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  1. 1) Knowing when to be leading the charge and when to sit back and support 2) Trying to handle superheavies. I always feel like if I try and flank I'll get murdered by the hidden TD's
  2. Sorry I couldn't stick around for the second battle.
  3. I think I had the displeasure of being on a team with that guy or a guy like him. Complete pylon....
  4. keithv


    I can't seem to connect to battles. The battle loads 90% and then the game hangs.
  5. Tier 8: T-32 American Heavy Tier 6: Cromwell, Firefly
  6. I've now added my first mark on the T 25/2
  7. I have my first mark on the T-29 and Jpanther. That is all. :(
  8. Sounds like I missed out :( I will try and be available on a Wednesday night and join the fun.
  9. In my previous clan we did this on occasion. It was a ton of fun. We agreed on a tier (usually 6) and would have fun shooting each other.
  10. Looking for a clan for getting better at the game, platoons and occasional strongholds. Not sure which DHO I would fit best with.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I am a father of two wonderful children. I teach Jr/Sr High school math/science/computer studies. Right now I play World of Tanks almost exclusively. I look forward to being active in your WoT community.
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