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  1. That may be a recent change. I'm pretty sure I've tried before, but was unable to do so.
  2. I've heard of "zero lot line" properties, where the house is basically built right up to one edge of the lot. I've never understood why this would be done, but it could be the case with yours.
  3. Seriously. Buy ammo online. The Mosin is one of the best deals in a rugged woodsman rifle you will find. I have one, and I'll never sell it. https://www.wikiarms.com/group/7.62x54R
  4. I can tell you that once the water main enters my house (city water), all the piping is the same size to every faucet/spigot. Even still, I see fluctuations in pressure with more or less taps open. I've just always assumed it to be a normal thing, as it's been that way in every house in which I've lived.
  5. Yup, common in my house as well. It's the worst when there is a load of laundry in the washing machine. It's a high efficiency machine, so it cycles water into the tub every 45-seconds or so during the wash cycle. Working the temperature control on the shower head to avoid alternating between hypothermia and 2nd degree burns feels like this...
  6. As usual, WG confuses physics fails and otherwise funny situations with RNG. I guess the last thing they would want to do is showcase actual RNG craziness.
  7. I'd say you're making some assumptions, there.
  8. We'll be buying a house in a more rural area in the next few months (hopefully), and I've been considering building a chicken coop for a fresh supply of eggs. There is a lot of information on YouTube on the subject, but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with it and might share a few nuggets of wisdom.
  9. My IQ dropped a few points from watching that.
  10. Awesome game! What were you thinking there at the beginning when you started to go middle and then doubled back to go tracks?
  11. Cut out another section of sub-floor in the dining room, and we found ourselves shooing him away more than once. The last item on my sub-flooring pre-install checklist has become, "Eyes on Baby Huey" (right after "did I leave any tools in the floor", of course).
  12. I've spent this week tearing up carpet in our house and replacing it with laminate flooring. It's not gone nearly as smoothly as expected. You pick up a couple of the sample pieces in the store, and they seem to lock together easy peasy, but in practice the stuff is more temperamental. Add to that all the little things that the builder of the house fudged on, walls that aren't straight and various things you just have to deal with, like shifting furniture around and corralling pets, while working. Speaking of pets, in addition to two dogs we have two cats, a brother and sister from the same litter. The female is a typical cat - aloof and will allow you to pet her when she wants and only the way she insists. Her brother is about twice her size (he's like a mini panther) and thinks he's a dog - always up in your grille, seeking attention. Sweetest cat you've ever seen. However, he's dumb as a bag of hammers. Seriously, I've seen this cat fall down the stairs more than once. I often refer to him as Baby Huey. Well, the female cat went through a phase a while back, where she would urinate into one of the heating vents in the floor of the living room. Disgusting, I know. When I tore up the carpet, I had to cut out a section of the sub-floor around that vent and replace it, as well as a section of the ducting and the vent. A couple days later we noticed we hadn't seen Baby Huey lately. Then we started hearing him meowing, but couldn't find him. Yup, you guessed it. After cutting out the section of sub-flooring to confirm how thick it was and leaving for the hardware to pick up a sheet, he seized the opportunity to go exploring between the floor joists between the living room and the finished basement. I came home, cut the replacement section and installed it, entombing him. I had all the laminate flooring down in the living room by the time we realized what he'd done. Luckily the main HVAC trunk runs through our unfinished laundry room (also in the basement), and I was able to shine a flashlight down the bulkhead through which it runs. I spotted his eyes peeking over a run of ducting that was blocking him from exiting into the laundry room. Long story short - I've got new flooring in my living room and a new cat rescue hole in the ceiling of my finished basement. I'm fairly certain that Baby Huey learned nothing.
  13. Geek_Verve


    A buddy of mine got really good results using OSB/sub-floor decking for the top and liberally coating it with polyurethane. Me, I'd probably just go with the thickest smooth surface plywood I could find at my local hardware.
  14. As someone who has yet to complete all five missions in the first set, SoS and BiA being compatible is a welcome change. I can remember running one then two female crew members, hating the fact that I was getting nothing from their first skill, and that they were skilling up farther and farther ahead of the next one I was working toward. Once I got three for my French medium grind, getting more seemed such a daunting task under those circumstances that I just stopped working on them altogether.
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