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  1. Erza_The_Titania


    Im online now if you are. Hop into TS and I can give you the run down if you like.
  2. Erza_The_Titania

    BF1 Looking for players

    I play on XB1 if you are looking for a partner...not the best, but thats only because I havent really dedicated any time to get gud. "Erza o Scarlet" is my user name. Im in mountain time and work nights, let me know if that works for you.
  3. Erza_The_Titania

    TS dead? & FOG

    Well After being on daily for a couple weeks, a short break, and back at it again yesterday I have seen exactly 0 people in our TS channel. Today alone there were ~7 members online. Nothing wrong with playing alone and stuff, but has anyone been on at all lately? I work odd hours but Im still able to get on during what used to be prime time. Oh well, I enjoy playing with you guys as always let me know if you want to play. Im more about team play and a slightly more competitive nature than well, what has been the past 6 months. I look forward to playing for FOG here shortly, but will still be a "active" member of DHO. Guess I will see you guys around. ~Erza
  4. Erza_The_Titania


    Des Moines for the win. Never underestimate the power of US AP. Most of these cits are from an Iowa and Yamato.
  5. Erza_The_Titania

    Premium Ship Sale

    But does it include the nikolai??? No. Because war gaming =( Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  6. Erza_The_Titania

    Possible 0.5.6 patch notes, carriers beware?

    I will run mine tonight and give my opinion on it. I know before the patch I wrecked face in mine. Hopefully no ninja nerfs =(.
  7. Erza_The_Titania

    Possible 0.5.6 patch notes, carriers beware?

    hard to say how long, but if you look we are about to enter 0.5.1 and the notes at the top are for 0.5.6 so could be anywhere from 6-12 months depending.
  8. Erza_The_Titania

    Possible 0.5.6 patch notes, carriers beware?

    and here is 0.5.1 patch notes courtesy of OMG_Laserguns World of Warships - Update Notes Changes: Premium US Tier V cruiser Marblehead: nominal price changed from 500 to 3100 doubloons. This ship is currently not available for purchase, this change will only affect the amount of credits that players will receive when selling her. Premium US Tier VII cruiser Indianapolis has been added to the client for testing purposes and she is not yet available to the general public. Indianapolis is not available for purchase or research, but players may * see her being tested on the live server. Torpedo defense option "Chance of flooding reduction" is removed from ship characteristics in Port, as its display mechanics (display only, not the calculations) had issues Pre-battle countdown timer has been changed from 60 to 45 seconds Fixed issues: Corrected descriptions for the actions that are assigned by default to the [X] and [RMB] in the control settings Fixed an issue, that made it impossible to close incomplete team battle window Fixed an issue, that caused torpedo detection distance (displayed in the tooltip for "Hydroacoustic Search" equipment ) being displayed without taking "Vigilance" skill into account Fixed an issue with in-game surveys not working for localizations other than RU and EN Fixed an issue, that caused "Damage Control System Mod. 1" to affect the performance characteristics of "Torpedo defense: Damage Reduction" Flight Control "Mk8 mod. 1" module research price has been reduced to 0 for the premium US Tier VII aircraft carrier Saipan. Fixed an issue, that caused permanent camouflage for the premium British battleship Warspite to be displayed incorrectly Fixed an issue with the EN localization installing by mistake with update release Fixed an issue that lead to bots shooting more accurately in version 0.5.5 Fixed an issue, that caused messages for disbandment and formation of the divisions in Port, to be displayed in battle chat Fixed one of the reasons of an issue, that caused "black screen" to appear for a few seconds before the battle Fixed an issue where there was no available server at the login screen
  9. Captains, Here are some possible patch notes I found on Reddit for 0.5.6 coming in the "near" future. Take them with a grain of salt, but you can see a possible future for AA and carriers. Maybe carriers at T10 wont be OP any longer. Thanks to TaKeYoUrWaY on the WoWS - US General Forums: EDIT The Thread is now dead. Consolidated information (changes) of test version. Check the information athttp://gamemodels3d....orldofwarships/ Without further ado, Buffs: New Mexico ​Hull C - some single-mount Oerlikon -[become]-> twin-mount Oerlikon. AA goes to 58/75/60 (outer/mid/inner AA ring, add up for total AA, and check in-game stats for current AA) Cleveland - 127mm DP has 5km range as secondary armament. (was 4km) Colorado ​Hull C- some single-mount Oerlikon --> twin-mount Oerlikons, some twin-mount Bofors --> quad-mount Bofors. AA goes to 58/161/133. N. Carolina​ Hull A - ALL Bofors --> quad-mount Bofors. AA goes to 151/159/166. 127 DP has 5km range as secondary. (was 4.5km) N. Carolina Hull B - more quad Bofors!. AA goes to 151/239/158. DP buffs. ​Iowa Hull A - ALL Bofors --> quad-mount Bofors. AA goes to 151/223/76 ​Max speed goes to 33knot with engine upgrade. DP has 6km range as secondary. Iowa Hull B - more quad Bofors AA goes to 151/286/176. DP and speed buffs. Iowa Hull C - more and more quad Bofors. AA goes to 151/302/195 (a total of 19 quad Bofors installed, historical config. Hurray!). DP and speed buffs. Montana -​ Get 1 more quad Bofors to surpass Iowa. (20 mounts, was 19, guess where is the new Bofors installed ;) AA goes to 157/318/194. Maximum speed goes to 30knot. 127mm DP has 6km range as secondary. (was 5km) Ishizuchi - Now she has AA! AA goes to 6/0/0 (go and get your first plane shotdown in Ishizuchi) Myogi Hull C - has more 25mm AA gun installed, and say bye-bye to small caliber AA guns. AA goes to 15/40/0. Kuma Hull B - more AA guns! AA goes to 0/30/5. Furutaka - the old Hull C is her new Hull B, and the new Hull C comes with 3 twin-mount main turrets! (30s/180deg, 36s for single-mount turrets) Reload time is independent from the Hull upgrade, 200mm shell always takes 22s to reload and 203mm takes 15s. AA goes to 20/20/7. Fuso Hull B - more small caliber AA guns! AA goes to 40/14/35. Fuso Hull C - bye-bye small caliber AA guns! AA goes to 40/81/0. Aoba Hull A - now uses the same DP as Furutaka Hull C. AA goes to 20/10/53. She now has more hit point. (30500, was 26300) Aoba Hull B - has more hit point. (31900, was 30500) Nagato Hull B - more 25mm AA guns! AA goes to 40/70/0. And she now has turrets with rangefinders! Nagato Hull C - more 25mm AA guns! AA goes to 40/188/0. Amagi Hull C - more 25mm AA guns! AA goes to 81/215/0​. Hipper -​ Hull C (new). With powerful AA guns. AA goes to 100/135/53 (See below for her Hull B stats). Roon Hull B -​ More AA guns! AA goes to 100/165/60. (See below for her Hull A stats). From Hipper Hull B all the way to Hindenburg - HE ammo changed to "203mm Spr.gr. L/4.7 Kz." (2500 13%, was 2300 11%, spam the HE!) U.S.S.R. ships - Global buff to three AA guns. 37mm 70-K AA gun has range increased to 3.2km (was 2km). 37mm 66-K and 37mm 46-K AA gun have range increased to 3.5km (was 3.2km). Check in-game to see who are affected. Moskva - 130mm DP has 6.5km as secondary. (was 5km, U.S.S.R over U.S. indeed, play soviet ships for the win!) Tweaks: Karlsruhe - armor scheme changed. Konigsberg Hull B - removed some AA guns for a new catapult and catapult fighter consumables. AA downs to 24/10/12. Armor scheme changed. Nurnberg - Hull C (new). Removed two torpedo tubes and catapults for additional AA guns. AA goes to 32/60/89. The total research cost is unchanged. Hipper Hull B - ALL 20mm Flak 38 --> 37mm Flak 30. AA downs to 100/55/52 (enhanced mid ring but nerfed inner ring). Hindenburg - ALL 40mm Flak 28 --> 7 new twin-mount 55mm Gerat 58. AA downs to 133/206/72 (but mid ring now has consistent range of 5km, consider it a tweak). Nerfs: Roon Hull A - 37mm Flak LM/42 --> 20mm Flak 38. AA downs to 100/117/30. (enhanced inner ring but nerfed mid ring, consider it a nerf). Japanese ships - Global nerf to 100mm DP. It lost 36% of its original AA strength. (13.3dps each mount, was 20.8). (Zao, Ibuki, Taiho and Hakuryu are affected, do your math to see how bad the nerf is). -Erza
  10. Erza_The_Titania

    Anyone using Mods?

    I would more than happy to provide the list of mods I use, which is what Hapa did for me lol. Simple stuff that makes a big difference is all I use. I use some cosmetic stuff for the captains, but its not mandatory. Just let me know, I may even just post the list here. ~Erza
  11. This sounds like your ship might be moving in and out of the smoke "circles". This is also caused by DDs moving at full speed while dropping their smoke. If you have ever noticed a dd appearing and disappearing while laying smoke they are actually outrunning their smoke cloud "circles". If this is a bug, I have not seen it yet. The Umikaze is a keeper for T2. One of the best detection ranges on any DD, and it has the torp reload/range to really hurt even upwards of T5. I would recommend capitalizing on a premium IJN dd to make the captain really stand out. I cant think of any ship at T3 I personally would consider keeping. T4 has a few good boats. The Wyoming has good potential along with the Clemson and maybe the Kuma if you have patience. It all really depends on what you enjoy playing, and what boats you enjoyed so much you want to keep them. As far as "good" ships, that is completely dependent on player skill and what you enjoy playing. If you hate BBs, I wouldn't recommend either of the available lines. Hope that helps!!!
  12. Yes, and there are some good mods that will make the warning/what is detecting you more visible on your screen. Hope that helps! ~Erza
  13. Captains, As promised, here is the singular forum for asking game play questions. This should allow other captains to assist you in one neat and uniform location. Ask away! ~Commodore Erza
  14. Erza_The_Titania

    Commodore's Cabin

    UPDATE -- UPDATE -- UPDATE -- UPDATE Captains, It has been awhile since the last update, but here we are. After taking a short but needed break from the game I am back and ready to start playing again. A lot of changes have taken place since the last commodore update so lets get started. DHO Able/Bravo team - has been placed on hold due to limited player resources. Not necessarily a bad thing, but leadership has determined that we are not capable of supporting an organized team on a schedule. Really all team battles have been proving difficult to manage as the way teams function impede large group play. I would like to encourage all DHO WOWS members to continue utilizing their respective teams as they please, and above all else continue having fun! Super dropping divisions - Same problem as above, but we can rectify this as a community. I will give out the times I will be on (not guaranteed as I do have other things to accomplish.) to try and play with more individuals. I know it wont work for everyone, so if there are others interested in just running a division, PM me and we can get another thread going. I hope to see more activity from our members, and meet more of our newer players this way. Battleship Bingo - I plan on organizing a bingo event in the near future (next couple of weeks). The way I plan on making this work will be to send out a list of actions that can be performed in the average game. Once they players fill out a board and send them back to me they will be entered. I will then create a poll to determine when the most people will be available. Once a date/time is set I will start a twitch stream and play games(hopefully with some others) and play until bingo is met. Depending on cost, I plan on having a first, second, and third place prize. Examples of actions should be something like ram a battleship, sink a ship within 3km, or sink a ship with secondaries. Feed back for this event will be appreciated, and please help to generate some hype as it can/will help our numbers. Just a note, this will only be for members of the DHO community and will be verified when the bingo sheets are sent back in to me. New mechanics/play style guidance - I have been playing the game for a while now and I am very familiar with the current mechanics of the game. If anyone would like/needs some advice please do not hesitate to ask. I dont pretend to know everything, but I do know a lot and have a pedigree to back it up =). If there are others that feel comfortable in giving this type of advice, PM me as I started a single thread for these types of questions. We are seeing the forum fill up when we could have a single thread. That is all for now captains, if you feel I missed anything PM me and I will try and include it in the next commodore update. Until than, I hope to see you in game. o7 ~Commodore Erza