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  1. Xperiment2g

    Advent Calendar 2018

    Gotcha, if I ever decide to finish up the French heavies, I'll consider it. FCM 50t sitting in my garage, looks at me with disgust.
  2. Xperiment2g

    Advent Calendar 2018

    I've got the 40t already, so the Somua is a hard sale for me. That low mobility and weak turret is a big turn off for me. Now with the impending launch of the Auto reloading IS3A, it's gonna be an even harder sale, imho.
  3. Xperiment2g

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Had a nice game and topped it off with Mission completions. Sometimes things just fall in line.
  4. Xperiment2g

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    As it stands right now for crew training in WoT. My goal is usually 4 full skills/perks for the entire crew. After that, I consider it diminishing returns.
  5. Xperiment2g

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    I didn't realize the commander can get to 13 skills/perks. That's crazy, how long that would take in real games.
  6. Xperiment2g

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    In that video Dezgamez had a crew with 7+ skills. 😒
  7. Xperiment2g

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    E100 is not worth keeping; not for CW, not for Pubs. A bunch of other Tier 10 tanks can do what it does and more.
  8. Xperiment2g

    A Well-Deserved Reward

    Hmmm, what's the over under on rollover deaths for the T-50-2 this opening weekend?
  9. Xperiment2g

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    I vote the Obj 140, though I really enjoy the Obj 430U. My second choice would be the T-44, but its a tier 8 and I don't think you should throw your best crew into a Tier 8, with the MM the way it is.
  10. Xperiment2g

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    Yah, I heard that the Standard B is good stuff. I'm just taking a break from grinding in Tier 8. I've been playing in tier 8 a lot lately: SU-101, Panterra as well as Crew training in the T-44-100 and Progetto. Just a little "bottom tier" weary at the moment. I'll go back and finish the Panterra next year probably.
  11. Xperiment2g

    What's Yer Grind - Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

    Got the Obj 277 - neutral, not enough games in it yet. Enjoying the Obj 430U in pubs too much. Czech medium progression; on Skoda T50 - like it. Renewed interest in Obj 268v4; on Obj 263 - like it Casually playing Rasha lights; on LTG. Casually playing French med; on BC 25t AP. Lost interest in the Italian medium line for now; stalled out on Panterra P44. Just one of those tanks that wins are hard to come by. I win more with my Progetto, by a large margin and the two tanks are very similar. AMX 50B; don't see the point of this one for now.
  12. Xperiment2g

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Mountain Pass

    I go south the majority of the time. There are unique occasions when I will go north ice road with aggressive good players, starting from the south spawn. Tanks with good mobility and good turret armor will get up under the northern tanks on the ice road at B-C 7 and one or two will be at D7 on overwatch. I've seen it work with really good results, but the players gotta be aggressive and get up under the Northern spawners straight off. I'll only do this if I see tanks or plattons with [insert top clan names] doing this push. I've done this with my SuperConq being under the North spawners and also with my Object 263 on support.
  13. Xperiment2g

    A Well-Deserved Reward

    I'm in the 5 year level...very nice 🤩. Look at all the bonds they've been throwing out there lately. 🤔
  14. Oh oh...@gpc_4, they have the ELC eleven on sale also. Didn't you mention you regretted not buying one? I sense a WoT purchase in your future.
  15. Xperiment2g

    Bonds & Credits! The Great Railway Heist Missions

    Oh cool, I'm all for that. I won't have the time to do 21+ games a night during the week. I'm only shooting for the 75 bonds, 75K credits part during the week. Hoping the withdrawal from the entire pool is going slowly and that WG will bring down the number of games a per day requirement for the 100 bonds.