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  1. ... that's a sacrifice I'll have to live with... tried applying camo as well - loses that dank black finish. Let's be honest - I won't be playing it much anyway! 2nd round of T34B's 2 and a half hours after release - still 850 left in stock. We are a strange lot on this server....
  2. Yes same in Asia - T34B sold put in under 3 minutes. I watched the numbers available drop dramatically whilst scratching my head wondering why but guessed it's a Tier 8 premium which F2P players can get for credits so good on 'em. Painted my normal T34B Black at half price and saved myself a few credits so I don't feel left out! 2000 was our starting number.
  3. Yeah solid tank the Caern. Action X - watched it them all sell in a couple of minutes again on Asia before hitting the sack.
  4. Exactly the same on Asia - almost word for word - Just EU/RU then.... https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/competitive-gaming/ranked-battles-2019-status/
  5. Glad it is not only happening down here! if the player-base was organised - the defending team would win 100% of the games - only then do both teams have the maximum amount of time to farm that damage/cap/resets and rank up. Speaking with players though some are still of the mindset that a quick win (without capturing all of the zones) is better or as good as a longer higher ranking battle, as it gets them into the next game quicker. Have been lucky with my roster patters and managed to get enough time off to get to 3.4 as of last night - and got General midway through a flip yesterday morning!
  6. Thanks for the plug Mykk - yes it was night time for me... unfortunately Asia didn't do too well with the codes.... maybe soon™
  7. A few points I have noticed, as well as bought up with WG (waiting on confirmation): Nowhere does it say we still get the +50% XP and Credits we currently enjoy. It is implied though. Hopefully nothing to worry about. Universal Premium and WoT Premium does not stack - it's one or the other - hopefully this means WoT Premium includes the above. People who play Ships and Planes *may* benefit from buying some "normal" premium time before 1.5 hits or during the "grace period" so it all gets duplicated. "Normal" (Universal) premium time will still be available for those who enjoy more than one game - but only via the shop. Players in Asia who currently play planes on NA (and hence don't get to share their Premium Time) may not get the premium exchange as Planes may not make it to Asia in time.
  8. ^^ During ithe initial trial in November this was the main "negative" to the changes - no longer do tens have the benefit of only 3 equal tiered opponents on the other side. That and with the smaller population (ANZ server especially but also relevant to Asia during the day) tier ten would often time out in queue - especially lights. This resulted in the introduction of the 3 Tiered MM that was "a bit different" to simply get people into battle faster if there were not enough players out there - (2/6/7; 4/5/6 etc).
  9. Looks awesome - Bill Murray - the guy's a legend. How he didn't get an Oscar for "Zombieland" I'll never know!
  10. Have not read anything on MoE requirements changing - it is not something I chase, though I do read the forums a lot and think i would have noticed the better players commenting on that. As mentioned - less higher tiered targets = hit points available for the 5-8's but also more equal tiered opponents for the tens (when 3/5/7 MM was a thing you were always one in the 3 in Tier 10's on the ANZ server) - very rare to see an all Tier 10 battle, or 9's but maybe those chasing MoE's would switch to HK for that. Looking back to before the change hit in November - if a clan mate suggested platooning in non pref 8's he would be asking to be bottom tier each and every game. from that perspective 357 killed (IMO) one social aspect of the game. Platooning in "normal" 8's (or any tank for that matter) no longer relegates you to the 7 in 347.
  11. Glad you are finally getting it - IMO it is a vast improvement - the days of trying to grind (for example) Tier 8 premium tanks for credits and continually getting Tier 10 battles are gone. Tier 8 MM has been improved tenfold. Some may disagree but that has been my experience. Basically 3/5/7 MM is now the last resort for the MM rather than the first. It is still there, and +2 MM is still in the mix, however +1 and Same Tier MM is (at a guess) conservatively 80% of battles. Queue times has been lengthened (especially platoons) - but not noticeable so much on our main server (Hong Kong - 10k online during peak times) but the Aussie Server (1k at peak) there is a wait. The main wait has been Tier 10 light tanks, as well as tier 10 platoons. Again - not so bad on our main server, but noticeable on the smaller one.
  12. I did read that assistance damage issue - very valid point - well put. Glad to see we aren't the only ones with the SPG issue - the extra waiting in queue time surely just isn't worth it as over a period of time a player could get in extra battles rather than just wait in an SPG - hence making the "regular tanks" more profitable over a period of time
  13. Thanks for the date - trying to confirm it with WG - Easter week - interesting. Personally I got to 2.24 (just under 25) which I am satisfied with - like the first episode I played 5 days or nights. Getting "a bit over" one prestige per episode is my goal (was 1.17 after Ep. 1) considering chances are I will miss at least one full episode with travel etc. At this rate I will be one prestige up after next episode. A few observations (on the Asia Server - would be interested if you guys on NA are seeing similar). 1. 0 battles on the Aussie server despite getting them relatively easy last year as well as in Episode 1. Players likely realizing the grind is real, and would rather suffer worse ping than wait the 1 or 2 minutes it takes to form 60 players. Boosters as well - people don't want to wait. 2. SPG still the most "readied up" class in queue. I never used them, nor the Airstrike/Artillery Combat Reserves - but most do. 3. Wheeled tanks are everywhere! Yes, I used them - and found I got more General ranks when I played them than when I did not. the hate on the forums are real though - maybe more so than SPG! 4. Less players trying to cap all 6 cap points, and instead going for the win by destroying the objectives before 1 or 2 (C and F) are captured - hence ending the battle earlier and denying players extra ranks. Personally I used Lights and Mediums - with Engineering as a first skill. Capping (and defending) are definitely the way to rank up faster - though concerns are raised on the forum here that when you get 0 prestige points for trying to cap but failing - relying on your team mates to help can be frustrating. For this reason I use smoke and inspire as well as engineering on my LTs to try and encourage a cap. I only used HTs and TDs when my back up vehicles were still 3+ minutes away. I still don't mind the mode but players on Asia seem to be over it - either the grind is "too much" (but to be fair, that's what players always say when there is a grind on - eg marathon missions), or they are over the unreliable team mates, fast games (killing objectives too early) or SPG/Airstrike/Artillery Strike. Maybe after 8 more episodes I will change my mind but I still enjoy the mode - and like it or not, the wheelies are fun on the big map.
  14. My thoughts exactly! That Tier 6 premium medium (Strv. 42/57 is a little ripper as well!)
  15. Those bid figures for Asia were estimates/what players suggested they bid for the auction - nothing confirmed by WG, they said they won't (even though Russia did - that's where the 26,911 quote came from). I think our lowest winning bid was in the 14.2 - 14.3k range (again - from what I hear).
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