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  1. _Vlad

    My new toy!

    I'm a little jealous your son sends you computer parts. I'm so far at the stage of using them as an excuse to buy new stuff for myself. They have (twins) a laptop, tablet, and a desktop pc each. Problem is they'll be 3 years old this May and I think my wife starts to suspect a foul play on my part. Just saying "look honey, he's moving the mouse and clicking !!" doesn't seem to work anymore. Ryzen has arrived, X299 is around the corners and I need to come up with some fresh ideas how to justify an upgrade. Great looking build, very clean. Can't wait till I get some IT stuff from my boy, I wish they grew faster.
  2. _Vlad

    WGLNA Fantasy

    And I ended up first for the weekly price. To be honest, since they dropped the ball on clan rewards it doesn't seem to be worth it. To get tier 8 premium you need to be top 10 after what, like 18 game days? They really should bring back the rewards from two seasons ago.
  3. _Vlad

    Clan Beta

    Absolutely not! Two door station wagon? It's got to have rear doors, come on!
  4. _Vlad

    Clan Beta

    Add me also. I just started playing this thing and I'm going through a typical honeymoon phase that should last about 2000 battles and couple hundred USD. I've got to say I like it a lot more than wot, seems the pace is more suited to people my age (just crossed 40).
  5. _Vlad

    Wow... just wow.

    Who cares about competent play at T6 if you play arty...
  6. _Vlad

    WoT while traveling

    I also travel a lot, and my experience is that the hotel wifi is completely useless, even if you pay for the 'premium' access. I tether the phone when playing, and like wtfovr have usually pings below 100ms, totally playable. I have ATT on the phone and it works great in most locations, for the rare case that there is no or weak signal I have Verizon MiFi. Weird thing is that budget hotels have better WiFi than mid-range, and usually top tier hotel from a chain (Hilton etc) will have ok wifi also. Unfortunately I'm staying mostly in those mid range like Hamptons, Holiday Inns etc. Just be aware that mixing bars and WoT while away from home will have devastating consequences for your WN8 and WR.
  7. _Vlad


    I just started playing this, accidentally the same guy who showed me the World of Tanks was the one who introduced me to iRacing. And I'm hooked. It is surprisingly lots of fun, and I didn't even know it existed, apparently it has been online for years already. For those who don't know what it is (I didn't) - it is online racing, but they keep track of your accidents while racing so people are inclined to actually race and not to wreck each other. And they have "splits", so for the same race they try to put people with similar iRating (think WN8 from WoT) in the same race. One significant advantage over WoT is that my wife gives me hell every time she sees me playing tanks ("Are you playing this childish game again?" - "No, they all have kids themselves!" - "Yeah, right"), but she seems to be quite ok when she sees me doing laps around some track.It is expensive though, you have to pay subscription fee (although they run 50% off now, and sometimes get 3 months for free etc.). And to get into higher ranked series you need to buy cars/tracks on top of it. And you need to buy wheel/pedals. Any other Dad is playing this?
  8. _Vlad

    WoT Februrary 2016

    Just want to say the Mutz rental combined with AX On-Track makes a perfect combo. Running Cromwell (the regular, not Berlin) you make a ton of XP. After disastrous weekend just played 7 games during break (6 in Cromwell and 1 in Fury) and I have almost 1800 average XP/game. If you get into T8 game there are lots of Mutz drivers who don't know what they're doing, plus you can pen them easily.
  9. _Vlad

    2 Monitors for sale.

    There is a buy/sale section in the forum, you may get more views if you post there. I just counted and I have 10 monitors in the basement. Was 11 before but gave one to brother-in-law. For some reason he didn't want any of the 15kHz CRT's I have for my Amigas.
  10. _Vlad

    WGLNA Fantasy

    Thank you very much for this info! I picked Crimson Corsair last day, did he really play one game only? Still 2.2k for a day, should have been 2.5 easily. Last week I was in the lead of the quarterly points, still ended up the quarter with 10 place and a free tank. And I'm going for Fury, I have or can buy all T8's but I love Shermans and can't believe I missed when it was on sale. Now everything is good with the world.
  11. Well, I'm done for today, just my doubles (T6 to 8) plus some games in IS6 (for a total of 33) and for the last 24 hours I have 72% WR and 3200 WN8. Although it gets boring really quick, when I'm loosing I can play 50+ battles a day and at least feel some emotions, not a good ones but still. I would have never imagined I'm going to miss that.
  12. Question: which one of the players threw his PC out of the window after the game:
  13. _Vlad

    What's your worst tank of 100 or more battles?

    ISU-152 46,8% with 1709 WN8. I'm grinding this thing for the last three years. Still didn't finish. I can't play TD, I'm literally afraid to click 'Battle' button when I have it selected. And T50@48%. My first grind ever, russian meds : T43 and T44 at 50%, T54 at 53% and T62a@51%. T43 has also my worst WN8:993. Anomaly which I couldn't understand, T20 - second line I grinded after russians, I was barely above 40% for a long time, but it felt like was doing much better than in T43 (same tier, same type). Finally ended with 51% and 2312 WN8. Average dpg in T20 1350; in T43 679 and only 1% difference in WR. But I have a tendency to escape poor performing tanks in my hand by free exp. There would be a lot more in this list if I included the ones below 100 battles
  14. My best is M6 at 62%/3165 WN8 after 113 battles followed by VK3601H at 68%/2888 WN8 after 151 battles. But I played the VK when it was a medium, after they made it heavy I stripped all the equipment and moved the crew. Still in the garage though. Seal clubbing M4 (before heat changes) and T67 (when it was T49) both at 63%. Over 300 battles in each, I liked it. Funny thing, the VK 3002D is in my top 5 by WN8 with 2741 - only 50 battles though, sold it as soon as the grind was done. Actually I think I free exp'd out of it.
  15. _Vlad

    Maida's Vow to Get Better Thread

    When was the last time you played arty? I guess a long time ago. The maps got changed a lot, spots that were usually arty safe are not anymore, I'm getting hit in spots I wouldn't think was possible. And I'm grinding Jap heavies while the bonuses are still active - it's a nightmare. Like on murovanka I still didn't figure out where to hide, it looks like if you're pushing you're exposed all the time. Playing arty helps a lot to see what they can see.