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  1. PapaBibsy

    Warframe: The Sacrafice

    So, it looks like Warframe isn't the powerhouse it used to be. But.....is anyone here going to TennoCON??
  2. PapaBibsy

    DHO Warframe Clan Info - All Platforms

    Can I get an invite to the clan? Would love to get into a dojo :)
  3. PapaBibsy

    Playstation Plus games for June 2017

    Paid for KF2 around Christmas time. Not bitter that it's free now, pretty happy there's way more people playing. Shorter wait time for servers and such. Just wish people would learn to not go into the harder difficulties until they're the proper level
  4. PapaBibsy

    Vasectomy notes

    Had the slice and dice procedure. Worst part hands down was the freezing. Think "paintball gun point blank to the lads". Freezing wore off in the car, which led to the most painful drive of my life. That being said, I once rode on the back of an atv through a forest over logs and rocks minutes after breaking 3 ribs, 3 vertebrae fracturing my pelvis in 2 spots and a broken collar bone. The nuts were worse.
  5. What movie is the opening from? Sounded like Harland Williams to me.
  6. PapaBibsy

    FV304 feels different...

    Yeah, I agree. It's now chubs McGee, and does not feel anything like it used too. Here's hoping that WG brings it back to its old glory at some point. It's the only arty that I really cared for, and the only arty that I have.
  7. PapaBibsy

    DHO6 A call to arms

    I always see a bunch of guys playing, but TS usually has the same 3 or 4 guys from DHO 6 on :(
  8. PapaBibsy

    Computer reqs for HD vs SD

    Just bought a new budget gaming laptop, and it runs everything maxed, and I'm getting nothing but happy frames :) Dell Inspiron 15 7000 I7-6700HQ Nvidia gym 860m 4gb DDR5 8gh Ram Grabbed it for $1029.00 Canadian. Talked the Best Buy guys down quite a bit, and scored a free 32gb usb ;)
  9. PapaBibsy

    Dads playing Battleborn

    Solkamaar just picked it up for ps4 also. Neither solk or moose dig into the forums too much. Thought I'd speak up for them.
  10. PapaBibsy

    Dads playing Battleborn

    Moosenz and Myself are picking up battleborn today for ps4. Sign us up! ;)
  11. PapaBibsy

    Battlefield 1 WW1 trailer

    I hear ya. I'm done with the CoD games. Not a big fan of hearing how a twelve year old banged my mom lastnight... I could go for a new Brothers in Arms game, or maybe a console version of red orchestra.
  12. Wow, just wow! Saw the new BF1 trailer and my mind was blown. Looks like dice is going back to their roots and bringing the series to WW1. Join the hype train. w00t w00t
  13. PapaBibsy

    Incursion Exploit

    I second that!I've fallen through roof tops only to be tossed out into an ally during fights, and I've been killed by random enemies that appear in front of me while I'm just walking around minding my own business. Also, Go Sens Go ;)
  14. PapaBibsy

    Zombies, Run! app

    Sorry man, I can't remember how the supply runs work. I just remember loosing a bunch every time zombies would kill me. Have you tried using a game genie?