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  1. You said wargaming and support in the same sentence. ...
  2. ^^^ This is why my IS-6 has been parked and gathering dust for .... a loooong time :)
  3. I'm all in if you need legionnaires. Can't have too much coordinated fun with DHO.
  4. I'd like to see a new map that when an arty clicks battle alarms go off and a giant message pops up that says "Try again with a real tank, loser"
  5. Got a 16560 on Ultra. Just unboxed a new rig yesterday so.... Games load so much quicker from as ssd. On a side not, if anyone is looking to upgrade to a GTX 750 ti I'd be happy to help a brother out.
  6. Felt like we gave as good as we got last night. Looking forward to some more coordinated tanking with you guys :)
  7. That would be me ? In my defense, I was getting set to shoot bad guys and wasn't expecting a full stop at that moment ? I did try to push him back over.
  8. I think he reads all responses. I hope I'm not about to be infamous on his channel. Had a FADES member in a match yesterday that played like a absolute donkey and possibly cost the match. I called him on it before I saw his clan tag. Color me salty
  9. That GPC flip was hilarious and catastrophic to that match all at the same time. As soon as we all bunched up right there in front of their guns, it was over I'm looking forward to some more of that. The advances.. not the flipping and everyone dying part.
  10. So much sarcasm. Must be a Canadian thing :)
  11. I do that when wearing my headphones and forget that I'm 'thinking' out loud ? She once asked me why I played the game since it makes me so mad sometimes.. I had no response ? and the best one ever was when she asked who Arty was and why did I game with him if he was so bad. ?
  12. I once went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
  13. Outstanding! So, is there a consensus on this being regular thing?
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