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  1. Xperiment2g

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    @gpc you are gonna destroy in this thing. I'm not that good.
  2. Xperiment2g

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    First game, no premium rounds fired. I like it.
  3. Xperiment2g

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    I bid 15,180. I've seen posts of 15K bids not getting anything. GPC mentioned he bid about 20K range.
  4. Xperiment2g

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    Hello there! Looks like I just got in at the lower end of the winning bids. 😁
  5. I haven't played a battle in the Wheelies, test server or otherwise. I have played against quite a few of them in battles. They run into things a lot and have exciting deaths on the move. Maybe I'll get into these things one day.
  6. Good luck to those that are all in, to get this for free. I'm already out: Stage 7 (minimum 80 games) and Stage 9 (minimum 90 games)
  7. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    Defending C zone can be easy rank up if they attack. A lot of times though, the attacking team just bails out of C and overloads A and B zone first. You end up just sitting in C doing practically nothing for the first few minutes.
  8. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    The credit earning has been good here too. I've already cleared close to 6 Million credits. When this is all done, I may splurge on the JPZ E100 that's been sitting there unlocked for over 2 years.
  9. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    To me, C is easiest to defend because you can hull down right in front of the Cap circle. The defenders only need 2 hull down tanks hugging the hill to the north/west of the cap and support fire from the east flank. Meanwhile the attackers are faced with a flat exposed position in the cap circle while being subjected to the fire from the hull downed tanks. The teams I've been on that take C the easiest are the ones that control the east flank and then push as much armor and HP into the cap circle as they can.
  10. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

  11. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    T26E5 or Centurion 5/1 - I've settled in on flexible armor like a mobile heavy or medium with good turret to start, cause I don't know if I'm attacking or defending. Obj 252/Defender or Progetto - I'll move to Obj 252/Defender if attacking or Progetto if defending as my next tanks Lorr 40t - Alternate until my Progetto gets released from repairs. I'll sometimes go back to the Defender to help cap at the second level (D, E, F), but then Force respawn when done capping. M41 90 Blackdog and WZ-132 - I've run these a few times just for fun and to learn light tank tactics. I still suck at lights and this is a good way for me to get experience without hurting a normal randoms game team. I agree with GPC_4, that there seem to be less General ranks being awarded during the game. It may be that people are familiar with the mode and aren't yoloing out like before. I have noticed that the damage numbers at the top aren't as consistently high as they where during the first FL season. Or they tweaked the Rank award mechanic. I got 2 General ranks last night with only 8.5Kish damage(10K combined) and helping 3 caps in each match. I noticed in the match summary, that I had guys on my team that had 12K and one 13.9K damage but only rank Major.
  12. Xperiment2g

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Really appreciate you putting up these codes so I don't have to hunt for them. Thx.
  13. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    Yes (30 tiers => 1 prestige level up) and Yes (episode# +2 = max prestige level allowed to obtain)
  14. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    What I do otherwise the mode would be monotonous. Take out your tier 8 premiums that 3/5/7 has ruined and be top tier every battle. Keep in mind Capping and stopping Cap is what earns the most in the mode. Then try things you wouldn't do in randoms, mistakes don't count on your permanent record...yeah. Use the artillery strike as much as you can, especially if you can target an arty player..muahahaha. Go mano a mano with solo tanks if you're not in the Hot zone, especially if you where going to force respawn anyway to get to the hot zone. Have fun, earn free stuff.
  15. Xperiment2g

    Frontline Returns!

    FYI for the numbers oriented - I was curious myself about rank points needed for each FL tier. Found this reddit post with a points break down. Rank: Private—0 Sergeant—150 Lieutenant—350 Captain—600 Major—900 General—1,200 Tier 2—300 points Tier 3—650 points Tier 4—1,000 points Tier 5—1,400 points Tier 6—1,800 points Tier 7—2,300 points Tier 8—2,900 points Tier 9—3,600 points Tier 10—4,300 points Tier 11—5,000 points Tier 12—5,800 points Tier 13—6,700 points Tier 14—7,600 points Tier 15—8,600 points Tier 16—9,600 points Tier 17—10,700 points Tier 18—11,900 points Tier 19—13,100 points Tier 20—14,400 points Tier 21—15,700 points Tier 22—17,100 points Tier 23—18,600 points Tier 24—20,100 points Tier 25—21,700 points Tier 26—23,300 points Tier 27—25,000 points Tier 28—26,800 points Tier 29—28,600 points Tier 30—30,500 points