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  1. Beta is this weekend - starting Jan 19th. Game comes out Jan 26th. Anyone getting it? Wanna come hunt some monsters? I'll be on PS4 for it but it comes out on Xbox at the same time and PC later this year.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't overy excited for this content because i am a trophy/achievement person myself. but now to know that those are still enabled with using these addons thats actually really awesome. Might of just kick started my fire for skyrim again hehe
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4/comments/73z4ty/ps4_system_software_500_released/
  4. Top notch work, that dark theme is a nice addition. Are signatures a thing of the past? i got used to see my trophy list and feel like i was a some what accomplished human being. (not necessary by any means, just curious)
  5. thanks for sticking these somewhere. i tend to watch alot of Datto's videos too, guy really knows how to put the information out there without all the "FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE" every 10 seconds.
  6. I wont be available this evening but I'll keep an eye out for ya. I'm level 265 titan. (i'm 99.9% sure your already on my psn friends list but i'll verify tonight)
  7. Got your request accepted, good to go :-)
  8. that was exactly my train of thought as well haha
  9. SMALL SPOILER if someone doesn't want to know but here is a link to what someone snapped a screenshot of at gamescon as what the different guild ranks will do for you http://i.imgur.com/2gGdZN4.jpg Should be interesting hehe
  10. I do agree, with as large as a game as this is, you would think a few more options would be warranted. that said, its possible they may roll out more, since they don't seem to be a "once you do it, its stuck" type situation. once they see how many clans there will be and how many variations they come out i can see them potentially bringing out more.
  11. I'm down of course - as for maps, I think if we can find a mix of objective play and kill/death play that will give everyone a chance as well and do a best out of 3 or 5...make it interesting instead of flying through the tournament. If it ends up taking multiple days well...then it happens.
  12. I started with the playstation gold headset when they originally came out. Then last year got some Astro A50's - really like them a lot and sound great. Again, I never tend the recommend them because I tend to have buyers remorse (even a year later) about spending that kind of money on a headset. Turtlebeach is who I had when I had my xbox 360 and loved them back in the day and have not heard anything bad about them since. I think you really can't go wrong either way in that price range: Astro A50's - http://www.astrogaming.com/headsets/A50-GEN3.html
  13. Recently purchased this game on PS4 while it was on sale. Really enjoying it on multiplayer, hit me up if you wanna group up!
  14. Patch 1.5 releases on PS4 tomorrow but survival doesn't come out till later in December....darn you exclusivity!
  15. Heard a lot of good reviews and comments on the transformers game. May have to try that out.
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