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  1. The only thing keeping this out of CW is DPM. A sustained output of fire is not this tanks strong point. Other than that, this tank ROCKS!!! It's probably my favorite tier10 to play in this current version of WoT. It's got top end medium stats for mobility, view range, avg pen shells camo rating...blah blah blah, and you get to clip 4x360 into some poor soul. Warning....it's not an easy tank to play, it's built for those that are good at recognizing and acting on battle opportunities. You brawl with it - your dead. You only snipe with it - you'll think the tank sucks. But, you spend t
  2. I had a good game, but what made this one memorable was that my side was such a heavy underdog. My side had at the top two 6K PRs including myself vs 9K, 8K, multiple 7K and multiple 6K PRs on the other side. Funny this game.
  3. Late to this party, but for the most part, yah win north and you will control the map. Just an fyi for DHO people playing south. There is a BS position in the south, J0/K0, for medium tanks with some turret armor and good camo. Hmmmm, which tank nation would that be 🤔... There are a couple mounds near the red line covered in foliage, but enough room to hull down your medium between the redline and the mounds. You get, hulldown advantage, camo bonus and spotting into the Southwest. Get there quick enough from the Northeast spawn and you are in a very good position to dominate the south fi
  4. I have no official word on this. It's just my opinion. It looks to me that WG is on a purposeful mission, pun intended, to rebalance the total amount of Gold and Silver in the WoT economy. Not sure for what reason right now. It's just small little policy changes here and there. No more gold for selling this or that item, Black Market sale removing huge amounts of gold and silver from community. Now, no gold or silver for Tank reward tanks.
  5. Yup, this is a bummer. I really enjoyed the Ranked battles mode. Hopefully it's just a hiatus due to the event density and will return in the near future.
  6. @Lt_jackson_13 Yes, I believe it was the classic game Style freebee. I went all in on the bonds auction, my winning bid was 15,100.
  7. Getting the hang of this thing. Man the ceiling is high. Also, best camo style for the Cheiftain..imho.
  8. @Crooked... it's 5 a day, but with a new born I sympathize, with the limited time you have to play tanks. I've got a 20 year old now, but still remember the early years.
  9. I'll have the IS to IS-M grind finished tonight. It'll probably end up being about 12 battles total. 😀
  10. Good point Lt. See, old grinding habits haven't caught up to the new world.
  11. Ziggy, yup totally agree. I've been carefully obtaining and training some 0 skill BiA crews over the last couple of years (think discounts). Those crews are hidden gems. Going forward, I suspect we will see quite a lot of players running tanks at higher tiers with crappy crews in them. Talking random games only of course.
  12. I'm not sure how many of those X3 after game modifiers you get per day. I know it's at least 3. Anyone know the exact number you get per day? I couldn't find a definitive answer to that question.
  13. Daily x2 XP, XP boosters, Special events, blue prints, platoon boost XP and also WoT premium x3 boost. I don't even think you can call it grinding anymore. I've decided to get the Obj 705a and have gone back to restart the IS for grind from scratch - 0 XP. I did only 3 battles last night and already have over 11 XP on it. This is amazingly fast how the XP is accumulating compared to the old days. 🎆
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