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  1. 1) Knowing when to be leading the charge and when to sit back and support 2) Trying to handle superheavies. I always feel like if I try and flank I'll get murdered by the hidden TD's
  2. keithv

    Channel Catfish

    :) Water was low so lots of mud on the bank.
  3. keithv

    Channel Catfish

    Went out fishing today and caught my first Channel cat. I wasn't targeting cats but I will definitely take it!
  4. Sorry I couldn't stick around for the second battle.
  5. I think I had the displeasure of being on a team with that guy or a guy like him. Complete pylon....
  6. I teach so drinking at work is career limiting move.
  7. keithv


    I can't seem to connect to battles. The battle loads 90% and then the game hangs.
  8. Our school group launched and recovered our balloon today. The balloon made it up 25 km before burst. Everyone had a lot of fun with it and are already looking forward to next year. Unfortunately our pictures weren't great but all in all it was amazing for a first attempt.
  9. My daughter was born 9 weeks premature. She was in NICU for several weeks. She's now 5 and you'd never be able to tell she was a preemie. My advice for parents of kids in the NICU would be to be there and be involved. Get to know the nurses and doctors. Kangaroo cuddles as much as you're allowed. But also don't be afraid to take a break. Get out and do other things even if it's just catching a movie or eating dinner away from the hospital.
  10. keithv

    The Hams Among Us

    I'm looking at getting my amateur radio license later this year. I'm getting it so I can use radio trackers for high altitude balloon projects.
  11. I teach jr/sr high math, science, chemistry, geography, computer studies and whatever else they ask me to do.
  12. We've recently moved and my walk is now down to 10 minutes.
  13. Tier 8: T-32 American Heavy Tier 6: Cromwell, Firefly
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