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  1. Is the Clan Wars typically every Monday and Tuesday night?
  2. Wow, yea I'm going to have to get that lol
  3. You like the standard B? I've heard its a great medium tank at tier 9.
  4. Well, guess I'm going to have pull my IS3A out of mothballs lol.
  5. Cool, will do. I've been playing BF since BF 1942 came back when I was in college.
  6. Just seeing if any Dads are playing Battlefield 5?
  7. I purchased it today. However, I purchased it in case I ever needed a heavy tank to play in tier 8 strongholds. I believe they are the go to heavy tank now in the tier 8 stronghold matches.
  8. I skipped the IS-M and went straight to the 705. So far i'm really enjoying the 705. Really good armor, good punchy gun, side-scrapping beast. Gun depression is only 5 degrees, but so is the IS-M. If you are able to compensate for it in the IS-M you will be fine. Kinda plays to me like a better VK 45.02 B.
  9. The 0.19 dispersion is not bad, its the same as the lorr. 40t. and T-54 mod 1. So, if you have played those tanks its going to feel the same. I think the Pz. 58 Mutz has a better dispersion of 0.17 but weaker armor. The T-44-100 is not going to be as peppy as the Lorr. 40t or the Pz. 58 Mutz, but quicker than the T-54 mod 1. I generally favor speed over armor especially in the current meta. Yes, the turret can be bouncy, but its not something I generally depend on. I guess what I like about it the most is it has enough speed to flex and possible carry, while just enough armor to help with my screw ups. lol In my opinion, its not the best premium tier 8 medium tank you can get. However, I think its the best "Russian" tier 8 premium medium tank you can get.
  10. I have it, not bad really. Its good if you play medium tanks regular and understand how to flank. Decent credit earning. Let me say though I enjoyed playing the T-44 at tier 8 and its play style is almost identical. Therefore, if you did not enjoy the T-44 then I would pass.
  11. WOW, we must be really lowing our standards to let this bum in!! lol J/K hey older brother has to mess with he younger brother right lol!
  12. Very good point. One thing I have noticed with the new MM changes, whenever I platoon I get bottom tier way more than when I'm playing solo. Normally, I don't have an issue with this. However, players much better than me platoon more than solo. That way they can keep their win rate in the blue / purple range. The problem I have is I feel that puts me and my other platoon mate at a disadvantage, because of the 3/5/7 MM template. Let me point out I'm NOT in favor of skill based MM for solo players who enter random battles. However, I do think it would be beneficial for a skill based MM tilted toward platoons. That way it can match the platoons against other platoons who have a similar combined skill level. Especially since a really good platoon can effectively carry a team to a win. One of the reason I enjoy playing this game is working with others as a team to accomplish a goal. If I feel i'm always at a disadvantage while working with a team, its starts to get a bit overwhelming.
  13. So speaking of the 183, how do you normally run your ammo loadout? All Hesh? 6 / 6 split of HESH and AP? something completely different lol? I just got it two days ago and I'm trying to gauge the best way to play it without going completely broke in the process lol.
  14. Its a common issue with games that have some sort of leveling mechanic. For instance I played World of Warcraft for many years, Clan Wars and Strongholds would be something akin to reaching level cap and then telling players "Well go find a raiding guild and dedicate time aside to raid 25 man dungeons". I think it would be nice if war gaming could introduce some AI assisted battles. Almost like a team of 10 tanks who all fill a certain roll based on tank class, would compete together to conquer or kill some time of objective manged by AI opponents. Maybe act out famous battles where each tank class would have to fill a certain roll to be able to win. Such as, two lights would have to spot gun placements so the TD's could knock them out. That in-turn would engage the AI heavy's to move forward and allow the heavy's on the team to brawl them out. It could be tuned to the level of difficulty that you are looking for "Casual/ Hardcore". Games like WOW have started doing this to help with their sub base which as has been falling just as bad as WOT. However, you don't want this type of game mode to take away from the core of the game, which is PVP. This game has one of the steepest learning curves I have played. I also agree with the points you have listed to help retain some of the players who start playing. I do feel seal clubbers hurt this game in the long run, especially tier 3 and below.
  15. Premium rounds have been in the game since I started back in 2013, the only difference was you had to actually use gold to purchase them. Having the premium rounds only purchasable by gold is the very essence of pay to win, because you can not earn gold in game but had to buy it with real money. At least with the way it is now I can at least earn credits to purchase the premium rounds instead of having to buy them out right. At the moment, the game is balanced around premium rounds with the way the tier mm is set up. I'm not sure there is away to remove the round without starting from scratch with tank balance and the tiered mm. I think the biggest issue right now is what one poster said earlier, no viable end game. For me, I enjoy the social aspect, and challenging myself by trying to steadily improve my play.
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