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  1. stewiejp

    Premium Ammo Changes in Supertest

    WG hav stuck to the mantra of not wanting to limit players ammo choices, despite it being the most obvious solution, and most suggested idea by players. The current idea (less alpha) is a massive indirect buff to heavies, especially the HTs such as the Type 5 etc. and will create a bigger issue from my POV. Time will tell though, personally I don’t see the current prem spam as an issue (plenty others do though).
  2. stewiejp

    Premium Ammo Changes in Supertest

    Would something as simple as giving less XP for damage done using premium rounds solve the premium ammo “problem”?
  3. stewiejp

    Update 1.4 - Estimated Release Info

    (one other thing) - 3/5/7 is still out there - it hasn't actually been removed (as some people think - they see it and jump on the forums!!) but due to it being the last option it is now very rarely seen.
  4. stewiejp

    Update 1.4 - Estimated Release Info

    Who knows re the Panhard etc - maybe 1.4 for the premium and 1.5 for the line as Hark suggests. They are still testing it though but who knows how much more they need to tinker with the thing, but I'm guessing his dates are either a good guesstimate or a bit of inside info. 1.4 for February - I'd put my money on that - After the campaign everyone has been anticipating (which I guess will be announced soon™) and in time for Frontlines. That's not a "scoop" - just my opinion. The Asian MM. Trust me you want it, especially if you are sick of seeing Tier 10's in your Tier 8 Premiums (or even normal tanks for that matter). We are still tinkering with it but the short version is when the MM looks for a battle, instead of looking for a 3/5/7 game first, it looks for it last. So most battles are single tier, or 2 tier games. Pref. T8 MM tanks rarely see 9's as it stands, and "normal" MM Tier 8 tanks may see a Tier 10 battle one game out of 10 in my experience. Original Article Here November 2018 The article also mentions bots for low tiered (1-5) battles for the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) server as well as LATAM due to low server population. (ANZ during prime time is 1 to 2k online). The down side? It can be challenging to get a Tier 10 game on ANZ due to low server population so they tweaked it a bit by introducing "odd" MM line ups. The longer in queue, the more likely you may be to see a strange line up. 4/5/6; 4/4/7; 2/5/8; 2/4/9; 2/3/10. Again - the MM still looks for these 3 tiered line ups last, but even so, in a Tier 8 battle when you do see a Tier 10 line up - being just 2 of them isn't as daunting as 3/5/7. Boxing Day Changes to MM In the complaints discussions around the 3/5/7 MM the idea of making 3 Tiered battles the last choice rather than the first choice has been made my many testers, CCs, players and WG staff all over the globe - the staff from WG Asia were able to convince WG HQ to let us try it, and we reckon it works pretty well. On the Hong Kong Server (the "main" Asia server if you like - 10-15k online during peak times I think) - I never had a problem getting a Tier 10 battle during the trials, so the issue looks (at least to me) to be "small server specific" in regards to not being able to get a tier 10 game. The other "downside" is that when playing tens - you are no longer in the 3 of the 3/5/7 - it will more likely be an all Tier 10 game (good for bonds!) or a 2 tiered spread so not as much rolling over tier 8's in those battles, which again I think is a positive thing. Bottom line is it is now better for credit grinds and we can even platoon at Tier 8 again! Hallelujah! Previously if platooning in 8's it was bottom of 3/5/7 every single game. My major gripe with the 3/5/7 was it indirectly discouraged players from platooning at certain tiers - 8's due to MM, and Tens due to not being able to find a battle.... Hope this helps - got to catch a plane soon so hope I haven't stuffed anything up, officially on Holidays NOW! Hi5!
  5. stewiejp

    Holiday Ops 2019

    I tend to agree - I bought 100 large boxes and am 5 Tier 5 decorations off the final collection though I have not completed all of the missions (took about a week off tanks for Christmas, plus I was working until yesterday). Saving the shards up until the last day(s) is probably the best bet, as "Murphy's Law" - should you create a decoration via the Decorider the next mission you'll get it for free!
  6. stewiejp

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Thanks mate - yeah loving the CC Program - have been doing it for a bit over a year now, the early access stuff is certainly interesting as well as easy access to WG staff and "what's coming next" etc. We did get to keep the EBR 75 yep, but when a new premium comes out it is generally a rental for us to try rather than a keeper - unsure what Eu/NA CC's get - they are rumored to get them for keeps all the time but I don't know if that is just speculation or not. There are a few EBR rentals still running around on Asia's servers - the rental codes expired Jan 31st so still a couple of days for those who didn't redeem them straight away. Correct - no idea why I was thinking 350, but it was early in the morning for me! Yeah people were very concerned about that base VR in any case. To be fair I think a lot of the noise came from people who simply saw the "310 base VR" and formed their opinion before playing the thing. I don't have access to WG's data and have not heard of any changes but I do like how they have included everyday players in the test with these rental tanks. Whilst the tank is certainly different - I would not call it under powered. I agree. We'll know when the 1.4 CT opens soon™. There is a campaign expected in January (whilst I am away so I haven't even entertained the concept of playing it) but it still has not been announced... I guess 1.4 would drop after that.
  7. stewiejp

    What'd You Get? (Christmas Inventory)

    Bought the GWE100 with the 30% discount... dirty I know but I know own all the Tier 10 tech Tree tanks. Also bought the discounted Obj 257 as I'd never played it (it wasn't around) when I went down that line. With the premium tank discounts and advent calendar sales (and the ability to buy tanks with gold) I grabbed the STA-2, Panther 8.8, AMX CDC 105da, Eagle, 112, 59-Patton and the 50TP pr.
  8. stewiejp

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Everything is still being tested of course (and hence subject to change - though I doubt the crew will change) but this article indicates the crew of the EBR 105 will be similar to the 75. Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio. TheDailyBounce
  9. stewiejp

    What'd You Get? (Christmas Inventory)

    Lootboxes? 100 Boxes - the lot (IS3A and Defender once, everything else more than once). Pretty sure I was pretty lucky - worked it out to be not far off 4x the value when all converted to gold etc.
  10. stewiejp

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    yeah great fun - overwhelming feedback from the testers seems to be "it needs more view range" (350ish base has given some testers panic attacks!) - With a good crew, optics vents and food mine is at 392 with a bit or room (BiA 100%, SitAware at 94%, Recon at 80%) should get just over 400 maybe when they make 100%.
  11. stewiejp

    Attention all Streamers!!

    stewiejp - generally stream 3-5 times per week depending on work (I love being a shift worker, really!) All welcome, not too serious - mainly tanks but occasionally I try (and fail) something different. Some would say I fail at tanks as well! https://www.twitch.tv/stewiejp Thanks!
  12. stewiejp

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Have been lucky enough to get one for free! Would I pay money for one? All depends on what changes on the tank (if anything). It is certainly fun to play and I have already started to get some XP up on the ELC for the new line branching from it (coming soon™ - guessing patch 1.4 mid January soon after Holiday Ops OR before/after the January Campaign but that is just my guess). I would certainly recommend it to someone who enjoys light tanks in general- but it certainly plays differently to traditional light tanks. That turning circle can = a quick death if you are not careful.
  13. stewiejp

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Been running around in the Panhard EBR 75 Premium the past 2 weeks - bear in mind it is still being tested but certainly a lot of fun. Lots of discussions on the view range etc but good to see 'something different' enter the game. Hi risk.hi reward type of tank - ie get to a 'good spot' quickly, possibly die there or flip on the way but when it works it pays dividends!
  14. stewiejp

    Hapa is Twitch Affiliated!

    Congratulations mate - is a great feeling - Hi5's all round!
  15. Stumbled back on here this morning after getting a reminder email - have bookmarked it this time! Glad to see the site and discord doing well, a lot of good advice etc on here as well as support network for those who need it. Aussie World of Tanks Community Contributor - and rumored to be the 2nd oldest one on the planet!