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  1. I have been playing remote play for about 5 months now because my hdmi port broke on my PS4. Before the 4.5 update I had no problems playing with the setting set at best which is 720 and a strandard frame rate. After the update I have to play on the low setting of 320 which is very pixelated. I am hard wired in on both the PS4 and laptop. My internet is 75 down and 7 up. Anyone know what the problem could be. I have tried to reinstall the remote play application, that didn't work. I have called PlayStation an was told that the update was not the problem and it was my internet. The only thing that has changed in 5 months is the update.
  2. No sir. I'm am using my laptop. I have a vga cable going from laptop to my tv. The controller plugs in to the laptop.
  3. It's on the the controller that has a delayed response, example if I hit x to jump and save a ball in rocket league it does not react immediately and I get scored on. There's like a half a second delay
  4. If I hold for 30 sec will it reset everything. I am not able to get on and repair the PS4 with the remote play if it resets everything. Also I'm I have about a 4 foot Ethernet cable hard wired into my laptop and a 4 foot ether set into my PS4. The. A vga cable from the laptop to the tv. I also did at speed test with okla admit say 79.0 down and 8.1 up
  5. Yes cross play is open but only for private matches
  6. My HDMI port broke the other day and I have to save up to get it fixed. So I started playing remote play and noticed a controller response lag while playing rocket league. It's horrible. Is there a way to fix this? I tried one option with making a new account and then signing in with it and then with a second controller signing in to my original account so the control is connected to the PS4. But I can do that because it wants me to pair my new account with the PS4 and it needs me to type in a code that appears in the PlayStation remote play settings. But I cant see that code because I have no tv out put from the PS4 because of the broken HDMI. I also can't do this while in remote play because it won't let me. So anyone know a way of fixing this ?
  7. Do any of y'all still play rocket league. I still play this game all the time and I am looking for some other dads to play with. Maybe start a team. I'm not the best at the game but not the worse either, so Idc what you skill level is. If interested add me on PS4 underbreadbore.
  8. Ok so here's my story. No I don't want any negativity please, just some advice or thoughts. I got married in April 2009 to my ex wife, I got separated in October of 2009; she woke up one and said duck you I don't love you anymore and left I still to this day don't know why she left. She was also pregnant at time she left. While departed she tried to get me to sign my rights over and said that she would wave child support and let me the kid once a month, of course I said no. She wanted nothing to do me and basically deleted me from her life with in the first 3 hours that she was gone. She told me that she did not want our son to grow up like me. So we got divorced in Jan of 2010. I had no lawyer cause I couldn't afford one and no help from my family. So I stupidly signed the papers. She was awarded 400 dollars a month in child support. She stopped answering my phone calls after the divorce until April when the child was born. She called me 3 hours after he was born and said I could come visit. So I drove up there and got to see him for a total of 5 mins and then the lactation nurse came in and I was told to leave. After she got him from the hospital my supervised visitations started. It was every Wednesday from 9am to 11am. The first visitation when well, the second I got to take a picture with him. I had sent this picture to my ex step dad and he post the picture on Facebook. Well 20 mins after he posted the picture I got a call from ex mother in law saying I was in contempt of court. In our divorce decree it states that nether parent is aloud to post the child on the Internet. The reason for this is because they were scared that someone would try to steal the child. Well I had the picture taken down. So on my third visitation I had showed up and knock on the door and no one answered. So I beat on the door for 20 mins and called everyone that lived in the house. No answer, so I left. Well not even 5 mins after I left I get a call from my ex saying she just woke up. So went back to finish my visitation. While there I asked for another picture and was told because the last time I was aloud a picture it ended up on the Internet, I told her sorry that wasn't my fault. She said I don't care I said no. So I said look you don't have to be a bench about this, then she said don't cuss in front of my son. I told her this is my son too so I'll cuss in front of him if I want. Then she said ok think that's your son think if you want. So I handed her son back to her and told her take your son I'm paying a cent until find if he's mine. 2 days later I was in a lawyers office and was told after 20 mins that if I wanted more help that I would have to pay, which was 2500 bucks, I didn't have that kind of money. So I stupidly just stopped my visitations. And never saw her again. Well now 6 years later I get a letter from the Oklahoma child support office saying I owe 40,591 bucks and have 30 days to pay it. That was last Thursday and on Friday I find out the started to garnish my wages, 202 $ a paycheck. I was already struggling with bills with out the garnishment. So now my wife and 3 year daughter have been drug into this mess. I haven't seen a birth certificate or signed and paper work involving my ex wife's child. So any Adobe would be appropriated, I know need to do a DNA test. I can only assume she has pics all over Facebook which She's blocked me on and I have no idea where she's. I don't if my stupidity has screwed me over for any help with my case. I also need a lawyer that can take payments. Sorry about grammar and punctuation. If have any question feel free to ask.
  9. So I've been play a lot of rocket league lately. So I'm looking to find some ppl that want to play with me. Make a team or just mess around. Add me on ps4 underbreadbore
  10. Well it probably doesn't help that I'm paramedic school and don't get a lot of family time right now. But thanks for the ur advice
  11. My daughter turns 3 in June. I've run into a problem here lately where she is attached my wife by the hip. She often wants nothing to do with me, or even listen to me. The only time she is happy to see me is when I come home from work. She often runs upto me and says daddy daddy daddy. That last for about a min and then she is back to being clingy to her mommy. She hates when I hold her, or try to sit on the couch with her. Is this a phase ? What do I need to do ?
  12. this look awesome ill join u if im not studying. also derpitts you need to have a day where you can play through the whole campaign, it will not save on ps4 for some reason
  13. pharmacology is going to be the death of me

  14. I won't get on until 8 or 9 central time
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