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  1. evil-night_

    Dads playing Red Dead Redemption 2

    Add me to the pa4 list (evil-night_) I'll be getting it for xmas
  2. evil-night_

    Monster Hunter: World

    I got this game a few days ago after renting it on redbox. The game is really fun and the graphics are amazing (ps4) my only knock would be not being able to pause when doing solo missions. You can always just hide In plants, however your time for mission will still be running. I havnt tried doing multiplayer missions yet. Currently switching to work at home i my new job so i dont have a lot of time to play. I would 100% recommend this game. If you want to test it out rent at redbox for $3 for a night.
  3. evil-night_

    Finally leaving walmart

    Well.....i was terminated from walmart on the 21st without ever being told I was..... On a plus note I start the new job Wednesday
  4. evil-night_

    LOLs at your Spouse's expense

    The other day she was getting ready to cook standing next to the sink. Our 2 year old daughter was coming to show us a penny that she had found, she tripped over a chair and threw the penny forward and when it got the ground it started rolling by the baseboards under the sink. She starting screaming for me to KILL IT!!! After laughing for a couple minutes I stepped on it and said " there the penny's dead" Now I mess with her and tell her to watch out for pennies.
  5. evil-night_

    Finally leaving walmart

    Thanks man! Can't wait everyone I talked too said it's works better
  6. It's been 5 long years but I am finally going to be leaving walmart. I've put alot into the company only to be pushed down. Tried to move up for over 3 years and each time told I would be amazing for the job but I would not get it! I am now going to start my next career at IGA :) I even got a .30 raise switching
  7. evil-night_

    Laptop replacement

    Did he end up replacing it? If not that's bull and id contact police. I don't know about where you are but here in maine they are obligated to replace it if they break it.
  8. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    Gran turismo sport at my hometown game stop is releasing game at 9pm not 12 am if anyone else preorder id check
  9. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    I always use a controller, had a steering wheel as a kid. Steering wheels seems like you have to over correct alot
  10. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    Just logged in and lost the 50k credits I earned this morning :/
  11. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    Ya they made this one so realistic, only thing I have found is before a turn let off gas tap the brake as you start your turn and feather the gas through the turn, mid turn slightly turn against your drift so you will straighten out at the end of it. You have to hammer the gas at the end or else the ai will destroy you though
  12. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    So playing this morning (demo) I encountered a glitch that I hope they fix.... While in a race on the last lap I was leading by about .1 seconds going into the last turn. Exit of the turn I switch to the bottom of the track to block the other cars (ai seems to love the bottom) as I got down there the car proceeded to go through the trunk area of my car and spin me out. Every time this happened before the cars would hit the back of my car and would send me forward, so I don't know if it's a bug or just a fluke. All in all tho they did an amazing job with this game! Even though you get a small % of the game it's already addicting! Even the rally races that I use to love they made more challenging you can't just hammer the gas through a turn. This is definitely going to be worth the price! (I got theikited edition at game stop preorderd) get 1m credits and like 12-14 free cars
  13. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    If anyone wants easy credits keep repeating the first race under arcade with the mercedes-benz on hard, at lvl 7 (don't know if it matters) I was getting 8.3k credits for a 3:44 min race
  14. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    I played it this morning, the game is beautiful!
  15. evil-night_

    Gran turismo sport

    The demo is going to be live today till the 12th up to 1m credits and all progression will transfer over to the real game