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  1. For those that have not done the raids, you should join us on Tuesday nights (if you are a PS4 player), or keep an eye out for the posts for people playing on the XBone. (I've done both the Vault and Crota on XBone in the last 4 weeks.) If it weren't for the likes of Phoenix, S1th, Azz, Archie, etc, I wouldn't have run them either. If you are worried about "not being good enough" then when you see a raid, ask if it is open for newbies. Everyone I have played with has seemed more than happy to have new people run with them. (On both platforms.) I personally LOVE taking people through that have never done it before. It takes a bit longer because you have to explain everything, but it is always fun to hear the new guy get totally excited when the final boss is down. (I was the "new guy" taking Oryx down last night, it was great!!) Also, if you are an introvert like me, most of the Dads I have played with have been really cool. Some of the Dads I have played with have even gotten me out of my shell and gotten me to sing along with music playing in the background. (Then, they promptly asked me to stop because their ears were bleeding... My siblings got the singing talent.. I got the computer nerd talents. ;) BTW - Pumpkins are NICE! I carved one last night, but it is the "typical" pumpkin.. Not very exciting.
  2. Good luck you guys! I'd be all over this if my light level was high enough.. But, I'll probably be grinding tonight in an effort to join you guys in the future! (Beat Oryx last night for the first time on PS4, looking forward to doing it on XBone now too! ;)
  3. Sorry.. A bit slow to update the list, but I added you guys! Thanks for helping us out again! It was fun last week, and should be fun this week too! I'll make sure we aren't in a strike this week when 8pm rolls around. I'll also see if Diddy can reach out to anyone else that he plays with. For my part, I have a friend that is getting an XBone pretty soon, and has been playing Destiny on the 360. So, we might have another person join us when we do these. I'd *LOVE* to do King's Fall next week, but I think Diddy and I will need a week or two to get our light level up. So, if you guys like doing a weekly raid, lets talk tonight about what we want to do next week. (Or, if you wanna wait until we get our light up, that is cool too.) The PS4 group I play with on Tuesday nights made it to Oryx last night, but we didn't manage to beat him. But, we are getting close! (I think we were all getting too tired and sloppy. ;) BTW - King, happy belated Thanksgiving! (I think I saw a comment from you that you live in Canada. My company has a large customer in Canada that we are working with, so I was informed on Monday that they had the day off. ;)
  4. Looking to run the Crota raid on normal this Wednesday! Like last week, this will be a learning/fun run with at least one player that has never run it before, so please sign up if you want to learn how to do the Crota raid, and have the patience to go easy on newbies! (The group last week was excellent! We had a good time and got it done!) List for Wednesday : 1. Forbonic Acid (Titan 40) 2. DiddyRunDaCity (Hunter 40) - Never run Crota before. 3. KingDumbarse 4. rc_pilot 5. 6. Depending on if we cheese it, or not, you will want a good sniper rifle, and a good rocket launcher. (Something that tracks is always nice! And, the Gjallerhorn is still considered "good" for this raid! (But, if you don't have one, you are still welcome!) I am pretty horrible with the sword, so hopefully we can get someone that is good at it. If not, it may take a bit longer than "normal" as we figure out who has the magic fingers for taking down Crota.
  5. Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for the VoG run last night! As we were heading to the Tower at the end my connection dropped again. *sigh* I'm just glad it only dropped me a couple times at the beginning and then let us get through it before it dropped me again! But, it was fun, and I learned some new stuff too! (Which is always cool!) I plan to post the Crota run on Monday, but it will be at the same time on Wednesday. Diddy and I have a standing game on Wednesday nights. I'm going to also try to get my light level up so that maybe you guys can teach me a thing or two about King's Fall. P.S. Watch out for that S1th guy.. He tries to get you to join the dark side using cookies! (But, I have heard they are good cookies.)
  6. I'm okay with an LFGer as long as they know that this is a "fun run" where we are trying to give some new people an opportunity to experience the raid. This will probably mean a fair number of wipes as they learn the mechanics and make all of the silly mistakes that I did the first few times I ran the vault. (Who am I kidding.. Silly mistakes that I *STILL* sometimes make!) I just don't want an LFGer to end up rage quitting on us, or ripping in to anyone that is just trying to have some fun and learn something new. (So, probably no squeakers.) My experience with LFG has been a bit mixed, which is one of the main reasons I came here looking for players instead of there. I can't think of any Dads that I have played with that I wouldn't be happy to play with again. (Though some Dads might ask me to limit my singing if LittleAngel is playing music in the background... Lookin' at you Azzkikr! ;) That said, some extra firepower is always welcome. So, if we don't get anyone in time, someone should post to an LFG group. (I don't have an account. I have just been in groups that have used LFG before.)
  7. Welcome rc_pilot! It looks like we have 4 now, hopefully we can get 2 more before tonight. However, I'm game to try to 4 man it if you guys are. I think we should be able to get in the vault, and down to the Templar with 4 people. Beating the oracles could be a little tough, but I think we could do it if we all communicate well. However, I think beating Atheon (the final boss) might be kinda tough with 4. But, I am willing to take a crack at it! When I have run with the PS4 "Dads", they usually suggest bringing a good sniper rifle with you. For the final boss, you probably don't want to use a rocket launcher as it causes him to move, so a good sniper rifle and/or a heavy machine gun is a good choice. I like to bring my 4th Horseman to handle the Praetorians at the beginning, and to take out near-by oracles quickly. In the end, I really want everyone to have fun and hopefully learn a little about the mechanics of the vault! It is a *FUN* raid! Hopefully between KingDumbarse and myself we can explain the mechanics well and we can make it pretty far through the raid. (Or, make it all the way through if things go well!) FWIW - I am planning on doing Crota on normal next Wednesday at the same time. So if you have not had a chance to do that one, you would be welcome to join us! (Feel free to add me as a friend on XBL. I'm always looking for other people to play with. I'm not sure if my XB live ID is "Florbonic_Acid" or "Florbonic Acid", but it seems to be a unique username, so I shouldn't be too hard to find. ;)
  8. According to the time zone converter, yes. It should be 10pm eastern. I'll add you to the list!
  9. I'm a regular on the PS 4 raids, but I also play on the XBone with a coworker. My coworker has never done a raid in Destiny, so I'd like to give him a change to experience them. So, I am looking for 4 more people that would want to run the Vault on normal tomorrow night. Looking for folks that just want to have a good time, and won't be too upset if we wipe a bunch. Let me know if you want to join! I hope to meet some other Dads to play with on the XBone as well. I've found some pretty cool people on the PS4. So I am hopeful to meet some equally cool people on XBone! Current list : 1 - Florbonic_Acid - Titan 40 2 - DiddyRunDaCity - Hunter 40 - (And a n00b!) 3 - KingDumbarse 4 - rc_pilot 5 - 6 - Gjallerhorn not required!
  10. Little late to the party, but trust me.. I'm bringing up the rear for light. :-( I've spread my attention to too many of my characters and on both platforms. So I am in the mid 280s. (Hey everyone! Enjoy dragging my sorry butt through this raid!) I'm going to try to get that a little higher before we start, but I don't know how much higher I'll be able to get. :-/ At any rate, it should be fun. ;)
  11. Oh, and while on vacation, I saw some "Moose Poops" candies in a tin that was made by "Archie" (something or other). I texted Phoenix to see if he had Archie's address, but no such luck. So, it will have to remain just a funny joke.
  12. +1 for the Crux. And I can toss in a few bucks worth of Bitcoin for new in-game friends. But, I may also sing while you are on...
  13. Hmm... 8pm EDT is 6pm MDT (if my Internet time converter is telling the truth!), which might be a tad early for me. I might be able to squeeze 9pm EDT. I'll see what I can do. I have not yet done a Skolas run, and would like to do it. Any chance you can post here tomorrow with a more specific time? I'll try to check back and have a "for sure" (or not) on my availability.
  14. HATE the AFKers. Phoenix and I once tried to push one off a cliff, and when that failed, we abandoned the strike so he wouldn't get anything. ;) AFKers SUCK! (Please remember to report them!)
  15. Been wanting to find a group to do Skolas, as I have not done it yet. What time you guys doing it? I have to dig up sprinkler pipes this weekend, but if it is in the evening, I would LOVE to help out! I can usually do it any time after 7:30pm Mountain Time. I'm also happy to help out with a Crota run. I don't have a cypher yet. :-( Gotta get one of those...
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