted here is too valuable to go away.
  6. I found the stock turret/gun to be acceptable for the entire grind. The extra depression fits my play style better than a bit more alpha and longer reload time.
  7. Cool, I'll check it out when I get home.
  8. Finally got the Tier IX, and it is worth the grind. Only a couple games played, but its clear that the painful grind to get to it actually does a good job of making you hone the skills needed to succeed in it. It has no armor, suffers from crew/module damage, and has a 20 secish clip reload. But in 6 secs you are able to dish out ~1k dmg with laser-like precision. I free xp'd to top turret/gun, so I can't speak on the stock grind, although I can see the engine needing upgraded to help gtfo after you dump clip. If you play cautiously and stay near hard cover and the pack, you can surgically cut
  9. I haven't played the T95, but the T30 has that strong turret, and hull down I find it pretty damn tough. Add a turret and a crazy ability to snap shot, I find it a fun TD. Although, I typically play it like a heavy and too aggressive, it can bully pretty well which can lead to overextending and exposing the weakspots.
  10. If you like being too slow to be useful, or enjoy hitting RRR and hoping you run into someone, or if you like to sit and snipe, then its the TD for you. Otherwise, it's just a grind to get you to the glorious T-30.
  11. My sad little list. Tank Battles WR% WN8 T-34 100 53 1973 Tiger (P) 79 65 1838 Cz08 T 25 60 55 1837 Tiger I 52 60 1830 Comet 79 60 1734 No Honourable mention. Spellcheck underlines honourable with a red squiggly line. Go figure...
  12. So, 17 games into the tier 7: You can see my pathetic stats below. Note a few things: 1. decent W/R is more luck of team draw than my own influence. exactly 2 of those wins were likely decided by my action, which brings us to 2. A couple decent games brought my Avg. DPG up to a still anemic 650. I have had more 2##dmg games in this than I have had for a long time, and a 0 DPZG or 2 also. Every thing pens this tank, although I have caught some unlikely bounces off an Obj. 704 and a T34, go figure. And every time this tank gets penned something breaks, or someone dies. I have also been on
  13. Welcome freakyb0y. Hit me up for platoons, I also work nights and watch a kid while other 2 are at school. I'm on CST, and usually play a couple hours in the morning.
  14. Eh, sadly no t5 battles. My own stupidity messes me up.
  15. Sadly, mrholsy is still stuck in a ditch after playing with his phone while driving... Good catch though. In other news, I am dark green recent, whippeee doo! I will now promptly get a 30%w/r with a 600 wn8. Go Me.
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