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    Elite Dangerous

    Elite is pretty rad. I need to get some more piloting time in. Right now I'm almost out of money and fuel. I need a plan... flying with a wingman or two sure makes space flight better. Soon the update will let you travel down to the planets surfaces... Can't wait!
  2. Hey all, Been a long time gamer and pc nerd. I'm a general and electrical contractor in San Diego, CA. 2 kids, 8 and 5 who both game as well as my wife who loves minecraft. Saw the Steam group which led me here. My favorite thing is online fps game play with chill mates to roll out with. Have been straight up addicted to Arma PvP since the early days of Operation Flashpoint. I admin a small gaming group called Onion Gamers who take nothing to seriously. I also have been hosting a public nfp TeamSpeak 3 server for all to use for many years now. As well, there are two dedicated Arma3 servers I host and an ARK Survival server that is open to all as well. Come by and say hi and play. Cheers.
  3. Would love to have more quality fellas to play Arma3 with. I host a dedicated coop server 24/7 for anyone to join, and love rolling into live action on PvP battles with a crew. I have been hosting a public free to all groups and individuals TeamSpeak 3 server for years now. Everyone is welcome to join to chat with your friends while you play or find new people to play with. If DHO wants there own channel set I would be happy to set it up. Looking forward to meeting and gunning with a few of you soon. The TeamSpeak is kid friendly with the only rule is that you be excellent to everyone. TeamSpeak 3 server: ts3.oniongamers.Com or Arma3 server:
  4. I'm on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/AJAX420/ Host a TeamSpeak for all to use. TS3.OnionGamers.com Only rule is to be EXCELANT to ALL. Found your group thru Steam. Coolness! Love playing online with real peeps. Bots are lame mostly.
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