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  1. floridaswamp

    free account

    I got my main account back that was suspended for a long time that someone hacking into when I was deployed . I would like to give someone my account I was using if they have a son or need a starter account . It has a super p and a su-100y and several other tanks up to ter 6 in the German med line trained as pic below . And 106,000 convert exp . Contact me on TeamSpeak if you wont it . Its free .
  2. floridaswamp

    Stupid Tirpitz question

    I know I'm not a member My son to was interested in this ship was playing free to play himself . I to had a prob with the price as you know in tanks it will come down its new . I made the decision do get him the sims instead he ratter enjoys it . Plus he gets to know how to use torpedo's . Jumping into a higher ter with torpedo's is hard .Just a hint :) . and as you know as a navy man the sims was the most feared destroyer of her day even today they talk about her .
  3. floridaswamp

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hello some of you know me . I have left my clan .I'm a father of a son 17 and love hunting, fish and 4 wheeling in my z71
  4. floridaswamp

    k2500 Pickup Brake Issue

    I have a k1500 have you checked the rear master cylinder in the drums