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  1. Anyone find any of the available premiums worthy of giving up half value on owned premiums and trading in for?
  2. I actually bought the Berlin Quartet package twice in the past. I'm a sucker for free BIA crews. Curious that one of the crews this time around is not BIA, while the others are.
  3. Howdy folks. I'm back playing tanks again. I'm still a filthy casual and I still suck, but I try. If you'll have me back, I'm just looking for a group with active platooning. I've missed you guys *sniff*.
  4. I went 4 for 23 last night. Didn't seem to matter how well I played. That's the worst run I can recall ever having. To me it seems pretty simple. I can't go 4 for 23 without someone going 19 for 23 at some point. Every time 15-players lose a battle, 15-other players win a battle. The biggest thing that will influence that one way or the other for me is my own skill. I don't believe anyone finds themselves on crap teams more than anyone else. My goal is to get to a point where I'm not part of what makes it a crap team.
  5. Thanks, Blackroan! I picked up several things that should help me make immediate improvements in my LT game. Worth every bit of gold (and more) I had to spend afterward refitting tanks and crews to take advantage of some of your advice. Really appreciate your taking the time. -GV
  6. I might add Glacier to the list of maps. Brand new map for me.
  7. Fjords, Minsk, Pilsen, Paris, Serene Coast, Studzianki I'm pretty one-dimensional on these maps. I have some feel for scouting one or two specific areas, and would like to see how I could be more effective and able to adapt as the battle changes. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, and 9pm EST Wednesday would be great.
  8. I would definitely be down for a LT class. I'm on most weeknights by 9:00 pm Eastern. Various times on weekends. Thanks!
  9. Nice match! Love the troll turret on that T-34S. Also, I've never noticed Churchills spamming HE before. Is that a thing?
  10. I don't typically set goals beyond having a general understanding what I'm working toward. Ok, I guess that's basically what setting a goal is in a nutshell, but I don't look at it that way. Take my weight for example. I don't have a target weight or a bikini I want to squeeze into. I don't bother with special diets-of-the-day or the latest exercise programs. I simply understand that at this point for me it's simply a matter calories in vs. calories out and basic willpower. Setting a goal weight doesn't change my approach. It just feels like a silly mind game to me. By no means would I ever j
  11. "kill-securing" as I recall from his vernacular.
  12. I'll take it! Thanks! Who knows, maybe my magnetic personality will bring more of us back out of the woodwork.
  13. If I ever re-roll, my name will be Skibidi.
  14. Howdy folks! I've been away a couple years, but I'm back, playing tanks again, and it just ain't the same without my clan bros. I would like to humbly request reinstatement in DHO, any clan but X (I just have neither the skill nor time to commit). Full disclosure: I wasn't a great player, when I was a regular. I think my highest WR was 49.9x, dropping to 49.3x prior to my hiatus. I had decided I was more interested in grinding fresh, new tanks than playing a lot of games in tanks I was "better" in. "Gotta catch 'em all" and all that. Now with all the map redesigns (which I really like, bt
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