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    DHO4 Clan Wars

    DHO4 will be particpating in the new Tier 6 CW Season running from Oct 14th through Nov 14th. Details can be found here http://worldoftanks....-on-global-map/. The main changes to the normal Tier 6 map being: Province rebalanced and consolidated, which will significantly expand the geography of the front Total number of provinces on the tier VI front is 340 Added penalty system for Clans absent in battle Our goal is to achieve the "Season Veteran" clan medal which is a top 50% clan victory point total. Please help if and when you can, our general strategy will be to find clans we can compete with on maps we like and crush them. Keep calm and carry on!
  2. Talisker

    What are you currently reading?

    A few chapters in, im really enjoying it.
  3. Talisker

    Free code

    Thanks! Still active got mine
  4. Talisker

    Child's Future

    My sons 18 and just finished his first semester at college, he seems laser focused on what he wants to do. So i wont use him as an example, but me at that age i was floundering, i quit 4 year college was not ready for it, Started working full time as a technician in the engineering field but found my way. Ended up finishing my college education at night while working full time and raising a family. Took me 12 years wouldn't recommend it to anyone but its what worked for me. I'm not too sure if my parents could actually steer me any differently at that age. As Berg said and Mykk said you've probably done all you can at this point. Be supportive... Ill have to check with my older brother i think he laid claim to all the old D&D paraphernalia when we cleaned our parents house out.
  5. Talisker

    World of Tanks 1.0 coming March 2018

    Just tried this out, 21865 on Ultra. Looking forward to it.
  6. Talisker

    2017 DHO Christmas Vacation Contest

    5 Kills 10 Points: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4021260?secret=95e047e3b87e90997ac77ffb4d2b286a
  7. Talisker

    2017 DHO Christmas Vacation Contest

    14 Points: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4014461?secret=95e047e3b87e90997ac77ffb4d2b286a
  8. Talisker

    2017 DHO Christmas Vacation Contest

    ok ill continue to edit my original post in this thread look for my updates there
  9. Talisker

    2017 DHO Christmas Vacation Contest

    Can you make the goggle doc editable to all or do you want to request permission?
  10. Talisker

    Confidence boost

    Your original post doesn't show for some reason unless i highlight it... paperless at the moment.... i took creative to mean photoshop...
  11. Talisker

    2017 DHO Christmas Vacation Contest

    12/16-1: 13 Points http://wotreplays.eu/site/4004862?secret=95e047e3b87e90997ac77ffb4d2b286a 12/16-2: 8 Points http://wotreplays.eu/site/4006321?secret=95e047e3b87e90997ac77ffb4d2b286a
  12. Talisker

    What would you do....?

    I always load gold on my PZ3J :) To answer your question Ayle, for me personally there is no end game. I found a few good tanks to play for Strongholds/Advances/Clan Wars that work with our DHO4 play style. I find no real need to grind down any more lines. I tend to play now for pure social reasons. For me to stay in it more proactively i need that end game , a reason to log in and grind down tank lines... Im not sure what change that is though...
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    no topic

  14. Talisker

    Great Wolf Resort (Poconos)

    Nice review! This should be a sub-thread or forum category. Vacation reviews or Ideas... or places we've been
  15. Talisker

    A Very DHO Thanksgiving

    im in town, so i should be around. Count me in .
  16. Talisker

    Derpsgiving 2017: A DHO4 Contest

    Reserving a spot.... Tier5 1229 Dmg, 4 Kills https://imgur.com/a/qjgHl
  17. Talisker


    Make sure you store the bread in a dark dry location, you can get a few more days out of it.
  18. Talisker

    last man standing

    GG! bet your heart rate was up on that kv-3 duel.
  19. Talisker

    no topic

    lets take this to page 100
  20. Talisker

    DHO4 Stronghold Advances

    I should be on tomorrow night, barring any major SO aggro. One question i had from the last time, when i logged into it there was a timer countdown aligned to the top of the hour iirc do Advances start at specific time intervals?
  21. Talisker

    DHO4 Stronghold Advances

    That was a lot of fun. Thanks guys.
  22. Talisker

    Vehicle Ratings

    I guess i have some catching up to do Mykk, shows me at 10th
  23. Talisker

    DHO4 Stronghold Advances

    Im Interested DHO4, T110E5, IS-7, Obj140 Can make most nights work i think